Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


8. & So It Begins..

Lashton's P.O.V.:

I didn't wake up until about 5:30 the next evening. That left me with a half hour to shower and get ready for dance class. Mom was the one to come in and finally wake me up so I wouldn't be late. She told me that C.J. had carried me off the jet and Dad had finished the job when we arrived at the house. She also told me that Dad and C.J. had had a heart to heart while I was sleeping on the plane. I made her promise to give me the details when I got back in 3 hours. After that I grabbed the keys to my Ferrari and headed out.

When I got to the dance studio, I hugged my cast mates and got straight to work. I wanted to learn these dance moves to the point that I could do them in my sleep, so I made sure to do my very best, especially when it came to "Set It Off" and "Rotten To The Core". They were more complex than the other numbers in the movie. I only had about 2 more weeks of perfecting them and then it was going to be off to the studio to record the songs. Right now, we were just using the original songs sang by the cast of the original version of the movie.

We were currently working on the song from the scene of Mal and Ben's first date called if only. I was trying to feel the music and kind of put my own spin on the moves, but it wasn't going well. Kenny kept making me start over. I was starting to get a little embarrassed to be honest. I finally got it though, and when I did it felt amazing. Even Kenny was impressed with it and told me that if I could do that when we actually started shooting the film that we would only have to do one take for that scene.

Now when it came to dancing with the guy playing Ben, Niall Horan's son Jonathan, I got extremely nervous. I messed up a lot until he told me to just focus on the music and the steps. He looks exactly like his father so, I mean, anyone can understand why I got nervous. Yeah, I'm with C.J. and I love him, but that doesn't mean I can't still be mesmerised by good looks! I still struggled a little with a few steps, but after I kind of made him disappear in my mind, I did a lot better.

Finally, 8 o'clock rolled around and I practically dragged my sore body to my car. Not dancing for the 3 hours I had gotten used to for 10 days straight had taken it's toll and I was definitely feeling it. When I got to the house, I yelled for Mom and went directly to my bed to lay down. When she arrived at my door, I made her tell me all about the talk that my 2 favourite guys had had.

"Well basically C.J. started the whole thing, which really surprised your father. He told him that what happened in New York was a big misunderstanding and that what you had said in the interview was what was really going on and that he was sorry. Your dad told him he wasn't happy about the situation, not so much because of what you guys were caught doing, but more because it was caught during your interview and you don't need any sort of bad publicity. C.J. agreed with him and then told him that he loves you more than anything in the world and that he would never hurt you so your dad had nothing to worry about. Your dad told him he believed him, that he just isn't used to not having you around and that it's hard to let go of that protective side he has for you. Overall, I think it went very well, your dad came into the house humming while carrying you to your bed and then told me all about their talk with a smile on his face. He even said he thinks C.J. is good for you, so I don't think you have to worry about him trying to have eyes on you at all times anymore."

"Well that's good news. Thank god, I was starting to think we were better off just pretending we were just friends. I think getting close to him again helped Daddy realise I'm not going anywhere." "You're probably right. He had been pretty upset because you were drifting away. You know Lashton, he is afraid he isn't going to have that strong of a connection with the twins. Like you're going to be the only one of his kids that enjoys being around him all the time. It's a big deal to him." "I'm not going to shut him out ever again Mom, you don't have to worry about that. I need to be super close with him because in that short few months that I tried to gain a little independence, it was terrible for me too. I'm sure that once the babies come that he will be too busy for me. They are going to love him like I do, maybe not so much as to sneak off and hitchhike a ride in his suitcase like I did, but they will love him a lot. He is a great dad and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, so they won't either."

"You guys are so much alike it's scary sometimes. He isn't going to not notice you Dear, I won't let him. I promise that I'll make sure you guys still have time together. I mean, I'm going to want these babies all to myself anyways, so I'll probably be pushing you 2 out the door all the time. Speaking of being pushed out the door, your grandma called earlier while you were out and asked me to tell you to make sure you were at the studio by 8:30 in the morning. You are going to start recording because your album release date is in a week and a half. You also have to go to a photo shoot for the album cover, concert ads, and meet and greet posters. That has to be done by noon because your dad needs you in his office by then to pick out your merch line that's being released the day after your album and the concert merch line. After that is another photo shoot for your merch line and that will be over by 4:45 at the latest so that you can spend some time with us before your dance class. We're having C.J. over for dinner so try not to be late. I'm hoping that the more time Luke spends seeing you guys together as a couple that he will relax more. I know he is doing really well with it considering everything that's happened, but I still think he hasn't completely let it sink in yet. I'll let you get to bed though, you have a very busy day tomorrow. Love you baby, don't let them work you too hard.""Goodnight Mom, I love you too. Give Dad a kiss goodnight for me and tell him I'll be on time tomorrow I promise." With that, I quickly went to sleep because I knew if I was even the slightest bit late that Grandma would give me the world's biggest lecture when I got there.

I woke up at 7:30, pulled my hair into a messy bun, got dressed and ran out the door. On my way to the studio, I went to Starbucks and got my favourite latte, a vanilla caramel latte with a double shot of caramel. By that time it was 7:45, which gave me plenty of time to make it there. I txt Grandma and let her know I was on my way and then pulled out of the parking lot.

When I got there, I went straight to the recording room and found Grandma, Dad, and the guy that messes with the soundboard stuff. Dad is the first to speak, "Okay, let's get straight to work, we need you to record the tracks Catch Me, Lightweight, Queen Of Hearts, and Here today. I realise we are on a tight schedule, but with your career moving so fast, we have to record as much as we possibly can each day. Now if you're anything like me, which you prove everyday that you are, it will only take one shot on each part of the vocals. Do you have any questions or are you ready to begin?"

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