The Shopping Mall Massacre



1. The Begining


    ‘Holly, are you ready for your examination?’ said Hilary to me. Of course I am! It’ll be stupid if I’m not ready yet! I said to myself. I only sighed and nod my head at her. ‘If you pass your examination, I’ll let you go anywhere that you like, but I’m following you, you also can go with your friends.’ I want to go to the new shopping mall. And have fun with my friends!!!!!


‘Goodnight, Holly.’ Said Hilary.

‘Goodnight’ I replied.


Hilary switches off the lights and get out from my room. I started to close my eyes.


The next day at school,

I was walking at the corridor. Just going put some things at my locker. Suddenly May come to me and said ‘Holly I’m so nervous with the examination.’ I look at her and said ‘There’s nothing to worry about.’ May stomped her foot at the floor and said with a loud voice ‘Nothing to worry about! I always get a B in my examinations. I’m not clever like you! You got A+++ in anything.’ ‘There’s no such thing as A+++’ I said while closing my locker door.

‘You just don’t get it!’ May said. She walked away. It’s really kind of fun making her mad.  How evil I am. Zoe came to me and said

‘Confident you’re going to get an ‘A’?’ ‘ Of course.’ I replied. Suddenly, Zoe smiles like joker. My best friends are weird. May is a coward and Zoe is kind of creepy. Who cares! They’re good friends. I quickly ask Zoe ‘ Why are you making a face like that?’ ‘So you’ll think that I’m like Parker from “Insidious” tip toe by the window by the window….Zoe didn’t finish her singing I already ask her to ‘stop!’ Zoe makes a mad face and said ‘Come on let’s get to class.’


        When we were walking, Zoe said ‘ Did you watch “Red Eye” last night?’ I shook my head. ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D?’ I shook my head again. ‘When a Stranger Calls?’ ‘First, did you study last night? Second, I don’t watch stuff like that.’ I ask.

‘ I did study while watching those movies. Then, you’re a coward.’ explain Zoe. ‘ You’re scared. Maybe that’s why you don’t watch it.’ She continues nagging. ‘ Whatever!’ I quickly went to the class. It was English exam. English is a piece of cake.  

 I saw May making a mad face at me. Maybe she’s still mad at me.


    I sat beside May. She didn’t say a word to me and she is trying to get away from me. ‘May, I’m sorry because I make you mad.’ I said. ‘It’s fine.’ She said. Don’t worry May I’ll make you mad again next time. I accidently chuckled. May was making a weird face and said ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ ‘Nothing’ I said pretending that I’m not a weirdo. Suddenly, Miss Donald said ‘ the examination is going to start. Everyone shut up! Put your pencils on the table. Now!’ Miss Donald has a weird last name but she’s good looking. She looks exactly like Taylor Swift.


But she is like a lioness. Never simmer down in anything. Sometimes, people call her “Donald Duck” because she is a furious woman and always nagging. She is just the same thing like Donald Duck (a Disney Character).

‘PIKE!!! Hurry up! Put your freaking pencil at the table!’ scream Miss Donald at me. Yes, she calls people with their last name. I heard May laughing. Miss Donald said ‘ you too Affleck! Where is your DAMN pencil!’ May felt so shocked and quickly took out a pencil from her pencil box. That’s what you get for laughing at someone! Miss Donald gives us each a paper test. When I got the paper test, I open it. I want to scream of happiness. It’s easy. I can’t wait next week. If I pass this test, I can go to the new shopping mall!!!


After the test,

It’s recess! Three of us went to the canteen to eat. Three of us sit at a table. It was silence at the moment maybe, because the food is yummy and delicious. Suddenly May said ‘ Have you seen Scott. He always come to school.’ ‘ May, I feel sorry for you. Scott Young…. Died last night.’ explain Zoe. I felt shock to hear that. And May’s jaws just drop. ‘ How? Why? Oh My God.’ I said. ‘He died at the new shopping mall. What does it call…Shining Gold Mall? The police doesn’t know what kind of thing just kill Scott.’




May’s face was like this


May began to cry. What kind of girl that don’t cry if her boyfriend dies! I don’t cry! It’s because I don’t have a boyfriend.

            Suddenly, a boy, Harry James, a boy that maybe has a crush on me, came. He ask me            ‘ Why is May crying?’ I really want to punch his face but I only said ‘you want to know why? Because she ask you to get lost!’ I said while hitting his head. He only gets lost while stroking his stupid head!!!! ‘What a creep! May, don’t be sad. I think Scott is not for you. I think you’ll get a boyfriend that is better than Scott. ‘No, Scott is better than anyone else!!’ May said with a crying voice. Wait… I thought Scott was a bully. Whatever, he’s already dead… I wonder why his dead?






After three days of freaking stress…

Miss Knight is saying our results. I was biting my nails because I’m so scared. After a few minutes, my name is almost been call. ‘ Hanna Amber Carter, 3As 4Bs 4Cs 1E.’ said Miss Knight.

‘Goddamn it! I’ll never get a job or go to college.’ I heard Hanna scream. Oh no! My name is next.

‘Holly Pike, 12As!! Congratulations! Keep it up!’ said Miss Knight. I accidently hug Harry. I thought it was Zoe. ‘Zoe, I passed.’ I said. “ I’m not Zoe.’ When I look up, it was that creep. I quickly let go of him. ‘Your armpits smells like rotten meat!  How long you didn’t take a bath.’ I said. When, I look behind him it was Zoe. I quickly went to her and said ‘ I passed!’ Zoe nod her head and said ‘ you wait outside. I’ll come when I got my results’ said Zoe.


After minutes or what kind of thing is later….

‘ I PASSSED!!!’ Zoe scream while hugging me. ‘ HOORAY! Where’s May?’ I asked. Both of us stop hugging. We saw May crying. ‘ Is your results are not good?’ Zoe asked. ‘ I got 11As and 1B.’May replied. Zoe and me make a weird face. ‘You passed. Then, why are you crying?’ I said. ‘I’m crying of happiness!’ scream May. ‘Okay…’ Zoe and me said the same time. ‘Let sit over there’ said May.

  All of us sit at that table. ‘ Let’s plan our holiday’ said Zoe. ‘You guys, how about we sleep at a hotel’ May said. ‘ Hillary said that if I pass I can take you guys to the Shining Gold Mall.’ I explain. Everything was silence for a moment. Then, May said ‘ Wait my mother told me that, there was a hotel behind the shopping mall. We can go there!’ All of us nodded our head. ‘ I thought there was an orphanage behind it. Harry lives there with his young brother.’ I said. ‘ Wow you know about him. Do you love him?’ Zoe said. I was shocked to hear that. I quickly said ‘No! I hate him the most!’ while shook my head. ‘ You know people said that they’re going to wreck that old orphanage and make Shining Gold Mall, even bigger. And yes, maybe, Harry will be homeless.’ May said. ‘So sad, to hear that.’ I said. Zoe smiled at me. I know what she means; She thinks I have a crush on him again! I shook my head while making a mad face at her.


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