The Shopping Mall Massacre



2. Crazy

The day that is a holiday!!!

My phone rang. I quickly pick it up. It’s May.

Me: Hi, May.

May: Holly! You wouldn’t believe what just       happened.

Me: What happened?

May: Harry is now homeless!!! He only live at the street with his young brother

Me: Good for him! For being a freaking idiot!

May: You’re not sentimental!

Me: My dad, you know the police told me about Scott’s death.

May: What happened.

Me: A killer. We don’t know who it is yet. The killer kills him with a battery-powered pizza cutter.

May: Can you come with me?

Me: Go Where?

May: To Scott’s grave.

Me: Sure. Ask Zoe to come too.

May: Okay. (Decline)


At the graveyard,

May quickly went to Scott’s grave. She hugs it. She said ‘Why Scott? Why do you leave me? I’m alone. I want you to came back! No matter what! I’ll kill the killer! I don’t who he is. Even he is my dad. I love you.’ May said with a sad voice. May came to us and hugs us. May quickly let go of us. ‘Come on, let’s go home.’ I said. All of us went to Hilary’s car. I saw Hillary standing beside the car. When she saw us, she said ‘ Get in the damn car!’ It is so hard to make Hilary smile. She’s always furious.



In the car,

‘So guys, tomorrow we’re going to the hotel! Make sure you brought all your things. First, we’re going to watch a movie. “ Insidious: Chapter 3”! Zoe you’ve been waiting for it for a long time! Second, we’re going swimming. Third, Shopping!!!’ I said. All of us scream ‘Hooray!!’

I can’t wait for tomorrow!



The next day…

‘ Make sure you already pack your things!’

Hilary scream to me. She doesn’t need to scream to loud. It’s hurting my goddamn eardrums!

      I was busy packing my shirts, skirt, pants and more! You know, we’re going to be there for two days! That’s a long day! 48 hours! Not 48 minutes! Dad came to me and said  ‘So, Holly. Take care of yourself. Maybe the killer will came to you and nick you with a battery pizza cutter!’ ‘ Dad, I’m 17 I can take care of myself. If the killer came to me, I’ll just kick his butt.’ I said. Both of us laughed. ‘Holly!!!!’ Hilary scream to me. Hilary! Don’t ever scream to me again!  I quickly zip my bag and carry it downstairs. I open the door and went to Hilary’s car. Hillary said ‘ Hurry up!’


In the car…

Always the same silence…

After a few minutes later, WE arrived there. I saw May and Zoe waiting outside. I went out from the car and carry my bag. All of us hug. Hilary also get out from the car and said ‘I’ll go check in.’ with a mad face. She quickly gets into the hotel. All of us followed her. I saw a bunch of chairs at the corner. I quickly went there. Zoe and May followed me. All of us sat on the comfy chairs. ‘Guys, It’s the day we have some fun!’ I said. All of us scream ‘Yeah!’ Suddenly, I saw Hilary look at me with a very furious face. Then, she put her index finger at her mouth. She asked us to shut up. All of us began to quite.

‘How does it feel, living with a damn lioness?’

May asked. I chuckled at first, then, I said ‘I feel so frustrated… Hilary is a good sister a long time ago…now she’s not because... it’s because. About.’ I didn’t finish my sentence. I began to cry. ‘My mom’s death.’ I wipe my tears.

Hilary came to us. She felt so puzzled when she saw me crying. ‘Stop crying like an idiot! You’re embarrassing me! Whatever! Joey, here are your room keys’ said Hilary while tossing the keys at Zoe. Zoe catches it. ‘It’s Zoe!’ she screamed ‘Whatever, I’m going to Cool Blog, to drink some ice blended. To release my stress!’ said Hilary. She walked away. I didn’t stop crying because I still think about mom… she died because of a heart attack… I wish she can come back but that is impossible. ‘Come on, holly. Where’s my cheerful friend? You’re mom is going to be proud of you. Because you passed your examination with flying colours! Okay, today isn’t a sad day! We’re going to have a lot of fun! We promise! Right, May?’ Zoe said and asked. ‘100% yes!’ May screamed. I smiled.

‘You guys are the best!’ I said. All of us hugged. ‘Come on let’s go to our room!’ Zoe said. All of us went to the elevator.


Me: what is our hotel number?

Zoe: 643

May: 6th floor? You know I’m afraid of heights

Zoe: We know! You’re scared at everything!

Especially killers!

May: You guys I think I don’t want to watch Insidious: Chapter 3

Me: Why!

May: I think I wouldn’t sleep at night…

Zoe & I: [laughed] scaredy-cat

 The elevator door opened.

Three of us went into the elevator, there was also a boy went in. The boy was just a 3th grade kid. He was wearing a big white mask.

‘Hi, what’s your name?’ I asked with a scared voice. ‘Do you know about a killer at the shopping mall?’ he asked with no reason. ‘No!’ three of us said at once. ‘Good.’ He said shortly. Suddenly, he took out a scalpel from his pocket. He licked it. Not once or twice but bunch of time!

‘I think this crappy scalpel belongs to YOU!!!’ he screamed. He took my arm and stabbed the scalpel at my arm! I screamed loudly. May and Zoe began to panic. May was only pushing the elevator buttons while Zoe was trying to take out the scalpel from my arm. Suddenly, the elevator was stuck. The kid took out a knife this time! He tried to stab the knife at Zoe’s chest! I quickly pull her hand so she wouldn’t get hurt. Zoe kicked the kid’s head while saying ‘Damn you! You garbage of crappy freaking flies!’ The kid fainted. May push the emergency button because we’re stuck in an elevator. ‘That was weird!’ I said. I am still holding my bloody arm.

Suddenly, the elevator started to move again. ‘May please don’t be so panic. The weird kid isn’t attacking you!’ Zoe said. The kid waked up from his faint. He attacked May. May hit him using her handbag. She took out her perfume from her handbag and sprayed it at the kid’s eyes. The kid screamed loudly. The elevator stopped and it opened. Zoe pulls the kid’s hand and took him to a bodyguard. ‘Sir, this shameless pathetic kid stabbed my friend’s arm with a scalpel in the elevator. He also attacked my friend and me, with a damn knife!!’ scream Zoe. The bodyguard was rubbing his chin. ‘Are you sure? That isn’t logic at all, this kid only 9 years old.’ He said. ‘It’s true, look at my arm.’ I said while showing my arm. The bodyguard took the kid’s arm and said. ‘ I’ll send him to the police station. Maybe, he’s the shopping mall killer.’ ‘Can I have your number? So I could give some information.’ Asked the bodyguard. ‘Sure’ said Zoe. She took out a notepad from her backpack. She writes her digits at a page. She ripped the paper from the book and gave it to the bodyguard. He said ‘Thanks’ to us.


        All of us search for room 643. After a few minutes later, we found the room. Zoe unlocked the room door using the keys. The door was unlocked. Zoe pushed the door open. I was amazed. It’s huge! All of us put our bag at the side of the room. The room have 2 Queen-sized beds! Awesome! ‘Zoe and I sleep at the left bed while you and Hilary sleep at the right bed.’ May said. That’s a brilliant idea!’ said Zoe. I just agreed. I’m the only who is brave to sleep beside Hilary… da! At the right side of the room, there was a window. I look at the window. The scenery was beautiful. There was also a funfair. ‘Guys, there’s a funfair! How about we go there tomorrow!’ I said. They nodded their big heads.

Suddenly, I saw a guy. He looks familiar. He was sitting on cardboards beside a bus stop. His shirt is filthy and dirty. I think his homeless. ‘ Guys, do you know who is that white-shirted guy?’

I asked while showing my index finger at that guy. Zoe and May stand beside me.

‘It’s Harry!!’ scream May. ‘Poor him.’ I said. ‘So, you do like him!’ Zoe said with a giggle.

‘NOOO!! I just felt sorry about him.’ I said.

‘Let’s go to Golden Cinema! I hope the ticket wouldn’t sold out.’ Zoe said. ‘ I’m not coming!’ May said. ‘ Suit yourself! The movie is at 11.00 p.m. until 12.38 a.m. Are you brave enough to sleep alone in this room, Hilary is also watching the movie with us.’ I explained. ‘ Okay, okay I’ll watch the movie with you guys.’ May said while wrapping her arms. ‘Let’s go!’ I said. ‘You forgot about the scalpel.’ May said with a disgust face.

‘Can you guys help me?’ I said. They nodded their heads. I took a deep breath. May and Zoe are holding at the end of the scalpel.

They pull it out slowly. But it hurts. I was not patience, so I pull it out faster until the scalpel is not stuck at my arm. Then, the scalpel is out. My arm is bloody. Zoe Wipe the blood by using a tissue. Then May put a bandage on the wound.

‘Thanks, guys. You guys can be doctors.’ I said with a smile. ‘If I am a doctor, maybe, the patient wouldn’t be patience because I do things slow.’ Said May.’ Whatever, come on, let’s go!’ shout Zoe with happiness.


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