Dying Inside

Larry is suicidal. His mother died when he was 12 and his stepfather hates him. He wants to die and be relived of the pain. After a suicide attempt, life at school gets worse and worse. Until he meets her, but even then Death is working his evil plans and this time he will claim what is rightfully his.


1. "Why Don't You Just Kill Yourself?"

The alarm clock went off and 17 year old Larry Clark rolled out of his bed and slammed the clock off. He yawned and stretched, momentarily showing faded self harm scars all over his arms. He pulled a black and white skull hoodie over his head and put on black baggy jeans and went down the stairs to the kitchen. Grabbing a apple from a bowl and grabbing his backpack he began his walk to the bus stop. He brushed a hand through his green and blue hair, which covered one of his hazel eyes. He made it to the bus stop and sighed, the school bully, Marcus Wilber, was leaning against the stop sign. When Marcus saw him he yelled, "HEY EMO, I SAID NO EMOS ALLOWED AT MY BUS STOP!!!". Larry ignored him and stared at the ground. Marcus grinned and yelled once more in his ears, "HEY EMO, ARE YOU DEAf!?!?".

"N-no, I'm not, I just-" Larry began to mumble when he was shoved down by the bully

"Why don't you go and kill yourself already?" Marcus then spit on Larry's hoodie. Larry wiped the spit off of his hoodie and got up just as the bus came. He got on and went straight to the back ignoring "Emo freak and kill yourself" from multiple students. 

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