Dying Inside

Larry is suicidal. His mother died when he was 12 and his stepfather hates him. He wants to die and be relived of the pain. After a suicide attempt, life at school gets worse and worse. Until he meets her, but even then Death is working his evil plans and this time he will claim what is rightfully his.


8. "What's The Point...."

It was a week after Larry's expulsion and he really couldn't care less. All he did was sit in his room in the dark. He only came out to eat and use the bathroom. Carly was worried about her friend and stayed with him at his house for the time being. Her parents didn't care as long as she was home by midnight, so she used the time from coming to school until then to try and help her friend.

"You need to smile, please, Larry" begged Clary

"What's the point...." muttered Larry, who was staring at the wall with a blanklook on his face, "We are all going to die alone and forgotten"

"Please don't think that way" Carly began to tear up at the way her friend was talking, she waited for a reply but when  none came, she sat next to him and stared at the wall with him. They stayed like that for a couple minutes when Larry's hand found hers and he just held it. Carly smiled a bit and kissed his cheek. Larry smiled at her as she lay her head on his shoulder and he whispered, "Maybe I'm not alone after all". They stayed there for a while, just staring at the wall and thinking about how different their lives might have been if they had never met each other and unknowingly saved themselves....or so they thought. Death works in ways no man can understand.



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