Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


6. She's Got To Learn How To Balance Work & Her Personal Life

Luke's P.O.V.:

"I tried to tell her Carsyn. I said you want Grandma Liz as your manager because she isn't going to put too much on your plate like CoCo is, but she wouldn't listen to me. I honestly don't know what else you want from me." Carsyn is concerned about our daughter's well being. I understand that, but Lash is so stubborn and insisted she wanted CoCo because she was rumoured to be the best.

"Luke! Ughhhh! Sometimes you're so frustrating. She is exactly like you! You have to calmly talk to her and then explain why you're right, not just go into the discussion saying you're right and she's wrong and that's all there is to it. She's going to immediately shut you out and do what she wants, just like you do. I can't believe you haven't realised this after 16 years!"

"Carsyn, I think I know my daughter pretty well. She would have chosen CoCo anyways because she wanted to get away from any family involvement in her career. I mean just to make sure the industry doesn't crush her, I had to pay off the other labels that were interested in her so that she didn't have any option but our label!" "Lucas Robert Hemmings! Please tell me you are joking right now and didn't meddle in her career like that!" "You just wanted me to basically meddle in her career by making her choose Mom as her manager though, so I really don't understand why you would get mad at me for making sure she got signed to the band label. Is this madness because you're pregnant?"

I had stepped over the line there. I knew it as soon as the words left my mouth. I'm so stupid, I should really start thinking before I speak. Carsyn ran off crying over the fact that she doesn't know how to help Lashton and I opened my big mouth and pointed out that she was acting crazy because her hormones were all out of whack. It's been so long since the last time that she was pregnant that I'm out of practice. I knew better than to go calm her down myself so I called Ash.

*****Phone Conversation*****

L- Hey Ash I need a favour from you...

A- Okay? What is it?

L- Well.... I kinda sorta upset your sister and I know she won't listen to me right now, so I need you to explain to her that I love her, that this situation of Lash being so busy isn't my fault, and that sometimes meddling in your kid's life is okay. Will you help me out?

A- (Laughing) yeah I'm on my way out the door now. So explain to me what else happened Luke because I know your not telling me everything. I can hear it in your voice.

L- *Sigh* I asked if she was acting all crazy because of pregnancy hormones. I know it was stupid of me and I didn't think before I spoke, but I honestly forgot how to talk to pregnant Carsyn. I mean it's been 16 years she could cut me a little slack, right?

A- Ahhhhhh Luke, I love you buddy, but you are such an idiot sometimes. I'm walking in now. Ill see you in the basement in about 2 minutes.

*****End of Phone Call*****

True to his word, Ash was at the basement doorway in 2 minutes. I gave him the full recap of our fight and he went upstairs to smooth things over with the love of my life, also known as his baby sister.

I looked at my watch. According to Lashton's schedule that I had CoCo print me a copy of, she was due back here in just a few short hours. Her flight was running earlier than scheduled according to her text that had sparked the argument, so I'll have a little time to talk to her before her dance class. I have also scheduled a conference with CoCo and Mom while Lash is in said dance class.

I know I have to handle this situation very carefully. She can never figure out that I'm about to convince CoCo to quit being her manager or she will never forgive me. I hate secrets so this is going to be extremely hard for me. Carsyn better love my ass that's for damn sure because I'm only doing this to put her mind at ease. I'd much rather let Lash learn for herself, but Carsyn being stressed out isn't good for the baby, so here I am sitting in my basement planning how I'm going to trick my 16 year old into having a family controlled career so that her mother doesn't miscarry. I'm walking through a minefield right now! The things a man will put himself through for the woman he loves and his children....someone needs to write a book to warn us all so we aren't out here cluelessly making fools of ourselves😒.

*****Skip To Lashton & Luke's Conversation*****

"Look baby girl, can we talk about something that's been bothering your mother and I?" "Yeah, of course Daddy. What's up?" "Well, as you probably know, I had CoCo print me off a copy of your schedule so that we would know what the best time would be to get ahold of you if we needed to or just wanted to talk. Your mother saw it and thinks that CoCo is overworking you and I can't say that I disagree with her on this one Lash. You're one person and her work schedule is one made up for like 5 people. You know Grandma Liz is still willing to be your manager if you are feeling overwhelmed. She could fix your schedule for you and you would have time with us and C.J. and you would still be able to do all of these amazing opportunities."

Cal would kill me if he knew I was using his son as bait in my master plan right now, but I knew that was probably the one thing eating at her. By now she has had to have realised she isn't going to have any time for the boyfriend I only very recently agreed to letting her have. I can tell by the way she is scrunching up her nose in debate of what to do in her head that I am correct. Which brings the score so far to Dad-2 Lashton-0.

"Okay, Dad, let's say that I am overwhelmed by said work schedule. How would Grandma Liz fix it? I can't just back out of my already made commitments." "Grandma Liz has had an extensive amount of practice in this field. While pushing back the movie stuff and TV series would be more difficult, you're right about that, she can manage your music career around them better than CoCo has. For instance, you won't be working on the weekends for quite a while so for now we can schedule weekend mornings for music things, leaving you with the afternoons to do whatever you want to do." The bait has been set, now I just hope she takes it so I'm not going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.

"Well...I guess that's not such a bad idea. I mean I would like the opportunity to see you guys more than what CoCo has outlined in her schedule and I don't want Mom stressing because of the baby, so I agree to switch to Grandma Liz being my manager. There's another issue though Dad. I have this U.S. promo tour that I'm going to be leaving for in the morning that lasts a week. Are we still doing that or is it being cancelled?"

"We will still do that because you need to promote your album. Grandma Liz and I will fix all the other issues. You don't need to worry your pretty little head about that one sweetie, I promise. I'll also talk to CoCo while your at dance class for your movie so that you don't have to worry about that either. Everything will be taken care of before you lay your head on your pillow tonight, so go dance your little heart out and hang out with C.J., in the backyard of course, and let your family handle everything." That went better than I expected. I was prepared to put up a fight with her like I usually do, but she caved pretty easily. Wonder what's up with that.

She left and I texted Ash the good news so he could tell Carsyn. I also told him I was leaving for my meeting with CoCo and Mom and headed out the door. Hopefully everyone's happy. If not, I'll probably cry. Yeah, I know, not very punk rock of me, but what else is new? I mean my whole conversation with Lashton sounded so rehearsed, which it was, and so not me that I'm surprised she didn't catch on to my plan. Oh well, I'll worry about all of that later tonight when I can go over it with Carsyn and she can explain to me everything I missed like the ditzy blond I am sometimes (lol), I have bigger issues to deal with right now.

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