What Lies Within The Forest

There is a place beyond the forest that almost no one in our world has ever had the experience of coming to know. Only very few have ever stepped foot into this place. But it is now dying, and the ruler of this parallel universe, must make a choice to save it. The ruler sends forth her greatest warrior into our world, to find the only person who can save there realm. But will they make it back in time?


2. Chapter #1 - Am I Dreaming?

The awful, screeching sound of my alarm going off, wakes me with a jolt. I sit up, and flip the alarm from on, to off. "Ugh." I throw off my white comforter, and step down onto the hard wood floor. I make my way out of my room, and into my bathroom. I splash my face with ice cold water, and regret it the moment it touches my skin. I was definitely awake now. I wipe my face off with a clean hand towel, and throw it back down on the counter. I mope down the hall way, and into the kitchen. "Wow, you're up?" my mom asks, as I open the fridge, and pull out some milk. "Um, school. I have to," I tell her. "It's the first day of summer break, there is no school," she says. "Wait, it is... " I say, putting the milk back, and starting to walk back out of the room. "Where are you going?" she asks. "Back to bed," I say. "Okay," she laughs. She goes back to typing on her laptop up to the table, and eating her breakfast. I went back to my room, and flopped on my bed. I'm not even tired now! I sit back up, and look out the window. I see a dog outside, sitting in the middle of the road, staring up at me. Only it didn't look as much like a dog, but a wolf. But what would a wolf be doing inside town? It's gotta be a dog. Then I spot a car and as it comes past and I'm laced with fear, as I see it hit the dog. I jump off my bed, and run to the window, pressing my hands against it. The dog was still there, sitting up, staring at me. But-. I saw the car go right over it. How is it still-. It looks up, and makes a long, loud howl, then looks back at me again. I run out of my room, down the hall way, through the living room, and out the door. It wasn't there anymore. I look up and down the quiet street, it was no where to be seen. I walk out to the road, where it had been sitting. Not a single trace of blood. But I saw it! It was here. A car went over it, and it still just sat there. I saw it move, I heard it howl. But... how? "What are you doing?" my mom shouts from the door way. I look up and down the street again, then look at her. I walk back into our yard, and stand next to her on the porch, then look out at the street one last time. She still looked at me confused, and waiting for an answer. "I though I saw a dog or something get ran over. I must have still been dreaming or something," I tell her. "Hm," she says. We walk back inside, and I go back to my room. I go over to my window, and see it sitting there again. Same spot, same wolf dog thing. "Mom! Come here!" I shout to her. I watch, and stare at it. "Yeah?" she asks, walking in. "Come here," I say, not taking my eyes off it. "That's the dog I saw get ran over," I tell her. "What are you talking about?" she asks confused. "Right there," I point. "I don't see anything," she says. I look at her, then back at the street, it was gone again! "Are you feeling okay?" she asks. "Um, yeah. I'm fine. Maybe I should just go back to sleep," I say. "Okay. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen," she says, leaving me again. I look out the window, absolutely baffled. I know I saw it. I turn around, and jump, as it sat there on my bedroom floor, looking at me intently. I stood there stiff, looking it in its eyes, it sent a shiver down my spine. It was a black wolf, with the deepest black eyes I've ever seen. They were so dark it was as if I could see past its soul, and into my own. It stood up, and walked over to me, putting its nose behind my hand. The moment its went snout touched my hand, I was so scared I felt like I was getting shocked. It starts walking away, and I could tell it meant for me to follow. I still just stood there frozen. "Tara. I've gotta run to the store, will you be okay home alone?" My mom walks into my room, walking right through the wolf, and it just faded into a fine black dust, and disappeared. My eyes widen, and I felt a bit weak at the knees. "Are you sure your okay? Here, get in bed," she says. She pulls my covers up, and grabs my arm, pulling me over to my bed. "It was in my room..." I say, pulling my blankets over myself. "What was?" she asks, getting even more worried. "The wolf... It was in my room, and it touched my hand..." I say, intently staring at the spot it had disappeared at. "Are you on drugs or something?" She asks, half joking, half serious. "What? No, mom, never," I defend myself. "Okay. Are you dehydrated? Do you have a fever or something?" she presses her hand against my forehead. "Your not hot. You look a little pale though. I'll go get you a drink," she says. I nod my head, just letting her go along with it. She probably thinks I'm crazy or something, heck I think I might be crazy. What had I just seen? Was it a ghostly apparition, a demon of some kind? Maybe it did get hit, and I had just seen it before it went into the afterlife. But I still would have seen it's body on the street, right? So maybe the demon idea? Demons are suppose to be evil though. This seems friendly, and it looked like it wanted to take me some where, or show me something. None of it makes sense. How on earth can something be outside on the street, appear in my room, and then just disappear? This feels like it came out of a Harry Potter book or something. It doesn't feel real, but at the same time, I know it couldn't have been otherwise. It terrified me, in an 'I want more' kind of way. I'm going to sleep, maybe when I wake up, this'll all be a dream.

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