The Shopping Mall Massacre



4. Cracking clues



‘Nice room!’ I said. ‘Here, is my closet.’ He opened the closet door. It was big



‘Some of it, is my sisters. I don’t know how the hell it came here.’ He said. ‘ Can I have one of your hats?’ I asked. ‘NO!!’ he screams loudly. ‘Calm, man. Just joking.’ I said. ‘Okay, let’s not talk about it. Come on. Let’s go to my dad’s office.’

He said. Why do we need to your dad’s room?


       When we arrived the room, there were bunch of stuff. There was a whiteboard. There’s a picture of Scott and MAY??? Pasted at the whiteboard. ‘Why is there May’s picture at that whiteboard?’ I asked with a loud voice. ‘My dad and I suspected, she’s the battery pizza cutter killer’ he said. My jaw’s dropped.


‘What the heck? That doesn’t make any sense!!’

I scream. ‘ Who is the police right now?’ he asked. I stomped my foot at the floor. My face turned red. ‘Who is going to be a detective…someday?’ I explain with my arms folded. He quiet for a moment. ‘Then, who do you think did this things?’ he asked. ‘ Stop predicting who is the killer! We need to search for clues!’ I said. ‘ FINE! Sherlock Holmes!’ he said. ‘So what are you going to do?’ he continue saying. ‘First, I’m going to go back to the hotel and watch “Insidious: Chapter 3 at the movies! Done.’ I said. ‘What?’ he said. I waved my hand at him and said ‘Bye, bye!’ I quickly get out from the office. Then, I get out from the house. It’s already 7.30 p.m. What is Holly doing with her friends?



 Where is Hilary? Who cares about her? If she didn’t came to the hotel. Who cares? Okay I care but where the hell is she? It’s been an hour!


   Suddenly there were knocks at the door. I wonder who is it? Oh! It’s Hilary Jessica Pike!

I opened the door. She was making a mad face. ‘ Where have you’ve been?’ I asked while screaming. ‘ Doing stupid crappy things!’ she answered impolitely. She went to her bed and lay down on it. I slammed the unclosed door!

We slept until 10.45 p.m.

‘Wake up, Holly.’ Said Zoe. I opened my eyes. Zoe said ‘Hurry, the movie will start in 15 minutes.’ I only nodded my head. I ‘m still sleepy but I can’t wait to watch the movie, so, I quickly get up from the bed and took my jacket that was hanged at the doorknob.


     We already arrived at the cinema. Our cinema number is 3. We’re searching for it. Like couple of minutes later, we arrived there. ‘I’m scared.’ May said. What a scared-cat! I said to myself. We quickly went to our seats and sat down. ‘I can’t wait! This is AWESOME! Lin Shayne will be here again!’ scream Zoe. ‘ I thought she’s dead… in this movie.’ I said. ‘ This is a prequel. Before the Lambert family was attack.’ said Zoe with style. Nobody cares! It’s just a fake story. The movie is weird. I was going to say those words to Zoe but I keep it to myself. There were just commercials at the screen. So, I checked my phone, if there’s anything important to me. There’s nothing! The commercials at the screen are a bunch of crap! Ugh, this all Zoe’s fault. She don’t need to rush that much. Boring! Everything is boring right now. I checked my watch it’s 10.49 p.m.! That’s a long time to wait for 11.00 p.m. Zoe, May and Hilary enjoyed watching those commercials. Well, I don’t. I checked my watch again, it’s still 10.49 p.m.! I just want to smash this watch. Why are you so slow like a turtle, no, a sloth! ‘When is the movie?’ I didn’t finish my sentence Zoe shushed me. ‘Don’t shush me!’ I said. ‘ Don’t you ask questions! Just watch the commercials! They’re fun!’ she said. Yep, so fun! I checked my watch again and it’s still 10.49 my watch is damned? ‘May, what time is it?’ I asked. ’10.57 p.m.’ she answered my question shortly without looking at my face. MY WATCH IS BROKEN!!!


The movie is starting. I really need a new watch! Even though, this watch is stainless steel. Maybe expensive things are sometimes useless or not.

At the screen, there was a girl knocking the door.


After 1 hour and 38 hours later, we get out from the cinema. ‘ It was a creepy ending.’ Said May. Zoe and I laughed. Hilary only chuckled. She doesn’t laugh so much right now.


Zoe was holding the hotel room door keys. She was going to unlock the door but the door was already unlocked. ‘May, did you locked the door?’ asked Zoe. May nodded her head. When Zoe opens the door, there were writings at the wall. Those were written with red paint. May screamed so loud. Some of the writings written, “Your blood should be on the floor”, “I have a mood to kill all of you”, “Want to die? If you want to, let me help you die” and “ isn’t it fun to die…” ‘ What the hell is this? Is this a joke? If it is cut it out!’ Hilary said. ‘ I think it’s the creepy kid again.’ May said. ‘That’s not logic, he’s in the hospital.’ I said. ‘Holly, how about we ask the body guard.’ Said Zoe.


We went to his desk. But he isn’t there. There was a door beside the desk. Hilary opens it. There’s the bodyguard. He was lying on the floor and he’s bloody. THERE’S BLOOD AT HIS NECK AND HIS STOMACH! Four of us went to him. He’s dead! Someone killed him! ‘Call 911!’ screamed May. I quickly pull out my cell phone that is in my pocket. But someone call me. I answered that someone.


Me: Hello

Unknown: Isn’t it fun to die…

Me: You listen, I’m not afraid of you!

Unknown: Will see about that! [Declined]


I call 911.


The next day,

‘ I can’t go to sleep with those writings on the wall.’ May said with a shatter. ‘Me too.’ Said Zoe. ‘So, the courage and brave girl is now a coward?’ I said with side-mouth smile. Zoe only frowned. ‘Guys, the killer called me last night.’ I said. ‘WHAT THE HELL!’ May and Zoe said at once. ‘What!’ Hilary scream. ‘What did he or she said?’ she continued saying. ‘Ready to die. And his a boy.’ I explain. ‘I need to tell Simon!’ scream Hilary. ‘ I’ll catch with you guys later.’ Said Hilary. She gets out from the room. ‘Who is Simon?’ I asked Zoe and May. ‘Scott’s brother.’ May said with a sad voice. ‘Oh!’ I said.



 I raced to Simon’s House. ‘Simon! Simon Young!!!’ I scream while knocking the door. The door opened. It wasn’t Simon. It was a guy. ‘Who are you?’ he said. ‘Can I see Simon?’ I asked. ‘Who’s Simon?’ he said. I felt puzzled. I think I’m at the wrong house. I look at the house and. Yep; I’m at the wrong house. ‘Sorry, I’m at the wrong house’ I said. ‘I doubt it.’ He said. Then, he slammed the door in front of my face. He’s so rude I just want to punch his face! Simon’s house was three blocks from here. So, I went back to my car.


    Finally, at Simon’s House! ‘SIMON!!!!’  The door was open. ‘Hilary! So, do you have any news?’ Simon asked. ‘How about we talk about this INSIDE?’ I said while rolling my eyes. He nodded his head.


   Like always, we went to his dad’s office. ‘So, what’s the new thing?’ he said while drinking his cup of tea. ‘The killer called my sister.’ I said. He spit out his tea from his mouth. His eyes looked terrified. ‘What? Is it May?’ he said. ‘Stop predicting May did it! The killer is a dude! Why you always say it is May?’ I said. ‘Because I think maybe Scott made her mad, like… Scott had another woman.’ He said. I’m not happy to hear that. It doesn’t make any sense! May even had a phobia to hold a knife, especially a battery pizza cutter!

      ‘Are you giving excuses, Simon?’ I asked while tapping my foot at the floor a few times while folding my arms. ‘NO!’ he said while hitting the desk with his hands. ‘ The killer also killed a bodyguard.’ I said. ‘Okay, okay. Let’s search the killer… NOW!!!’


Outside the house,

‘Can you drive the car?’ he said. ‘Okay.’ I said with a fine-I –don’t-care-whatever voice. We went into the car.


  ‘So where are we going to go?’ he asked. ‘Shining Gold Mall of course! You really have a bad brain!’ I said.


We went into the shopping mall. ‘So where did he die?’ I asked. ‘Umm. Dad, I mean Mister Old, I mean Young! Mister Young said he died at the escalator. Maybe the killer attacks him when he was at the escalator. Then he fell down.’ He said. In this mission, I really, really, really want to know who is this psycho guy!


We went to the escalator. I kneeled at the ground and search for some clues. I saw a blue thread. ‘A-hah!’ I scream. I took the thread and said ‘this is a clue!’ Simon looks amazed. I love being a detective. ‘Wait! What if it’s just someone’s cloth thread fell off.’ He said. ‘Your right! This is too hard!’ I said. I scratched my not itchy chin. ‘ I know! The bodyguard was been killed! The same killer! Come on, follow me!’ I said to Simon.





‘Funfair! Here we come!’ I said. All of us went outside from the hotel. ‘The funfair is just blocks away.’ May said.


      ‘So, where are we going to start?’ Zoe asked.

‘RING TOSS!!’ All of us said at the same time.

We all went to the place and we started to play.

The winner will get a toy. May was an expert in this game; I think she’ll win this game. She even loves toys. She’s not 17 to me; she’s acting like an 8-year-old kid.


 After that, we played a lot of mini games. We even prizes.


      ‘Guys, I think it’s. ROLLER COASTER TIME!’

I said. All of us shout ‘Yeah!’




At the hotel,

‘Told you! There’s another blue thread on this room floor.’ I said. ‘Take it. Put it in this bag.’ He said with a soft voice because. He’s WROOONG!!

I took the blue thread on the floor and put it in a transparent bag. ‘Let’s go search who belongs this blue thingies, at the hospital!’ I said with confidence.


At the hospital,

‘Nurse do you have a DNA machine?’ I asked. ‘It’s 2024, of course there is.’ She said with a smile. ‘Follow me.’ She continue saying. Both of us follow her to room. I was going to get in too the room but she didn’t let me. ‘You’re not allowed. I’m sorry. Okay where’s the thing that you want me to check…’ she said. I gave her the bag. She took it and asked ‘Threads? Ok. Tell me the reason why do you want me to check the DNA of these threads?’ she pop the most dangerous question. ‘It’s’ I didn’t finished my sentence, Simon quickly said ‘my brother was killed by a battery pizza cutter killer at the shopping mall. I can’t sleep every night cause’ I’m always thinking who killed my brother. This chick here is my best friend in high school. I asked her to help. She’s a genius. She’s a future detective. So, she’s the only one can help me. Can you help us?’ ‘Sure.’ She said. ‘You are a wonderful brother.’ She continue saying while patting his shoulder. ‘The machine can only tell the name, picture and age only because it’s a cheap machine. Sorry.’ She explained. ‘It’s okay. At least, you’re helping.’ I said. She went to the room.


13 minutes later,

She came out from the room. ‘Here’s the paper.’

She said. At the paper it writes











Name: Heath Jordan [last name was blur]

Age: 9 years old.

‘Why there’s no last name?’ asked Simon. ‘I accidently spilled water on it.’ The nurse said. ‘Do you remember the last name?’ I asked. ‘ I didn’t have a chance to read it.’ She said ‘It’s okay.’ I said



     ‘This doesn’t make any sense!’ Simon said. ‘It does! Don’t think kids can’t be a killer!’ I said. The nurse walked away from us. ‘How can this kid kill Scott! Scott has abs and muscles. He can kick this kid to the curb!’ said Simon. ‘Did Scott brought weapons? Did he bring a battery pizza cutter? Can he avoid it? Suddenly a creepy looking kid came from his back and nick him with a battery pizza cutter.’ I said to Simon. ‘You’re right. You’re a genius Detective Pike.’ Simon said. ‘ So what are we going to do?’ Simon continue saying. ‘Find this goddamn kid!!’ I said with confidence.



‘IT’S SO FUN!!’ I said out loud at them because if I talk real slow they wouldn’t hear because we’re in a ROLLER COASTER!!! ‘HELL YEAH!!’ Zoe scream at me.


4 minutes later,

The fun was over. Three of us get out from the place.


    Suddenly my phone rang. It’s Hilary. I answered it.


Me: Hello

Hilary: Hello, Holly. Yesterday the killer called you, right. What did he said?

Me: Isn’t it fun to die.

Hilary: Is it a kid or a guy?

Me: It’s a guy. Where are you?

Hilary: I’m with Scott’s brother. We both are searching for the killer. We found clues. There’s some blue thread we found. The DNA is a kid not a guy.

Me: What? Maybe it’s the kid that stabbed me with a scalpel.

Hilary: WHAT? You never told me that!

Me: I forgot.

Hilary: is the kid Heath Jordan?

Me: Who’s that?

Hilary: the killer! You dummy!

Me: How do I know! The kid wore a mask!

Hilary: Dang it! Never mind! I’ll be back at the hotel in 12.00 a.m. be careful at the shopping mall. If there’s something wrong happened. Call me quickly

Me: Okay, bye. [Declined]


‘Who was that?’ May asked. ‘The killer.’ I said. ‘WHAT!!!’ scream May and Zoe. I was trying not to grin or laugh but I can’t stand it. I laughed so hard. ‘You really fell for that!’ I said while laughing. ‘Wow! So hilarious’ Zoe said while folding her arms and tapping her foot at the ground. ‘Then, who was it?’ May said with a mad voice. ‘Hilary of course! You guys have bad brain.’ I said. ‘ Come on. Let’s have lunch at McDonald?’ I said with a bright smile. ‘YESSS!!!

I AGREE!’ Both of them said at once. We all laughed. They always talk at once

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