The Shopping Mall Massacre



7. Is it a happy ending or a bad ending???


‘What is taking May so long?’ I asked. ‘Maybe the killer already attacks her!’ Zoe said with a shatter. ‘I’ll better check’ I said. ‘No!! Then, the killer attacks you! Let’s go together. Harry come on.’ Zoe said. I sighed and said ‘Fine!’


We all get out from the room. The killer isn’t there anymore. ‘I think May is upstairs.’ I said. Zoe nodded her head. Harry said ‘Are you sure? I think the killer already kills her!’

‘Hey! I have faith in May, she’s alive!’ I said. We all went to the elevator. ‘Let’s go to 2nd Floor.’ Zoe said. I said ‘Yes’ to her. Harry pushes the 2nd Floor button. We’re going up.


The elevator door opened. ‘May! Are you there?’ There was no one at this floor.  ‘May! It’s me Holly!’ I said. ‘Say something! May!’ Zoe said. ‘Maybe, she’s at the 3rd Floor!’ Harry said.


Suddenly, the killer came to us. ‘Going somewhere?’ he said. All of us run to the elevator. This time the killer manages to go in the elevator. I tried to shoot him with my sniper but it didn’t hit him. Zoe draw her sword and said ‘Give me the battery pizza cutter or else.’ ‘What are you going to do? Kill me with your sword? You’re not going to do it!’ he said. The kid, nick Zoe with his battery-powered pizza cutter. It only hurt her arm. The elevator door opened. We quickly ran. I saw the makeup store that we went just now, we ran to the place. But the killer is still chasing us. ‘Throw anything at him.’ I throw some eye shadows and whatever is at that place. The killer attacks Zoe. Zoe punches him in the face. He fell down. Zoe kicks him in the stomach. ‘Idiot!’ Zoe scream out loud. The kid stand up and tried to punch Zoe but Zoe dodges it and punches his face. The kid fell down again. There was a blusher at the table. Zoe takes it and blows it to the kid’s eyes. The kid was screaming ‘Not again!’


‘Come on let’s run!’ I said. We run to McDonalds.


At the McDonalds, there were a lot of people eating. ‘Let’s took some food and bring it to May. When we found May, we’ll figure out a plan to get out from here.’ I said.



We went to the 1st floor. Please… Zoe and Holly don’t be dead!! I beg you guys! I asked the girls to go to the room. We all went to the room. I open the door with a deep breath. When I open the door and there’s no one… I was going to cry but I didn’t because I’ll embarrass myself. Are they dead? No!! Think positive Amanda!!

Maybe the killer attacks them and they run away! But where did they run? Oh My Gosh!!

‘There’s no one at this 1st floor. Let’s go to the 3rd floor.’ I said.


We went to the elevator. I pushed the 3rd floor button. I’m getting worried right now. What if they aren’t alive? It ‘ll be my fault! If only I run back to them and just ask them to run. What is wrong with me? I’m a coward!! I want that to change starting right now. In the elevator when the killer attacks, I was busy crying like a baby!! Am I really important to them or am I not. Maybe, they are alive and then, they went upstairs and don’t care about me…I’m not important to them. They already know I’m a freaking coward! Guess I don’t need to search for them.


The elevator opened. All of us get out from the elevator. ‘So, May where are we going?’ one of the girls say. ‘Search for victims that are alive and kill the damned killer!!’ I said. All of us search for peoples. There were a lot of people in the McDonalds. I scream ‘Peoples! There’s a killer at this floor…so we need to move! The killer must be on his way!’


Suddenly, I heard someone screams ‘MAY!! You’re alive!’ it’s must be them. The one that don’t care about me!! They all came to me. ‘What are you guys doing here?’ I said with a mad face. ‘To search for you!’ Holly said. ‘Oh really?’ I asked. ‘I think I’m useless for the both of you…I’M A COWARD!!’ I started to cry. Tears came out from my eyes slowly. ‘May…no matter how coward you are. You are our friend. No matter what! You’re an important thing. A heart isn’t complete without a love. A shirt isn’t complete without buttons. A needle isn’t complete without a thread.’ Holly said. ‘You’re a coward? We don’t want to follow a coward! Come on, guys let’s follow someone that is brave!’ one of the girls said. All of them went away. What’s my fault? Did I do anything wrong?

‘May, are you trying to become a leader?’ Harry asked. ‘Is it wrong?’ I said. ‘No, it’s not. May, let’s not think about it let’s just help ourselves to get out from here.’ Said Holly.



‘Where’s the killer?’ Harry asked. ‘Passed out, that’s good! I want him to die! You to right, Harry?’ I said to him. ‘Of course, I’ll teach him a lesson for killing my innocent brother!’ he said with confidence. Suddenly, the killer came out from the make up store. HE attacks a lot of people. He just nicks anyone’s neck with his battery-powered pizza cutter. I shoot him with my sniper. The bullet hit his hand. He runs to me. ‘To the 4th floor!!’ I said.



‘I’m tired, Hilary!’ Simon said. ‘You’re not the only one! Let’s go home.’ I said.


At Simon’s House,

‘Can you give me the paper of the killer?’ I asked. ‘Here’ Simon said while giving me the paper.

‘Heath Jordan…I still don’t know his last name! This is the nurse fault! If only she didn’t spilled water on it. WAIT…Mac…Leod? Heath Jordan Macleod. It’s Harry’s brother!! That back stabber!! Oh no! Holly!! I need to go!’ I said.


I get out from Simon’s house. Holly don’t worry here I come!!!




We went to the elevator…AGAIN!

‘You guys at the 4th Floor there’s a glass store! The windows everything is made out of glass! We get out from here in no time.’ I said. ‘Are you crazy?’ Zoe said. ‘It’s our chance!! Maybe we’ll get hurt but at least we are out of here. Come on guys! So what do you guys, say?’ I said. They nodded their heads that means agreement.


The elevator door opened. ‘The glass store is beside the dress that we went just now.’ I said.

Like a couple of minutes later, we found the store. We went in. Everything is made of glass! The cooking oven, the chair and everything is made out of glass! The window is also made out of glass. ‘Come on’ I said to them. We went to the window. It wasn’t that high. So, we can jump from the window. ‘Guys look! It’s Hilary!’ Zoe said. ‘What!!!’ I said.


She was coming out from her car. She was screaming my name many times. ‘NO, Hilary, No!!’ I said while hitting the glass. Suddenly, the killer came to Hilary and hit her with a stick. Hilary’s head was bloody. She’s dead. The killer pulled her foot to take her to somewhere else. ‘She’s dead! She’s Dead!!!’ I said while crying. ‘We don’t have much time we need to jump!’ May said. ‘Okay! One two three!!!’ I said. All of us jump from the window. All of us scream out loud because it was scary. Then, finally we reach the ground. My hands and feet are bloody. There was also a piece of glass stuck at my foot. It damn hurts!!!! Suddenly, the killer chases us. ‘The car! The car!!!’ I said. All of us ran to the car as fast as we can. Harry was driving the car. The kid was at the back car window with his battery-powered pizza cutter. I was sitting beside Harry. There was a gear near my elbow. I accidently push it to ‘R’ that is reverse. The car hit the killer.

The killer is dead. Harry suddenly stops the car. ‘I did it!! The killer is dead!’ I said. ‘You did it!! That’s my friend!!’ Zoe said. ‘You guys, do you want to know a secret?’ Harry said with a scary voice. ‘That killer is my brother! Heath Jordan Macleod!’ Harry scream. ‘You…tricked us!’ May said. ‘I’m the one who ask him to kill all of the people who came to the shopping mall. Even the one that I love! It’s you Holly!’ he said. ‘What!!!’ I scream. ‘My love isn’t real! So, I guess I need to kill you all!!!’ Harry scream. ‘RUN!!’ Zoe scream. All of us get out from the car. Harry was holding a knife!


We all run to a house. I knocked the door and said ‘Help us!!! There’s a crazy guy attacking us.’ I said but no one replied it. Harry was closer to us. We run to somewhere else. I tripped. I was going to stand up but Harry choked me at the back. ‘You’re mine now, Holly Jacqueline Pike!’ He said. Suddenly, someone said ‘Actually it’s Jennifer!’ It’s Hilary!! ‘You’re alive!’ I said. She was holding a gun. ‘Let Holly go!! Before I shoot you!’ she said. He let go of me. ‘What are you going to do? Shoot me?’ said Harry. Hilary punches him but Harry dodges it. Harry then punches her. Hilary fell down. ‘A girl would never be strong!!’ Harry said. Zoe went to him and kicks him but he dodges it. He punches Zoe’s stomach. Zoe fell down. May throw a knife at him but he dodges it! Harry went to her and kicks her foot. May fell down. It’s only me. What should I do? Harry came to me and tries to punch me. I dodge it. I punch him but he dodges it. Harry kick me in the stomach, I also fell down. ‘None of you is as strong as me!!!’ Harry scream. ‘Not for long!!’ I scream and I stand up then, I do a back flip at him. Hilary quickly shoots him. He’s dead. I just left him on the floor. Zoe and May stand up. ‘Come on, let’s go back to the hotel and pack our things. We can go home.

‘OKAY.’ All of them said at once.


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