What Lies Within The Forest

There is a place beyond the forest that almost no one in our world has ever had the experience of coming to know. Only very few have ever stepped foot into this place. But it is now dying, and the ruler of this parallel universe, must make a choice to save it. The ruler sends forth her greatest warrior into our world, to find the only person who can save there realm. But will they make it back in time?


4. Chapter #3 - I'm Crazy, Aren't I?

"Wahoo!" Taylor jumps into the pool, splashing me and Kaylan in the face with a wave of water. I open my eyes, and the chlorine floods into my eyes, giving them a bit of a burning sensation. I try to wipe them, being an idiot and realizing my hands were wet, and I was only making it worst. I shut my eyes tight, and try blinking. I shut them again, and open. I was fine now, it was all out. I look up, about to swim towards Brayden, but then I saw the wolf again. It sat just beyond the fence around the pool. I jump out, and stand on the edge of the pool, staring at it. What was I to do, chase it? As I wondered what to do, I realized I had been slowly walking towards it, unintentionally. "Tara! Come on!" Kaylan shouts from the middle of the pool. I ignored her and kept my eyes fixed on this thing. The woman in my vision said 'follow the warrior', what if the wolf is the warrior? Gosh, am I actually believing this? I'm going insane, and I'm just allowing myself to give in! I'm such an idiot, what if there's something seriously wrong with me? Maybe I have a a sickness causing me to hallucinate! But it felt so real. And it eyes stared so intently, I felt my bones ache, and my skin crawl. How could it be anything but real? Can a trick of the brain really cause such feelings? "Tara! What are you looking at?" Paxton shouts like I'm looking at a ghost, which I possibly could be. I wave my hand at them, signaling them to leave me alone. The wolf stood up, and started walking towards me. My struggle between curiosity, and dread of this thing only growing greater. It past right through the fence, and through a life guard. It came up, and once again, I felt the fear like fire spread through me as it's wet nose touches my hand. I loose balance, and fall back into the pool, leaving a slight scream, only to be muffled by the water. The wolf touching me, made me loose all feeling. I tried so hard to swim, but my body just wouldn't move! Panic swept through me, and flowed through my veins, I tried to breath in, but I inhaled water, and felt my lungs start to close in on me. 


A violent cough, comes out my chest, rough and scratchy, and a bunch of water comes out. I open my eyes, and see a lifeguard kneeling over me. He rolls me over on my side, and I continue coughing. "Are you okay?" He asks. I nod my head. "Geez, Tara," Taylor breaths out. "Almost gave me a heart attack! I thought you were dead!" Kaylan says. "Is she gonna be okay?" Brayden asks the lifeguard. "Yeah, she's fine. I'm suppose to call an ambulance if this happens. But as long as you guys just take her home, she'll be okay," he says. Brayden nods his head. "Did you guys see it?" I ask them, hoping they'd say yes, but knowing they'd say no. "See what?" Paxton asks. "The-. Never mind. Let's just go get some food. I'm hungry," I sigh. "You guys go get our stuff, I'll take her out to the truck," Brayden says. They nod there heads, and walk away. "At this point I'm not giving you a choice. What's been going on?" He asks, helping me up. "Your not gonna believe me. I don't even believe me," I say. "I don't care. Just tell me," he says, as we walk back to the truck. "I've seen things today... Things I can't explain... Things I wish I could explain, but that I can't. Because I honestly have no idea, and I'm scared you guys are gonna have to put me in a mad house or something," I say. "Well if your talking ghosts. You knows we've all seen them too. Why wouldn't we believe you?" He asks. "Because ghosts aren't suppose to be able to touch you, and have a solid body, but disappear, and walk through things," I couldn't look at his face. I was scared he was going to give me that look he does when he doesn't believe something. "So you saw something that goes through walls, disappears, but can also be a person?" he asks confused. "Not a person... a wolf," I look at him this time, but regret it instantly. He gave me the look I was scared of. "Yeah, because that makes so much more sense," he says sarcastically. "I tolled you that you wouldn't believe me," I sighed, jumping up into the truck. "Please don't tell anyone I said that, or else you'll all think I'm crazy," I beg. "We already think your crazy, Tara," he chuckles. "Not helping," I roll my eyes. "I'm just kidding, okay? Loosen up," he gets in, and sits next to me. "Promise you won't tell them?" I ask. "I promise," he puts his hands in the air like he was surrendering. "Thank you," I sigh with relief. "Ready?" Paxton asks, hoping into the drivers seat. "Yeah," Brayden says. I lean my head against the window, tying not to cry. The day was just too much for me. "Are you sure you're okay?" Kaylan asks, getting in next to her brother. "She's fine. I don't think she wants to talk right now," Brayden says. "I wasn't talking to you idiot," she says. "Tara, you okay?" she asks again. "I'm fine," I hadn't realized a tear had slipped, until I spoke, and I felt it on my cheek. I quickly wiped it away, and gave a fake smile. "Switch me spots," Kaylan tells Brayden. "No, I'm already buckled," he says. "Lazy," She punches his arm. Paxton turns on the truck, and we start heading out for food.

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