What Lies Within The Forest

There is a place beyond the forest that almost no one in our world has ever had the experience of coming to know. Only very few have ever stepped foot into this place. But it is now dying, and the ruler of this parallel universe, must make a choice to save it. The ruler sends forth her greatest warrior into our world, to find the only person who can save there realm. But will they make it back in time?


3. Chapter #2 - Visions

I open my eyes, and sit up. It was now 10:49 a.m., and even now I know it wasn't just a dream. I grab my phone off of my cedar side table, and open it up. It immediately blinks a notification, my friend Brayden texted me.


B - Hey

Me - Hey

B - Whats up, excited for summer break?

Me - Yeah

B - Same! Kaylan, Paxton, Taylor and I are gonna go swimming later, wanna come?

Me - Sure

B - Okay cool, Paxton's at the gym, he'll be back soon though. Once he's back and ready we'll come pick you up, okay?

Me - K

B - You okay? You're only using one word replies and... can it be? No emoji's!!! :o

Me - It's been a weird morning

B - What happened?

Me - It's a long story, and you wouldn't believe me

B - It summer, I got time. And when haven't I believed you?

Me - I'll tell you at the pool

B - Okay

Me - Yeah :)

B - Ooh, and there's my emoji!

Me - Lol :P

B - And another one! I think your back to normal now. Haha, anyways, I'll see you later

Me - Kk, see ya :) :P :D <3


Well, at least the pool will take my mind off of it... hopefully. I roll out of bed, and toss my phone back on my bed. I search through my drawers and find my swimsuit, and toss it on my bed next to my phone. Then I just stare at the floor, still thinking about what I had seen. I walk over to the window, and look out at the street. I sigh, and turn around, and slide my back down the wall, and sit down. The image of the dark black wolf flashed through my head. I had a strange curiosity towards this... thing. Yet my fear tolled me no. I stood up, and went over to my closet, grabbed peach sandals out of my shoe bucket, and grabbing a cream colored, lace shirt off a hanger. Toss them on my bed, then grab frayed denim shorts off the shelf. "How you feeling?" My mom walks in. "Much better, I just needed some sleep," I smile at her. Totally not true, but if she was still worried about me, she wouldn't let me go anywhere. "Good," she says. "Going swimming?" she asks, seeing the stuff on my bed. "Yeah, Brayden, Kaylan, Paxton,Taylor and I are all going," I say. "Okay. Want me to pack you some food?" she asks. "No, I'm sure we'll go out for food. Thanks though," I reply. She nods her head. "Me and Dad are going on a date when he get's back from work tonight. So we might not be here when you get home," she says. "Okay, that's fine," I say, even though it really didn't feel like it. I don't really want to be home alone after what happened. "Can I just go stay at Brayden and Kaylan's house till your back? And you can just call me when your home?" I ask her. "Yeah, that actually works out. I don't really want you home alone anyways," she smiles, then walks out. I couldn't get that dang wolf out of my head! It flooded my thoughts, and drowned anything else out. I walk back over to my window, and look at the street again. Then my phone goes off, and makes me jump. I go over to my bed, and pick up my phone.


B - Hey, Paxton's back. So we'll be over to get you in about 10 minutes :)

Me - Okay, sounds good :) 


I set my phone down again, grab my stuff, and go into the bathroom. Once I'm changed, I pull my hair up, and wash my face. Once I'm done with that, I quickly brush my teeth, and finish getting ready. "Tara! Your friends are here!" my mom shouts. "Okay! I'll be there in a sec!" I shout. I finish putting waterproof mascara on. I turn around, and grab a towel out of the cupboard behind me, then a knock comes at the door, and Kaylan let's herself in. "The boys are just gonna go wait out in the truck, she says. "Okay," I say. I look at the mirror, and tighten my pony tail one last time. Then I see it, the wolf, in the mirror. I jump back, and slam my back on the wall, and hit my head. "Oh my gosh, are you okay, what happened?" Kaylan asks worried. I look at the mirror again, and it was gone. "I'm fine. I thought I saw a spider," I laugh it off. I don't need her thinking I've gone mad. "Let me grab my phone, and my purse and we can go," I say. She nods her head, and follows me into my bedroom. We grab my stuff, then go to head out. "If you need anything, just call me," my mom says. "Okay," I smile at her as I close the front door. We step off the porch, and head across the lawn. Being in such a daze, still thinking about the things I had see that morning, and only moments ago, I didn't see the rock that was practically under my foot, and trip. "Ouch," I mumble. I put my hands under me to pick myself up, and instead of the grass, I feel leaves. Still on the ground, I take a handful of the leaves, in my hand. What was even odder, was that they were gray. Confused, I set them back down, and look up. I was in a forest? There were dying trees, with there branches raveled around each other, and gray leaves covering the ground. The sky was black, with gray clouds. White lighting flashed through the clouds above me. Panicked, I swivel around, and check what's behind me. There were trees that look as if they formed a castle, but it looked to be deserted, and worn, and broken from time. I walk towards it, and the trees start to open in the front of it, creating an entrance to this dying fortress. A woman sat in a fur covered throne. She had black, ratted hair, and was wearing a twig crown. Her blue dress, being the only thing with color I've seen in this place, and I image was once an immaculate gown, is now dirty, and torn. She was sobbing, with her head in her fragile, shaking hands. I went to speak, but somehow, I couldn't. I take another step forward, and she hears it, and looks up startled. "You must save us," she weeps. "Please! Hurry!" She shouts. I wanted to speak again, but still, nothing came out. "Follow the warrior!" she yells at me. A loud, crash comes from behind me, and I instinctively turn to see. I man comes running in at me, and knocks me to the ground. I close my eyes, scared to see what would happen next. I thought I would feel him stab me, or tie me up, but I felt nothing. I open my eyes, confused, and I'm back at home. "You okay clumsy?" Kaylan asks laughing. She helps me up, and I quickly spin around, checking to see if anything of what I had just seen was there. "Hurry up! We've gotta get going!" Paxton shouts from the truck. "Tara, are you sure your okay, you've been acting a little off," she says. "I-I... It was - and she was-," I sigh, they wouldn't believe me if I tolled them. "I'm fine. Let's just go," I say. She nods her head, and we go and get in the truck. Taylor and Paxton were upfront, Paxton being the driver. Then I was in the back in the middle. Brayden being on my left, and Kaylan on my right. "So, story time. What happened this morning?" Brayden asks. "Not right now," I say. "Oh come on," he says, as if it wasn't a big deal. "No I'm serious Brayden, not right now, okay?" I snap at him. "Okay, sorry" he says. "No, I'm sorry. It's just been a really weird day so far," I say. He nods his head.

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