one direction fan fictions (dirty)


3. Jill and Niall

    Jill had walked in the door from work her boss was a completet cunt today. The only one up side was her husband Niall got to go to work with her. Niall walked in the door and said baby I want you in your bra and panties Ill be right up i just gotta grab something. Jill went upstairs to their room she knew this meant sex to get things off her mind about work. He came up with a bowl of warm water and a cloth. Lay back baby trust me im gonna relax you. She laid down and Niall softly washed her face off then he set that on the floor and pulled Jill's panties off. He started to eat her out he licked and nibbled at her clit as she moaned and screamed oh yes baby fucking yes. She pulled Nialls pants off and sucked on his 8 inch cock. He picked her up and laid her on the bed open your legs little miss Niall said. Jill opened her legs and niall fucked her FASTER Jill screamed he went faster and faster harder and harder. With in a good 30 minuets Jill squirted and Niall came in side her tight pussy. 3 days later Jill was not feeling right and took a pregnancy test she screamed NIALL he came running panicked is every thing ok baby he said. I'm pregnant Jill said they went to their appointments and found out it was a girl her name would be Lauren Rose Horan. (there will be a story about lauren).

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