The Second Beginning

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you don't want to be separated from them. Then when you get separated, it feels like half of you is missing. But when your true love doesn't remember you, everything shatters and all of you is missing.


3. My Worst Nightmare

After the hunt that had went down that day and the talk in the library, I don't remember much after that.

Mom and dad went down to the back porch while the rest of us rested in the library also keeping an eye on the victims.

I would let out another laugh or chuckle while my eyes were closed as the memory of Luke getting scared witless replayed in my head. Then he would throw a pillow at me, causing me to whine and then we laughed in the end.

We were alone for about fifteen minutes when the library's temperature dropped dramatically. All of us sat up at the same time and gave each other the same look.

"Should we gear up?" I asked Garret as he looked more freaked out than any of us.

He nodded and we immediately got up and went to our rooms. Then Garret caught our attention, telling us that we should be very quiet and we were going to use plan 910A. That meant that there was a super dangerous threat in the house, or something was going to attack the house.

Once we had geared up we all stood at the top of the stair case and my vision turned blue with the white lining. We all looked at Garret and he gave us the first click and me and Dayton had our guns ready. We slowly walked down the stairs and Dayton gave the second click for Luke and Garret to come down next and Luke would hide behind the nearest object and Garret would look in the opposite direction that Luke would look at. Something didn't seem right. I was actually scared for once. And I could feel it off of my brothers as well.

Right before Garret could give the third click, we heard mom's scream from across the room.

We all yelled "mom" and the plan was easily forgotten when the back porch door was splashed in a spray of blood. Garret yelled "mom" and we all ran to the door, seeing that mom and dad's bodies were being dragged away by two other bodies.

Dayton opened the door and all of us immediately began to shoot. We missed everytime because of how scared we were.

"Kieran you go left to get dad. Luke, go right and head for mom. Stay on the ground and me and Dayton will go on the trees. Don't wait for anything just get mom and dad!"

It took me a few seconds to process everything that he had said. This was nothing we had ever done before and I was scared out of my witts. We all ran, hearing different screams but they didn't sound like mom's and dad's. They were more like demands and it was surprising that the kidnappers didn't go far.

I hid behind a tree with a thick stump as Luke hid behind a boulder and Garret and Luke were lost in the trees. A manly laugh filled my ears, his tone was cut-throating and bitter. But nothing like I have heard before. "I think we scored well darling. Mr. and Mrs. Chase. Easier than I thought."

His voice gave me goosebumps as I heard him talk then mom's muffled whimpers came next then with a woman's laugh, even more bitter than the mans. "I bet their children are near." The woman commented and my heart skipped a beat as she spoke. I was truly terrified and some salty tears were threatening to fall from my eyes.

"What do you want, you nasty no good blood sucker!" Dad scream yelled, causing me to jump at his harsh tone. I've never heard him yell like that before.

"You killed the Lybeck brothers right after I saved them! I'm not letting you get away that easy 

Denver." When he said dad's name, my heart skipped another beat and a tear fell willingly. All I wanted to do was jump out from the tree and shoot whatever had taken my parents. "Plus I'll finally be able to get revenge." I didn't understand what he meant by 'revenge' and later on I found out what had happened.

Once I had gained enough control over my shaking body, I turned slightly, trying to see if I could see the kidnappers. Once I saw them, anger replaced the fear as I knew exactly who took my parents. Felix McKnight and his wife, LaChelle McKnight.

I had only came across them once and that was when they attacked me and my brothers while my parents were at the hospital when mom had Dayton. It's been ten years and they haven't changed a bit.

"Two less vampyre's to worry about," dad grunted and Felix's fist met dad's jaw. He let out a groan of pain when LaChelle grabbed mom by her collar and she smelt around her face, "you smell absolutely delightful! Care to share what perfume you use?"

The anger built up and I was about ready to turn around and shoot when an angry voice echoed, "let them go or I'll kill you!"

I scanned to see Luke's head and shoulder's peering out from behind the rock he positioned at, his gun pointed at Felix. His voice gave so much hatred towards the vampyre, causing him to chuckle and to look down at dad. "Oh your boy's grown up. About time you showed him how to protect someone." And everything went to hell.

Dad grunted and pushed Felix off of him and regained his balance, then pulling out a stake from his boot. Then mom kicked LaChelle frantically then she stood up as well, pulling out a dagger from her shirt. Then Luke made the first shot, hitting LaChelle in the arm and she let out a high pitched groan and she fell onto the dirt. Felix went to his wife and he was then shot in the back by Garret, who was right above me in the tree.

Felix didn't move and mom and dad began to take a few steps back, their weapons still ready. Dayton and Garret joined Luke and myself on the ground and we slowly walked behind mom and dad. It was too quiet for a second and all six of us could feel it.

Then when I actually got a spark of hope, Felix's back shook and that demonic laugh filled the forest again, his wife's laugh coming back as well and they stood tall and proud. "It's gonna take a lot more than these tiny bullets to take me down." Felix taunted and me and my brothers went frantic and shot until our guns ran out of ammo. Still, no effect was given. What the crap?

That's when dad started to yell and he ran head first like a bull for Felix's body. Mom did the same but for LaChelle's. The rest of us went on their sides and began throwing our daggers, missing a few times.
My hands were so shaky as I was afraid that I was going to hit dad.

Dad got some really good hits and actually got Felix on his hands and knees, but he was too strong for him alone. With one back hand slap, dad was sent onto the ground, his body skidding into a tree stump and Felix proudly grabbed him by his shoulder and threw him the other way as if he was a rag doll.

LaChelle was loosing to mom but when she saw dad against the tree, LaChelle put a hand resting on her shoulder and her neck and went into the position to bite her.

When I noticed what was about to happen, I yelled loudly and threw a dagger at her. She screeched as the dagger landed in the side of her neck. Mom quickly punched her in the face and stepped back from her, her chest rising and falling heavily.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, as I was barely able to put out a word.

My heart was beating a million times every second and I had never been more terrified. Felix and LaChelle were super strong and every time they would hit back, the more worried I became.

After I had asked mom that question, there was a loud cracking sound and groaning coming from behind me.

When I turned around, Dayton's body was against a tree stump and the stump had multiple cracks growing from behind his body.

Then the same thing with Garret but he was laying sideways in front of a boulder. We were loosing.

Mom let out a high pitched scream and she was on the ground, close to being knocked out.

Luke was throwing his arms one after the other, grunting while doing his actions as he tried to hit Felix.

He was able to dodge every one of Luke's swings and he was soon laying on the ground very close to being knocked out. That just left me and dad. He wasn't doing too good either. Dark crimson blood began to spill from his nose and that was when I was about to give up.

My family member's noses and wounds also started to bleed and that made Felix and LaChelle's swing's more powerful.

Dad and I got one more good swing in before I was knocked to the ground by Felix with a good kick to the stomach. I groaned at the pain and looked up at Felix.

He chuckled and shook his head and he turned to face dad who was on the ground beside mom. I couldn't give up now. Not this time.

I used all the power I had left in my body and I was able to throw a dagger that was on the ground and it landed near Felix's butt. He just pulled it out and threw it on the ground like it was nothing.

Then my vision began to fade in and out when something hard hit the side of my head and I was knocked to the ground and the last thing I could remember was two screams.


The famous McKnight couple had murdered my parents.

Years before my families generation, Scotland was full of rising, powerful, young vampyre's. Many of the villages and towns were being turned and the remaining survivors couldn't figure out how to end the murders.

In the town of Glasgow, five of the highest men came and hid in a graveyard one night and tried to find out what was killing the natives.

One man guessed that the mystical beings were witches or cannibals and another guessed chupakapra's. But my grandfather had stated that they were vampyre's. The living dead. The other men thought it was absured but the pieces of the puzzle had fit perfectly and then they found a way to kill the vampyre. Thus the term vampyre and vampyre hunter came to life.

Like you would expect, there were nasty wars between the two beings and the breeds had been enemies ever sense. But two families were the worst of them all. The Chase's and the McKnight's.

Over the years thanks to the help of the hunters, vampyre's had calmed down and they went into hiding and the hunters had became less violent. But leave it to the two families to keep the fights going. The hatred neber died down and then it eventually led up to my generation eight years later. 


When I had woken up, I had the worst headache and I was highly uncomfortable.

Once my vision had cleared up and I came to my scenses, I was laying on top of Luke and heavy cries were audiable to my left. I looked over to see Garret and Luke crying uncontrollably while one had mom's head in his lap as dad's in the other. And that was when reality had hit me the hardest.

Not only was that the first time I ever saw my brothers cry, it was the time when my worst nightmare had became a reality.

The side of their throats had been taken out and their clothes were stained in dried blood. Their skin could have matched paper and their heads tilted to the side, no life visible. I was crying shortly after.

The six of us were in the library, the last place we were a family together, sharing the laugh of mom scaring Luke and many other fun memories. But now it was a room of death and dispare.

I could barely look at my parents or my brothers and Dayton had began waking up and he had started screaming and punching the wall when he saw mom and. My gaze stayed at the window. The window that they stood at. At that moment everything didn't seem real. Everything stood still like we were frozen in time.

But the only thing that kept me awake was the burning sensation in my lungs as I had stopped breathing. When I filled my lungs with oxygen every negative emotion came out. I screamed as loud as I could and flipped the couch that was in front of dad's desk and I threw books on the ground, grunting them screaming and crying. I honestly wanted to die.

Garret's had grabbed my waist and he pulled me down, putting one of his hands on top of my head and the other around the bottom of my back pulling him close to me. He repeated a shushing sound to try and clam me but I only continued to scream and cry into his chest. Then he began to rock me back and forth and I ended up passing out from crying so much.

I was thirteen when I lost my parents. Garret was eighteen, Luke was fifteen and Dayton was eleven. We became a rag tag team of orphans that rarely left the house.

We never went out and hunted or went outside to enjoy the warm weather during summer. Garret was the only one who went out and that was to get food. Nothing was the same after that either.

It took maybe three or four years before we started to go out again and nothing felt the same. The woods were more scary and the threat of death stayed on our backs every time we left the house. They were the worst years of my life.

I never wanted to go through that feeling again. 
Hey there (: I hoped you have enjoyed the first three chapters^~^ we're just gettin started :D thanks for reading


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