The Second Beginning

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you don't want to be separated from them. Then when you get separated, it feels like half of you is missing. But when your true love doesn't remember you, everything shatters and all of you is missing.


2. The Chase Family

As I was wasted away in my dreams, a loud, high pitched scream sent my eyelids open and my body flew up. My hair flew in front of my face, poking my eyes, blocking my view and filling my mouth. The screaming continued as I moved the hair out of my face and I ran into the hallway, the screaming coming from the bottom of the stairs.

I went to run down the stairs but my eyes caught mom was at the bottom stair, green guck covering her head, shoulders and parts of the floor. I put my hand over my chest, relieved that nothing severe happened. "Luke I'm going to kill you!" I couldn't help but to crack a smile, this was a really bad prank.

Luke is my mischievous older brother and it's very rare when one of us doesn't get pranked. If you take one glance at him, you can tell that he's a bad boy.

Mom's dirty blonde hair stuck in strands in front of her face, neon green pieces of goo blending into the strands. She went to wipe her hair out of her face when she looked up and saw me. Her hands landed on her hips as she sighed heavily, "morning darling."

"Morning mom. Need help?" She shook her head and I was about pushed down the stairs when Luke and Dayton's laugh made me jump.

"Hey mom." Luke laughed. I turned around to see Dayton's arm resting on Luke's shoulder, holding himself up for support while his other arm wrapped around his torso. Luke on the other hand, if he could've leaned back any further, his pose could resemble an exorcism. His uncontrollable laughter filled the floor and I could hear Garret and dad groaning.

"What did you do?" Dad asked, his words were almost inaudible as he yawned while he wiped his eyes with his palms.

"Just an innocent trick." He rose, wiping a tear that was rolling down his cheek. All dad did was groan as he looked over the railing, shaking his head at mom. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she looked up at him and she sighed once agan, "I don't know who he gets this from."

Dad's lips formed a small smile at the sight of his pissed off wife. After sighing, she carefully starting walking up the stairs, using the rail as protection. Once she reached the top and caught Luke off guard, she pulled him in a tight embrace. She started to hum a random tune as Luke groaned. "Payback son," she looked at him and flicked her finger to his forehead. "Clean it up and get ready for breakfast."

"Listen to your mother and no X-box for a week." Dad met up beside me. His hands were at his hips and I started to walk back to my room.

Luke's complains were soon blocked out as I closed my door and walked over to my bathroom. Same ol' light blue walls and white tiled floor. It wasn't a luxury bathroom but it was big enough for my fancy.

My eyes connected with my reflection and scanned what was in front of me. The same dark shaggy hair and the same dark brown eyes. I had a slight stubble forming around my jawline and mouth and the side of my right arm glowed a tomato red.

I turned to see my new tattoo I had got a few days ago was slightly irritated. An inked buck was in the radius of the red oval, my touch feeling cold and it slightly stung.

I went to open the mirror and grabbed the medicine the tattoo artist gave me to help the wound heal. Gently I rubbed the soothing cream, the whole area being washed over in a cool lather. After it was all blended in, I did my morning essentials and went to the kitchen where the rest of my family, except mom, waited.

Dad was at the stove facing away from my brothers as they talked amougst themselves, Garret showing Dayton and Luke something on his tablet. "Kie, you gotta see this shotgun, she's a beauty." Garret locked eyes with me, his eyes full of excitement.

I walked and stood behind Dayton who had his elbow rested on Garret's shoulder. "Check out this 590 Tactical." He pointed. " Dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator ensure smooth operation," he explained. "It's just another gun to add to your collection." I told him, sitting across from them on the island and I started to peel an orange.

"Another easier way to kill a vampyre." He smiled up at me. I didn't quite get why they did it for fun.

Our jobs are killing the vampyre's who hurt people and kill them, possibly eating their victim if they have the time. But of course to my fellow brothers, they'll kill anything with fangs and red eyes.

I heard mom coming from the stairs, her sweet voice humming a tune as she wiped her hair with a towel. When she walked behind Luke, she smacked the back of his head, causing him to jump and groan. Then she met up with dad, he gave her a warm smile as she stood on her tip-toes giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Dad smiled bright and did a turn, grabbing some plates and some forks then turning to us, "pancakes boys. Come and get it." I smiled real wide and was the first one in line.

As crazy as it seems, my dad is an awesome cook. And I will tell you from many personal experiences, his pancakes are the bomb. They don't even need syrup they're that amazing.

Mom chuckled at my quick moves and I immediately started to chow down as I went back to my seat. Steam rolled from the two cakes and when I cut one open, more steam leaked out, some of the steam hitting my face, making my nose clear up and I took in the intoxicating smell. The bite was as amazing as it smelt. Buttery goodness with a hint of cinnamon.

As we ate, the kitchen was quiet and mom stared at the five of us. We shared glances to each other then chuckled when she shook her head and started to eat as well.


Once breakfast was done, me and Dayton watched highlights from last nights games as our food settled. "Oh's" and "ah's" escaped our lips and cheers as we watched our team win a lacrosse game.

Garret and Luke joined us shortly after, dressed in their training clothes. "Going out again I see?" Dayton looked up at them. Luke adjusted his collar, turning to look in the mirror beside him, "someone has to keep punks off of the streets." The four of us chuckled as dad came in from the kitchen entrance. "Boy's get dressed we gotta go."

Like lightning, Dayton and myself was in our rooms putting on our protective gear and proper clothes as we prepared for our next mission. I opened my closet to get my shoulder strap and my belt that was fully loaded and taking my ear piece from the charger and connecting it to my ear.

As I was heading back to the living room, Dayton came down behind me and the four of us looked at dad. "Alright boys, the Lybeck brothers are five miles away outside of Viewpark. They're very powerful and we'll need to use plan 568D. Your mom is already monitoring us in the library. Let's go." He gave us a nod and we nodded back, the five of us splitting up and leaving from each section of the house. I left the house going through the back and heading right into the woods.

After I couldn't see the house, I climbed into the largest tree and waited for my signal. Once the first click rang in my ears, my vision became slightly blue with white grids lining every inch. A small arrow that pointed straight ahead told me how long to jump.

The arrow led me a mile that was signaled on the lower left of my vision when the arrow pointed to the left and led me there another two miles. I went around different curves before my screen turned a pale yellow, indicating that I was close. I waited for the second click my second click and shortly after I had stopped, I heard the second click, telling me that dad and my brothers were at their spots. Their four white figures was now outlined from my yellow vision.

I quickly saw two red figures, hunchbacked about twenty feet from my position. I heard the third click and the two hunchbacks started to screech, telling me that Dayton and Luke shot their paralyzing poison at our targets.

The two black figures were dropped and they didn't seem to move. My brain focused, waiting for the next click. It took a few seconds for the vampyre's to fall on all fours and I heard the fourth click and dad and Garret flung their daggers filled with more paralyzing poison at the vampyre's hearts.

They let out more screeches as they started to shake as if they were having a seizure. I got my gun ready with two bullets, the bullets also filled with the poison. The fifth click ticked and my two bullets were now in the vampyre's bodies, the poison now making their skin turn blue.

Their screeching died down as one was on their back and one on his side. Their bodies twitched a little until their bodies were a bruised blue color then the sixth click rang and we surrounded the vamps from the trees.

After a few more seconds, dad went to the ground and gave us the vampyre's coffin wood type. The five of us got our Oak stakes and the seventh click signaled us to come to the ground. Dad nodded to me and Garret signaling which vamp we had to stab. The eighth click signaled us to come behind them and stabbed their bite scars and we backed up, all five of us getting a backup weapon ready.

Their bodies began to shake and soon their bodies began to crack. Once their bodies resembled glass, they shattered, a black smoke cloud now flying above the shatters and then the smoke cloud went into the ground and the shatters disappeared. Leaving only the knocked out victims and our stakes. Dad nodded at us and Dayton and Luke took the bodies while Garret and I got our stakes.

Dad's palms rested on our shoulders as he smiled at us. "Good job guys. Flawless work both of you." We gave him smiled back.

Luke and Dayton let out chuckles and we turned to their directions to see the bloody bodies over their shoulders. "If it wasn't for me and Dayton." Garret rolled his eyes and started to walk back, "yeah yeah."


We got back to the house and mom was waiting on the back porch with a happy look on her face, but then a broken look when she saw the two bodies. After the hunt or if we were able to get the victims, she uses special medicine to heal thm and they won't remember anything. Dayton and Luke got the bodies to the secret library with mom and we all went to shower up.

I was the last one to come down and everyone else was in the library, mom sitting behind dad's desk, her apron covered in blood and her hair was back and out of her face. Dad was staring out of the window and the guys had their heads back, sitting in the bean bags in the corners with earbuds in their ears and their eyes closed.

I leaned on the door frame and mom looked up and gave me a sly smile.

"How are they?"

"A couple from Ireland. The man and woman are both in their mid twenties and they were on vacation. We've dealt with worse conditions, but they're going to live." She told me and began to write something down in front of her.

I laid down on the couch in front of the large desk mom was at and dad began to shake his head, "something isn't right." Me and mom gave him the same look.

"The Lybeck's were fine four months ago. How did we miss this?" He turned to look at me and I tried to think of different scenarios in my head. "Do you think it could've happen in another country?" I commented. He ran a hand down his small beard, "that's a possibility."

My eyes closed as I began to feel sleepy. My legs slightly ached and my brain was pounding against my skull, a huge headache threatening to come.

My thoughts wondered as I began to chuckle to myself at the thought that I'm only thirteen and I have killed well over fifty vampires in my whole life and I knew how to kill a human by age three.

"What are you giggling about?" Mom asked, smiling at me.

"I'm a thirteen year old and I'm killing vampyre's," I paused as another thought made me chuckle, "shoot, Dayton is eleven." I continued to laugh at the thought of Dayton carrying a full grown man like it was nothing. Mom giggled along and we received a smile from dad.

"You think we made the right choice in bringing our kids into this world?" Mom looked over to dad. He started to walk over to mom and gave me a quick glance, "eh, they're in good hands." Mom and dad both smiled at me and mom got up and took off her apron then went to Luke's bean bag and sat behind him.

I looked at her, slightly confused when she grabbed a hold of Luke's shoulders and screamed really loud. Luke jumped so fast, letting out a scream loud enough to wake Garret and Dayton, scaring the wits out of them as well. Mom, dad and I started to laugh. So hard that my stomach began to hurt and I was gasping for air.

Luke, Garret and Dayton had sleepy, angry expressions written all over their faces and they soon began to laugh as they couldn't help but laugh at mom's infectious laughter. This was my family. We are not your average family. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Once the guys woke up and our laughing spell ended, mom went back over to dad and they shared another quick kiss and they both smiled at all of us.

"You know we love you boys so much and we wouldn't know what to do without you." Mom smiled, rubbing dad's stomach and he pecked her temple.

I looked over a my brothers and we started to think the same thing. Like I said we may be a weird family, but you will never see another family with so much love.

Garret got up and went over to mom and dad to hug them and the rest of us followed to one make one giant group hug. Mom was in the middle and she laughed, "too many boys!" We smiled at her and dad laughed, "no more." We all laughed with them and then our group hug dispersed.

"Let's go outside dear. It's nice outside." Mom smiled at dad and we watched them go to the door frame. They stopped and we all looked at them and they looked back at us.

"No matter what happens we're a family." Dad smiled and he gave mom another kiss on the temple and they both said "we love you boys" to us before they went to go outside.

That was the last time I ever saw them.

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