Dying Inside

Larry is suicidal. His mother died when he was 12 and his stepfather hates him. He wants to die and be relived of the pain. After a suicide attempt, life at school gets worse and worse. Until he meets her, but even then Death is working his evil plans and this time he will claim what is rightfully his.


9. "If We Couldn't Save Him....No One Could" (Final)

Little did Larry, Clary, or Larry's stepfather knew was that Death was coming to claim Larry's life sooner than they had thought. It was the late into the night and Carly had since then gone home. Larry was still awake. He sighed and whispered into the darkness of his room, "I'm sorry...". He got up and crawled under his bed and grabbed a long rope, tying it to the ceiling fan. He grabbed a chair from the living, stopping to grab the camera his stepfather used for personal use and went back into his room. He positioned the chair below the ceiling fan and the rope. He set the camera on a tripod, pressing the "On" button on it and it began recording. He stood up on the chair, wrapping the rope around his neck. Tears in his eyes, he began his goodbyes.

"If your watching this, then you found my body hanging limp from the ceiling fan. I was nothing to anyone and now I am dead. Are you all happy!? Huh!? ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY NOW, MARCUS, KEVIN!!!" The tears were now streaming like a waterfall as he took a shaky breath. "Carly, I love you, please remember that. This wasn't your fault. This was the way it was supposed to be. Goodbye, but at least I finally be able to see my mother once again....". He kicked the chair out from under himself. He began to choke, and cough as he slowly died. Then he went limp. Nobody or nothing was going to hurt him anymore.


Carly awoke to a text message late in the morning from what appeared to be her Father. He need to see her immediately at Larry's house. She was confused, but got out of bed, getting dressed and walked out the door to Larry;s house, which was just a short walk and as soon as she entered the house of her friend she felt like something was terribly wrong. She saw her father and mother sitting on the couch with Kevin. His eyes were red and when she came into the room, he began to sob more.

"Honey, sit down, we need to talk" sighed her father

"Why, where's Larry-" Then it hit her as her heart sank, "No, no no!", She ran up to Larry's room and saw her best friend hanging from the ceiling fan. She fell to the ground and began to cry as her parents ran up to try and comfort her.


The police and ambulances can a short time after that. They, along with Kevin, Carly, and her parents watched the video Larry had left them. When the ambulance workers came out of the house with a body bag, Carly started to sob more as they load her friend's body onto a gurney. She walked over and saw his face was showing. He looked so peaceful. Like he was sleeping, but Carly knew better. She kissed him on the forehead and whispered, "I love you, Larry". She walked away and sat on the street curb near his house and buried her face into her knees as she sobbed. She felt someone come up to her and saw it was Kevin. He sat next to her, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Why didn't I see that he was in pain, I could have saved him or helped him" Kevin sobbed

"It wasn't your fault" muttered Carly

"How could it not be, my own stepson is dead" said Kevin

"If we couldn't save him...no one could" sighed Carly

They watched as Larry was put in the back of the ambulance van and taken away. Death had finally claimed what he thought was rightfully his.

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