the adopted daughter

jills brother adopts her will she stay with him


2. taken to a new home

             We got home but of course I was so tired that I fell asleep in the back seat of the car. Taya grabbed her purse and my duffle bag and Damien carried me in the house laid me in the spare bed room and shut the door. The next thing I know I am screaming with Damien next to me soothing me. Its ok baby girl it was just a dream he said as he holds me close to his chest. He did not want to leave me alone after that so they came and slept on the floor in what i guess will be known as my room. I woke up to Taya or also my mom now saying hey baby its time to get up and eat breakfast your father has made a nice breakfast. I got up and got my shorts and t-shirt on and went down stairs and ate breakfast. Good morning honey the person who has now turned in to my dad said. Morning i said back in the sleepest voice ever i got like no sleep at all because of my brother/dad and his snoring. Well lets just say no one can sleep when my brother sleeps I am surprised his wife can sleep next to him. Kiddo to day we are going shopping for new stuff for you and for stuff to decorate your room.

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