the adopted daughter

jills brother adopts her will she stay with him


1. kicked out but saved

GET OUT! my mom yelled and screamed at me. I packed a duffel bag and left the house. I thought maybe I could call my dad but he answered with never call me again. I hung up the phone and started to cry then I looked at my phone it was my brother Damien he was calling to put me to bed of course it was 10:30 at night and I had just been kicked out. I answered between sobs hello he replied with sis whats wrong why are you crying?So I told him well for starters I'm freezing and I just got kicked out so I have to sleep on the streets and to top it off I'm sick of being bullied. With no hesitation he said stay where you are we are coming to get you. I stayed where I was then I started to hear my name I looked over and there was a group of people getting closer and closer to me. They finally got to me and started to push me around one boy tried to put his hand down my pants while the other said you like that don't you honey then all the sudden I heard two voices yell it was my brother and his wife I ran to Damien and hugged him as tight as possible I was crying and shaking he had Taya his wife get me in the car. He called me something different he called me his daughter and he said to me we have decided to adopt you so Taya is your new mom and I am your dad now we love you get some rest on the ride home baby girl.So I closed my eyes and started to dream.   

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