Dying Inside

Larry is suicidal. His mother died when he was 12 and his stepfather hates him. He wants to die and be relived of the pain. After a suicide attempt, life at school gets worse and worse. Until he meets her, but even then Death is working his evil plans and this time he will claim what is rightfully his.


4. "You Did This, You Did This To Me"

Larry wiped tears away from his face and looked began to look at himself in the mirror, his eyes were haunted by dark circles from lack of sleep, he was nearly anorexic from lack of eating. He smiled sadly at his reflection and it did the same. He grabbed the gun he had planned to use for suicide, he then walked out to the living room, keeping the gun hidden inside his hoodie sleeve and faced Kevin.

"What do want now" yelled Kevin

Larry pulled out the gun and aimed it at his own head. Kevin's eyes shot open and he stood up fast, "Hey, hey Larry, it's okay, just put the gun down". Larry smiled sadly and whispered, "You did this, you did this to me" and pulled the trigger. As he fell to the ground he heard his stepfather cry out in agony and then.....nothing but darkness.

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