Dying Inside

Larry is suicidal. His mother died when he was 12 and his stepfather hates him. He wants to die and be relived of the pain. After a suicide attempt, life at school gets worse and worse. Until he meets her, but even then Death is working his evil plans and this time he will claim what is rightfully his.


6. "I Like Your Hair, It's Pretty"

Larry was allowed to go home, but was on suicide watch until he was deemed stable. He was sitting in his room the curtains on his windows drawn to keep sunlight out and the lights were turned off. He liked the darkness even before losing his emotions, but now it seemed even more comforting to him. Larry's stepfather knocked softly on the door and said, "Larry, you okay?"

"I'm okay" mumbled Larry, who was staring at a wall

"I'm just making sure, after what happened" Kevin then left to back to the living room leaving Larry alone in the darkness of his room and the darkness of his mind.


There was school the next day and Larry had to go because Kevin thought that if he didn't he would try to kill himself again. Larry waited for the bus to come and surprisingly Marcus was no where to be found. Larry smiled and thought, "He's not here, that's good". The bus came and he got on and went straight to the back seat and went to sit down when he noticed someone in his seat. A girl.

She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She was wearing a purple long sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans. She smiled nervously at Larry and said, "Am I in your seat?", without waiting for an answer she went to get up, but Larry told her it was fine and sat next to her. The bus ride was silent for a little while until the girl spoke

"My name's Carly, what's yours?" Carly smiled

"My name is Larry" said Larry

"I like your hair, it's pretty" Carly blushed a bit

"Thanks" Larry smiled

Little did either of them know, they would grow closer and become more than friends. But just as their new friendship grew, Death was working his evil plans.

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