The Second Beginning

When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you don't want to be separated from them. Then when you get separated, it feels like half of you is missing. But when your true love doesn't remember you, everything shatters and all of you is missing.


5. Getting Back to Normal

After the McKnight couple had killed my parents, nothing was the same and nothing mattered. My brothers and I rarely moved and we didn't talk. Everything was dark, the house had no light, no happiness, no joy, nothing. Just anger, hatred and depression.

Luke was the first to go out, but it didn't go well. If he saw anything with fangs, he killed it, even if it didn't kill anyone or not. He wanted every single vampyre dead and there was nothing you could do to change his mind. Luke wanted revenge and he wouldn't stop until Felix and LaChelle were dead. 

Dayton was the last one of the group to come back to reality. Mom and Dayton were the closest out of the four of us. He was her "baby boy." Dayton always helped mom cook, went on walks with her and he always tried to show her that he could be the strongest. His heart was in another galaxy and it was a miracle that he got out of the depression. 

Garret stayed in the library most of the time. He blamed it on himself that mom and dad were attacked and that he wasn't fast enough. When I knew that we couldn't save them. We tried though. But Garret would sit at dad's desk and he would stare out the window where dad stood when he told us he didn't have a good vibe going on in his body. 

I was the second one to go outside. I would sit on the back porch and stare off into space. Then I would go inside because mom and dad's screams and pleads would get in my head and I could see them being pulled away. Then I would have the typical dream that mom and dad were yelling and I ran as fast as I could and I could never catch them and they would be killed right in front of me. I mostly had mental issues but it got better. 

When Garret snapped out of it, his personality became more soft. With a few fights and arguments, Luke, Dayton and I finally got him to realize that it wasn't his fault. When we did was really bad. At least one of us were hoarse and someone got hit. Most of the hitting came from Luke. 

When we started talking again, it was weird to be honest. It was like meeting your brother for the first time and we had nothing to talk about. But somehow, we made it through. Garret had decided that we would go to school like a normal family and I began school after my fifteenth birthday. Public school was a challenge.

People were a lot more mean than I expected them to be. I often got picked on for no reason. Until the change..but that's another story. I was heavily involved in school sports which helped the healing process. Then Luke and myself got into many fights so we were well known around school. 

Garret had became the father of the family and Dayton was like the mom. Through many awful meals and trial and errors, Dayton became a amazing cook. Then Garret got a job at a local diner as a waiter then Dayton applied too and became a cook. But the only thing that didn't go back to normal was our hunting missions. Garret, Dayton and myself stopped hunting but Luke kept going. And of course Garret and Luke would get into a fight and Luke would disappear for a few days. Then he would come back and Garret would lock him in the basement. Looking back on it, it was hilarious. Luke would sneak out then come back a few hours later. Garret got so pissed. 

When Dayton turned thirteen, Luke and Garret's mental state reached their pit. Luke was sick of school and he became this devil that couldn't be stopped. Then over the years, Garret's soul became dark and full of hatred again. Luke quit going to school and Garret would spend his day searching the woods and setting traps and he would torture every vampyre soul he got. I woke up almost every night to a vampyre's screeches and cries. Then Garret and Luke became drunks. 

Garret was old enough to buy the alcohol and sometimes he would have Luke steal it if we ran out of money. They got away with it every time. When they would get drunk, they would do every kind of torture to a vampyre. One night Luke had woken me up and drug me to the basement and showed me what they did to this girl. They tortured her for four hours straight and I had never been so horrified. 

They tried to get me to help them multiple times but when I looked in her eyes, I could never lay a finger on her the wrong way. I wanted to free her so bad and let her go but Luke held a knife to my throat when he caught me talking to her. All I was able to do was mouth "I'm so sorry" to her and watch. And it was that night when me and Dayton had to bring them out of their spell. 

It wasn't easy but we got them to sit down, sober, and talked to them. Again, another fight, I got punched by Luke and Garret broke the TV. The fight lasted for a entire weekend and I was about to take Dayton to America with me and kill Garret and Luke. They refused to change their minds but Dayton came and saved the day. I ended up slapping both of them and there was no horrible torture nights that I would have to watch and we ended up here. 


Hey there (: I am terribly sorry for my disappearance :( i had my semester finals and I wasn't able to write. But now i am on Christmas break and I have some awesome stuff planned :3 next chapter is going to be interesting ;) this chapter was a background chapter (: pay close attention to the text ;) I will be updating more as soon as i can and i love y'all (: i hope you have a amazing Christmas or have a amazing time celebrating whatever you celebrate (: I will see you soon, thanks for reading :* <3




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