The Second Beginning

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you don't want to be separated from them. Then when you get separated, it feels like half of you is missing. But when your true love doesn't remember you, everything shatters and all of you is missing.


4. The First Encounter


"Adaline? You can't hide forever!"

Adaline and I were playing hide and seek in my backyard and she is a really good hider. Endless tree's covered the land and she could've been anywhere. Her small body made it more difficult. I heard a small giggle a few feet away from and I knew it was her.

"I'm coming for you Addie!" I giggled and her giggle grew closer. I eventially found her under a pile of leaves. "Found you!" I cheered and she grunted. "You're turn."

"Okay go hide and I'll count to ten." She instructed and as soon as her hands covered her eyes, I was running.

I ran around curves and trees trying to find a good hiding spot. I wanted a good hiding spot but I couldn't hide in the tree's. That would be using my advantage for granite. Every tree was too small and there weren't any giant rocks to hide behind. Only small bushes and trees. This place was boring.

When Adaline yelled "ready or not here I come," I panicked and ran behind a rose bush.

After I sat criss cross, I was able to admire the beauty of the rose bush I sat at. You could see the softness of the petals with a naked eye and I couldn't help but touch it. The vibrant red pigment started to fade as I touched it and it turned a opaque white. I smiled a little and then the rose turned a gorgeous lavender shade. Then it turned to a beautiful teal to a happy yellow.

As I was lost away in the rose, two hands cupped my shoulders and I let out a quiet scream and turned to see Adaline. Her short ginger hair and bright blue eyes popped out of her head and she had a crazy smirk on her lips. "Found you."

"You scared the crap out of me." I laughed and she looked at the rose and her mouth went into an 'o' shape. "How did you do that?" I looked back at the rose and shrugged, "I have no idea. But I wanna turn everything into rainbows." We both laughed and she joined me and I turned the whole bush into a rainbow. "You always find a new way to surprise me."

Adaline was laying on her bum and her legs were stretched out and she was holding her body up with her arms. "I find out new things myself. Every time I have a birthday it's like my body gives me a present of a new power." I had just turned nine and this was the coolest power yet. Aside from being able to run the longest marathon in the world and not being tired, this was so awesome. "I'd be awesome if you could change your skin to purple!"

I just laughed at her and we got up to walk to a honey suckle bush. "Make it red!"

When my finger touched the tip of the petal, the whole white part turned red and the stem popping out of it remained yellow.

I looked over to Adaline who had three of the flowers at her feet and she was drinking her fourth honeysuckle. I gave her a smile and she picked one off for me and I pulled part of the stem out to get the sweet liquid that brought happy memories in my head.

We continued to run around the woods and played hide and seek. The sky was a light grey from the clouds and the ground was still a bit damp from the rain the night before. And it wasn't too warm or too cold to play outside. It was one of those perfect days.

I got lost in my giggles and we were running around the trees like we were airplanes with our arms out and made airplane noises. We were pretending that we were in Paris and we were coming upon the Eiffel Tower. To my left was Addie who was giggling and when I looked to my right, the forest began to transform to the city of Paris.

My body was in a small airplane and the Paris streets were below me and there were French cafe's and French people below me. Addie was on my left in her own bright red airplane. "Last one to the tower's is a rotten egg!" She shouted over to me. I smiled almost devilishly and I accepted her challenge.

I pulled my plane above her's and I went sideways as I tilted to the left. My plane glided across the beautiful blue sky and the black landmark began to come closer. Addie was gaining on me and I tried to get my plane to go faster. I lost her a good few times but I about had a heart attack when I noticed that I was about to hit the Eiffel Tower. I screamed and veered my plane to the right.

My eyes closed as I was waiting for the impact but when my eyes opened, I was back in the brown and green forest. The damp grass made my legs itch and Addie soon jumped in front of me and plopped down. "That was fun!"

I giggled at the image of me in Paris. I've been once and I admired the city of love. It was so breath taking and the smell of bread and pastries came back and my body was washed in clam, happy memories. But my peace was disturbed by a couple obnoxious laughs.

I looked over at Addie and she had a frightened look on her face. No one was supposed to be here. This was my families land and people know not to come on the McKnight land unless invited.

Addie pulled me closer to the laughs and I could feel my pupils grow as I became scared. We were able to hide behind a bush and we noticed four boys. Two of them were tall and the other two were a bit shorter. Three of them had dirty blonde hair and one had brown hair and they all had different weapons. Addie held my shaking hand and I placed one hand over my mouth to keep quiet.

"You should've seen that vampyre's face!" One of them laughed as he shot at a tree. My hand tightened against Addie's as I knew who they were. Vampyre hunters.

"We should go." I whispered to her and another one of the guys let out an amused cheer. "Guys come look at this bush."

Our eyes followed their large bodies and they all met up at my colorful rose bush. Addie's hand squeezed mine and we froze in fear. "The whole bush is like a rainbow." Then another one pointed out the honey suckle bush and that was when we made a B-line to go back to the house.

When we went to turn around, a loud voice came up from behind us. "Anyone out there?" His voice was extremely deep and it scared the crap out of me.

We tried not to squeal and say anything as he was right behind us. We were well hidden within the bush and I was terrified. The four boys began to let out different hello's and different calls before they all met right behind us.

I began to mentally curse at them and I wanted to run and have mom and dad do something with these strangers.

Their loud footsteps began to walk away and the two of us began to run. Some leaves crackled below our feet and the hello's returned. We gave each other the same terrified look. I could feel the boys heart rates increasing and they began to chase after us. Addie pulled me along and we were able to hide from them. For the first few minutes at least.

"Over here!" Addie whispered screamed to me and we squatted behind an average sized tree. "We need to keep going." I whispered to her. "Going where?" A manly voice came up behind us. We froze in our bodies and we knew that one of those boys were behind us.

I couldn't let them see my eyes. They would know exactly what I am and they would try and kill me and take Addie. I wanted my mom and dad. "You know just because you're not moving doesn't mean I can't see you." I bit my lower lip in fear. "Dayton who are you-" More footsteps came behind us and the small group of boys were behind us.

I tried to control my eye color back to blue but I was too busy panicking. "Are you girls lost?" One asked. Addie turned around and my hand tightened in hers.

Adaline was a human so she was safe. But if they saw me, they'd think I'd have her under some spell and they would hurt me. I didn't wanna die.

"We're not lost."

"Is your friend okay?" Holy crap don't pay attention to me.

Adaline's back connected to the back of my body and I could feel her heart rate increase. "No she's okay." She tried to sound confident but I knew they would end up seeing me. I don't wanna die!

"Are you sure? Cause she's frozen." Adaline patted by body and I remained in fear.

"I assure you she's fine." I tried not to cry and my back became cold and Adaline began to whine. I turned around and saw that one of the boys had her by the shoulders.

"Let her go!" I shouted at the boy. As she struggled, I realized that I made a mistake. I'm going to die.

Their attentions turned on me as I was standing in an angry position. My fists were balled and my eyebrows went down as anger began to build as I watched my friend be man handled. But I was still scare out of my vampyre mind.

Their breath's hitched and they all stared at me. The one who grabbed Adaline let her go but he still continued to stare at me. "Who are you?" The tallest one demanded and my eyes locked on the boy with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

His finger was on the trigger of his gun and he was getting ready to point it at me. "Who are you!" He shouted and I jumped and took a step back. "Lisabeth run!" Addie yelled. The four boys looked at her then back at me and my knees became weak. No Addie dang it!

Their weapons were now raised and I put my hands up in defense. "Please don't shoot. I'm a kid." I told them with a shaky voice and I backed up.

"What are you?" The tallest one asked. He had a large knife pointed at me and some tears began to form in my eyes.

"I'm a friend. My name is Lizzie. I mean no harm." He began to lower his knife and the boy behind him squinted and he pulled the trigger.

I dodged his shot and the bullet went trough the bush and into the ground. "She's a vampyre Garret! Get her!"

I began to repeat no as the Garret guy got closer and the brunette stepped in front of him. "Don't hurt her."

Garret gave him a bewildered look and he tried to push the boy out of the way. But the boy blocked his spot. "Kieran are you crazy?"

"She's a kid. She's probably never killed anyone. Her eyes aren't even that strong of a red color." He told Garret. The Kieran boy didn't look much older than me as I was able to get a good look of his face.

He turned to me and put down the knife he had in his hand and did the same with his belt. He took a step closer and I stepped back and the three other boys raised their weapons.

Kieran put his hand up to signal them to lower their weapons and he bent down on one knee.

"Hi there. My name is Kieran." I stared at his amazing blue eyes.

"P-please don't k-kill me. I've never killed anyone." Tears were now falling from my eyes and I've never been more scared.

Kieran looked back at Garret and his eyes were locked on me. "Garret let her be. She's just a child." I looked at Garret with watery eyes and he lowered his knife. Then the two other boys lowered their weapons. Thank God.

I looked down at my feet not sure what to do. Kieran said no and I was lifted by my shirt.

Garret's angry face was now parallel to mine and I let out a cry and the tears began to to fall. "Look at me!" He shouted.

His angry call made me jump and I looked down. His other hand grabbed my jaw and I cried harder. "Look at me!"

His hand let go of my jaw and I looked at him. My vision was blurry from the tears and I tried to control my breathing.

"If I ever see you killing a human being, I'm going to chop your head off and send you back to hell got that?" And he dropped me. A small groan left my lips as I was dropped. I landed right on my butt and it hurt.

Garret commanded the three boys to go with them and Kieran gave me a apologetic look. He grabbed his belt and tilted his head down at me as if he had a cowboy hat on and he disappeared in the forest.

Adaline ran over to me and she lifted my head up and she had a wild expression on her face. "Are you okay?"

I pulled myself up having from her and I dusted the dirt from my dress. "My bum hurts from the drop but I'm okay. I can't believe I'm alive." I gave her my honest answer.

"Should we tell your parents?"

It would make sense if I told my mother and father what had happened. They would have their heads in two seconds. But they spared my life.

I shook my head and put on a smile, "they didn't kill me so I won't kill them." She tried to protest but I denied her request every time. "We should be heading back. Dinner's almost done." She nodded and we skipped back to the house. 


Mother was in the kitchen with Madeline as we entered through the back door.

They greeted us with a warm smile and mother gave me a concerned look. "My word darling your dress is filfithy." She commented. There was a slight chuckle in her voice. "We flew in Paris!" I cheered.

Addie and I went over to the island across from my mother and sister and we hopped in the tall bar stools.

"Yeah! Lizzie almost crashed into the Eiffel tower!" Adfie giggled and mother's eyes widened and Madeline focused on the food that was in the pan.

"May we have some juice mummy?" I asked sweetly and I batted my eyelashes and pulled my bottom lip out. She laughed at me and grabbed two small cups. "Just a little bit. You don't want to ruin your supper." I high-fived Addie and mother set our cups in front of us.

The sweet and tangy grape juice made my taste buds tingle and it calm my nerves. Within a few sips, my cup was empty and I had a faint purple mustache on my upper lip. Addie had pointed it out and I laughed at hers. "Adaline darling, when is your mum coming to get you?"

She sat her cup down and looked down, "I don't know." She whispered.

Mother immediately went to her side and she placed her hand on her back. "What do you mean sweetie?"

She sniffed and I wanted to wrap my arms around her and give her a tight hug.

"We don't know. Mummy went missing a few days ago and daddy hasn't been able to find her."

Tears immediately began to fall from her blue eyes and she wrapped her arms around mothers shoulders. She sniffed and took shaky breathes in when the kitchen door opened. "Is everything alright?" It was my father.

Mother held Addie's small body while she cried and she gave my father a sad look.

"Adlaine's mother has disappeared."

"Is her father and brothers home?" He asked. Concern had washed over his face and he placed his hand over Addie's back.

Adaline is my best friend. I've known her since she was born. Her family lives on the outside of town and my father and her father has gotten along for as long as I could remember. Funny because you rarely see a vampyre/human relationship anymore. My family is different than others. We're vampyre's.

A while back before my parents time, my great grandfather was turned into a vampyre by one of the wild vampyre's in the town. My grandfather didn't know what to think of the event. He then saw the curse as a blessing and changed his whole family. The McKnight's has been a vampyre born family ever since. Then seven generations later, here I am.

I look like a nine year old girl with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.But I'm really thirteen. But the whole vampyre age process can get confusing so I just go by as a somewhat normal nine year old.

I have four older siblings and they're your typical siblings. I have two olders brothers and sisters who love to pick on me. They call me the omega of the family. But it kinda fits right? 


I sat in silence as mother and father talked and Addie soon fell asleep on mummy's shoulder. Daddy took her limp body and left the house to go back to her father and brothers.

Mother let out a loud huff and ran a hand through her dark brown roots. She then looked up at me and tapped her fingers on counter top. "So tell me about the Eiffel tower."

I smiled bright and began to explain to her how Addie and I was racing and how I about crashed. She giggled at my excitement and how I pretended to be an airplane once again in the kitchen. Madeline soon turned the oven off and told mother that dinner was ready.

Madeline instructed me to run upstairs and get cleaned up and we would eat dinner.

I did as I was told and my family was given another amazing meal from Madeline and mother.

Not many words were said as we ate the delicious chicken with a side of mac n' cheese. It was my favorite dish in the whole wide world and I couldn't help but go for seconds. Father wiped his mouth with his napkin and he connected his hands on the table.

"The Chase brothers have been thick around the woods lately children. If you go out, I suggest you be very quiet and don't try and make too much noise."

I froze with my fork half way in my mouth at his announcement. Father has mentioned the Chase family before to my older siblings and I have never seen them before. My older brother Toby looked over at me and he looked at me with a worried look.

"Are you okay Lizzie?"

I shook my head and tried to fake a smile, "y-yeah. I'm okay. This chicken is just so amazing." Good excuse Liz.

Madeline smiled wide at her accomplished dish and father looked at me as well. "Did you and Adaline see anyone in the woods?" Really father?

"No. We saw a few deer and birds but that was about it." My tone wasn't a hundred percent convincing, but it got the eyes off of me.

I let out a low huff of air and realized what happened.

I had my first encounter with my family rival. 
Hey people (: so if any of you are a bit confused, the story takes place in Scotland in the 1960's or 50's. I may be a bit inaccurate with the objects but it'll do (: in this chapter Kieran is 11 and Lisabeth is 9. This is bit of a background chapter, but I hoped you liked it (: I will try to update as soon as possible and I hope everyone has a great day ^~^ 

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