The Second Beginning

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you don't want to be separated from them. Then when you get separated, it feels like half of you is missing. But when your true love doesn't remember you, everything shatters and all of you is missing.


6. Playtime


Sometimes being the youngest of five gets dangerous. "Daddy! Help!" Toby and Kerstin tricked me into thinking if I put my head in the stair railing, I could get out. Why am I so gulable? 
Dad ran in from the kitchen and ran to me and his mouth dropped when he saw my poor head. Kerstin and Toby were laughing sitting behind me and I was half tempted to kick them. But the thought of them getting in trouble kept me from doing so. 
"What happened!" His eyes connected to Kerstin and Toby and they immediately stopped laughing and stood up straight. Smiles were still plastered on their stupid faces.  
"The omega thought she could be cool." Kerstin giggled. 
"Shut up! You tricked me!" I yelled back, jerking my head back. A jolt of pain traveled down my neck and I whimpered. Dad's arms was over his chest and I was waiting for him to yell at them.
"Is this true?" He was leaned back and had a serious look to my older siblings. Neither of them replied and I started to kick my legs like a horse, "tell the truth!" They didn't budge so I continued to kick until I hit one of them. 
Toby sighed after a minute, "we thought it'd be funny." 
Dad stepped up to me and cupped my cheeks then pouted, then looked up at them, "rooms now." They ran upstairs and I looked up at my dad with pouty eyes, "I'm sorry." Then he cracked a smile, "you're crazy omega." I couldn't help but smile. I loved it when he called me omega. I'm the youngest in the house at ten years old with my head stuck in a stairs railing. Dad then laughed and it brought a smile to my face. Then I laughed at my situation. 
"I'll go get the drill and get ya loose." My eyes widened and he let out another chuckle, "don't worry, I'll make sure to keep that pretty head attached." Then he kissed my head and went around the corner to the garage. I loved him more than anything.
I tried to push my head out but I only gained pain. I groaned and I jumped when the front door opened. Great
Mom, Mack and Madeline were home from the store and they were bound to see me and laugh. 
"We're home!" Mom's angelic voice brought a smile to my face and not seeing his face, Mack's laugh filled my right ear. Mom gasped and ran up to my head, "what happened baby!" Her hands were rubbing my face and neck. 
"Kerstin and Toby were playing tricks." Dad was to my left and Madeline's laugh chimed to Mack's when she saw me. Then the icing on the cake was when Toby and Kerstin were laughing from the top of the stairs. 
Mom pouted and held my cheeks with her cold hands. "My dignity has been ripped from from me momma." I spoke up to her and she chuckled. "Let me cut her loose." Dad shook his tool box and mom went into the kitchen with her groceries. 
Mack and Madeline followed and dad sat his tool box on the top of the couch. He pulled out a large drill and I whimpered at the big drill. I closed my eyes tightly and jumped when the drill came to life. There was another jolt of pain in my neck as the piece of wood on my left came loose. Then the wood on the right came loose and my small head was free. I sat on the stair and rubbed the sides of my neck then pouted once again at the pain.
"Come over here sweetie." Mom's sweet voice was at the couch and I sat beside her. She had two ice packs in her hands. She gestured me to sit and when I laid back onto the soft couch, she gently placed the packs on the sides of my neck and grabbed the remote to turn on cartoons. 
"Anything else you need baby girl?" I shook my head gently and all of my attention was on the TV when I saw the pirate from Spongebob appear in front of me. 
My body tensed up and I smiled as wide as I could. Spongebob Squarepants is my favorite cartoon character and cartoon in general. It took everything for me not to jump up and join the kids in the intro. I managed to hum along and mom smiled then, gave me a peck on the head. She then went upstairs and dad joined me on the couch. It didn't take long til I got sleepy and fell asleep on his shoulder.


     When I woke up, I was in my bed all cuddled up under my blankets. The room was warm compared to the cold March air outside. It gets pretty cold in Scotland this time of year and cuddling in a warm bed is at the top of everyone's list.
When my eyes adjusted to my white ceiling, I pulled myself out of bed and secured a blanket around my small body. The fuzzy carpet between my toes was oddly warm and I began to walk to the living room. When I reached the top of the stair case, there were many voices talking at once and my curiosity got the best of me. I walked down the stairs slowly to see Madeline running back and forth, giving different items to Kerstin who then was giving them to mom. 
Mom and dad were hovering over something and I began to feel lightheaded at the sight of blood. I cold barely see through my parents and sisters. When I was about to land on the floor, a  loud, deep, blood curtailing scream filled the room and I couldn't help but scream in terror. Madeline's attention turned towards me and she dropped everything she had and began to sprint to me. 
When Madeline left her place, a hole became visible and Mack was on the coffee table bleeding like crazy. Vampyre's don't bleed. My eyes locked with his shaking, bleeding body and I began to scream. I couldn't move and tears were rolling down my cheeks like rivers. 
Madeline bent down in front of me and my vision lined up with her face. Her eyes were wide and full of adrenaline and they were red and puffy. She went to hug me and I began to scream Mack's name and my arms went in front of me and wanted to help him. 
"No Liz! Let mom and dad do it." Madeline had a really strong grip on my waist and I was fighting with all my might to get to him. I can't loose my big brother. I can't. 
Madeline was able to get me upstairs and into her room. She locked the door and I was trying my hardest to get out of her way. "Lisabeth stop!" She yelled at me. 
Her voice echoed in her large room and I cowered over her. When she yells, she sounds like a monster and it scares the living crap out of me. 
I stepped back and wrapped my hands in my elbows and sobbed, "what happened to Mack?" 
"He was shot by a hunter." 

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