The Shopping Mall Massacre



3. Goosebumps



 At Golden Cinema,

‘Insidious: Chapter 3, 4 Adults.’ Zoe said at the man that is in white. ‘There’s only 4 places left, N03, N04, N05, N06.’ The man said. ‘Aren’t those seats are at the most in front place?’ May said with a puzzled tuned. ‘Yeah!!!!’ Zoe and I shout. But May said ‘Crappy toilet drinker!’ ‘How much is the fee?’ I asked.  ‘72 bucks.’ The guy said shortly. ‘You got to be freaking kidding me!’ I said. ‘Pay it, don’t judge it!’ suddenly, Hilary came and said that. I just make a fine-I’ll-do-it face. I just pay the fee using my money. That is damn expensive. How can one for each people is 18$! You people need some rest with money and give a discount! You guys are fart faces! ‘

            The movie starts at 11.00 p.m. So all of us went back to the hotel to get some rest. I saw Harry at that bus stop. I think I want to talk to him. I went to him. Zoe, Hilary and May felt weird. ‘ Harry James Macleod.’ I said with a side-mouth smile. ‘Holly? What are you doing here?’ he asked while standing up. ‘Just came to say, hi’

I said. ‘Hi, you know it felt so miserable without a home. Feeling so lonely, need to take care a brain tumour brother. (Sighed) if only my family is alive.’ Tears came out from my eyes. I also lost my mother, but he lost both of them. So, I cried. ‘Look what’ve you done, Harry! She’s now crying. You want to know why, because you’re making her remember about her mother!’ screamed Zoe. ‘ Listen Zoe; don’t ever talk about that thing again! If you do, I’ll make sure your damn mouth is taped with a duct tape. You understand DUFF!!!’ Hilary scream very loud. Zoe only shut her mouth. Some people at the bus stop look at her with a weird face. Hilary look at them and said ‘you little stinky ants do your own business. You can read books, check your cell phone or… GET AWAY FROM HERE AND FIND A NEW BUS STOP!!!!’ All the people at the bus stop ran away because they’re scared of her. One of them said ‘ I told you! We can ride a taxi!’

    I stop crying. I can’t stand it anymore with her behaviour. I went to her.

Me: Hilary, stop embarrassing me!

Hilary: (chuckled) embarrassing you?  When?

Me: 3 minutes and 34 seconds ago!

Hilary: I am not embarrassing you! I asked those dweebs not to hear about our story. I’m helping!

Me: you’re a meddler!

Hilary: I’m not a meddler; I’m your sister! Ugh, you’re the one who ask me to follow you and you said that I’m embarrassing you! That is so stupid!

Me: I never asked you to follow me! You’re the one who wants to! You can go home if you want to! Your 24 not sup post to be hanging out with 17-year-old girls! Why don’t you hang out with your friends?

Hilary: I’m enough with you! I’m sick of this! I’ll go somewhere else!


Hilary went somewhere else. ‘ Find, go away, no one needs you!’ I scream. ‘So, Harry. Where’s your brother? We want to see him. Three of us never see his face.’ May said with a smile. ‘He’s somewhere else. Bye, guys. I need to search for food for my brother.’ Harry said while walking to a garbage can. ‘Wait, Harry! Here have 100 bucks.’ I said while lending him money. He took it and smiled. He went to a stall to buy some food. ‘ Guys, come on let’s go back to the hotel.’ May said. Zoe and I nodded our heads.


‘That was a harsh for you and Hilary.’ Zoe said. ‘ My smile turn upside down because of her!’ I said. I think today will be better without her! She’s annoying! How would she have friends?

‘ Want to use the elevator?’ asked Zoe. ‘No!!!’ three of us shout. So, we decided to use the stairs, though it’s a long journey.



I kick a tiny can that is on the floor using my foot. Is it my fault? I’m trying to help! Goddamn it! ‘ Hilary, stop embarrassing me! Nye 5x!’ I said while trying to make Holly’s voice. I saw a guy sitting under a tree.                    He looks familiar. He was smiling at me. Whatever! I ignored him. I continue walking. ‘Hi’ suddenly he said.

I stopped walking. I look at him and said ‘Simon Young?’ He nodded his head. I smiled. I hugged him. ‘ It’s been a long time my friend.’ I said. ‘So…how’s your family?’ I asked. ‘Sad…’ he replied at me. Why is his family sad? Stupid old me! His brother died! Stupid brain. ‘I’m sorry, I forgot about your brother’s de… never mind! So, how’s college?’ I asked. ‘ Never than better, college is awesome. But I’m still continuing my studies as an engineer. How about you?’ he said. ‘ I already finish my studies as a detective. So, I’m still searching for a place to become a detective.’ I said. ‘A DETECTIVE!!!!’ he screams. Suddenly he stands up. ‘Can you help me?’ he asked. ‘ Help you, who killed your brother?’ I said with a frown. ‘100% yes! You’re a genius! Can you help?’ he said. I shook my head. Simon’s smiles turn upside down. ‘Why?’ he asked. ‘ Listen, my sister Holly, just got 12 As in her examination. I gave her a gift to hang out with her friends at the mall. I’m following them and I can’t follow you!’ I explain. ‘It doesn’t make any sense. Come on Hilary! I’m your friend! Okay, how about we make a deal. You help me to search for the killer, then, I’ll help to work at my dad’s CSI Company. How about that?’ he said.


     ‘No!’ I replied shortly. ‘Okay, this is what are friends for.’ He said. He makes a mad face and walked away. ‘ I’m not finish yet.’ I said. He stopped walking. He turns around and looks at me. ‘ I was going to say “No! The opposite of it! Yes! Of course.”’ I said with a side- mouth smile. He smiled. ‘Come on, let me show you my new house.’


‘ Zoe, Holly look it’s the bodyguard!’ May said.

Three of us went to him. He was sitting at a comfy chair beside a yellow desk. ‘So, how’s the kid?’ Zoe asked. The bodyguard look at Zoe and said ‘ you! I’ve been calling you like bunch of times!’ with a mad voice. Zoe checked her cell phone. There were 21 missed calls. ‘Sorry’ Zoe said with a fake smile. ‘ The kid is in the hospital. He has brain cancer. So, he’s cuckoo!’ the bodyguard explain. Brain cancer? I thought Harry’s brother have that disease! ‘ Thanks for that information’ May said. All of us went to the hotel room.


   ‘ Girls, I think that kid is Harry’s brother.’ I said. May and Zoe make a puzzled face at me. ‘ That isn’t logic at all! His brother is with him! They’re nice people! How can his brain- cancer brother can do that to us!’ Zoe said. ‘ Whatever! Let’s get some sleep first, before going to the cinema.’ I said

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