Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


7. Promo, Promo, & More Promo😬

Lashton's P.O.V.:

YES!!!! I'm so glad that Dad wanted to talk to me about switching managers. I was totally prepared to hear the whole I told you so speech, but I didn't have to because I let him think it was all his idea☺️. Haha Dad ☺️! You think you won this round, but you're wrong!

Anyways, now that my grandma is my manager, I bet I have most of my day free and I'll get to goof off more. I really don't know why I didn't just choose her to begin with. That was really stupid of me.

During dance class today, Kenny and the casting director pulled me off to the side. They wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to be Mal and not Princess Audrey because she has fewer scenes in the movie and my work schedule was so crazy. (They had originally wanted me for that part because of my thick, wavy, golden hair that was now down to my waist.) I refused to give up Mal because I don't want to be that person anymore really and Mal seems like the perfect way to break away from that goody two shoes image. I mean, obviously she switches to the good side in the end, but she's evil until then. I explained that it was all being taken care of because I got a new manager so that it's not so hectic anymore.

In the end, I got what I want, as I always do. By the time we finished our discussion on the matter it was time to go home and pack for the week I'll be gone. I made my driver stop and get some Taco Bell for me and C.J. and then we headed over to his house. I text Mom and told her I'd be home in an hour and a half and where I was so that when Dad started freaking out she could tell him there was no need for a search party because she knew where I was at.

We ate our food and played some pool. I told him all about mine and Dad's talk and then I got the call. The call that changed all this switching managers thing from being good to bad real fast. Dad informed me that Grandma would be at the house in the morning at 5 and I needed to be ready to board the jet by 6, which means I have to wake up at the latest 3:45. The original flight had been scheduled for 9 a.m. so that I could sleep in a little. As if that wasn't enough to burst my bubble, I was also told that it would be interviews everyday, one as soon as I landed actually, and there would be no time to sight see, explore, or goof off in any way. Dad and the rest of 5SOS would be tagging along because they conveniently had interviews at all the places I do. This is gonna suck so bad!

The only good thing coming out of this is that I talked him into letting C.J. come so that he could get used to us being together as a couple, not just friends. He started to argue about it, but Mom had my back. I love her so much.

After that was settled, I rushed home to pack up my wardrobe for the week. This consists of at least 2 weeks worth of outfits in case I change my mind. Then, I laid down and it's now 11:30 and I still can't sleep! It's so frustrating.

*****Next Day*****

We are on the plane and due to land at around 10 a.m. in New York, which is in about 2 and a half hours. I got like zero sleep last night, so I look like complete shit right now. Serinity is definitely going to flip out on me😞. She is going to have to deal with it though because it's Grandma and Dad's fault for rescheduling this whole trip, not mine.

C.J. is currently sitting next to me with his hands wrapped around me sleeping just like the others. If only I could be so lucky! I'm thinking about getting some sort of sleep aiding meds from a gas station or something as soon as we hit New York to take after my first interview. I plan on sleeping from the car ride to the hotel until my next interview at 11 p.m. New York time. That should make up for the sleep I missed out on last night and right now.

After the interview tonight, we will be getting in the car and driving non-stop to Indianapolis, Indiana to do a radio interview at the 99.5 station headquarters. I'll be meeting fans outside for an hour until the interview begins. We'll be debuting "Here" as my first single and we decided to name the album "Dancing On Different". The label had emailed all the different radio stations and talk shows last night to let them know and they already have it spreading all over the internet like wildfire. I wasn't to sure about the album name at first, but as I've been sitting awake thinking about it, it is definitely fitting to the album and myself.

Only 45 minutes left of this flight, thank god. My butt is numb and it does no good to get up and try to find something to do. I just spent the past hour and 15 minutes reading the best book ever, TFIOS. I found that in Dad's section of shelves in the little hallway that leads into the bathroom. He is such a girl sometimes. I even found a copy of Mean Girls in there hidden behind a few other books! Uncle Ash only has a cd collection and Calum has a journal, which was tempting (Don't worry I didn't touch it. My dad would have killed me), and FIFA stuff (I swear these guys are addicted to FIFA and when there's a game on it's better to leave the house or you hear a lot of screaming at the TV.) Unfortunately though, that only leaves Mikey's video games left. It's no fun playing video games by yourself so now I'm just stuck here staring out the window watching the clouds pass by. Actually, this is kinda peaceful and relaxing...maybe I'll drift off to sleep........

*****About 20 Minutes Later*****

"Lashton wake up. We've landed and we have to get going now or we're going to be late." That was the fastest 20 minutes of my life! I'm not even mad though because it was C.J.'s amazing voice I heard waking me up instead of my father's annoyed one. There's no doubt in my mind that Dad was waiting outside the plane debating on coming in after us and giving me the responsibilities speech for the hundredth time. I know he just wants me to succeed and take things much more seriously in life than I do, but he could just chill a little on the lectures. I mean, from what Grandma Liz has told me, I act just like him. The side of him I see though is nothing like me at all.

We're on our way to the studio where the interview is going to be now. 5SOS are going on before me. They are basically going to be introducing me to the world as part of their label, with Dad being the one to actually announce it. I'm glad I never started a band because the prep for a band interview just seems exhausting. They are currently going over who is speaking when. I honestly don't even know why they are bothering doing this when they never follow the outline and they all just speak over one another.

All that basically means that I get at least a half hour with C.J. alone backstage☺️. I think that a nice little make out session in the dressing room is a must! Now that we are here, I think we are gonna go get started on that little task ☺️. I hug Dad and the others as they get finished getting hooked up to mic sets and head out the door. As soon as Michael, the final one to leave the room, closes the door, I run to him and attack him with my lips. I couldn't resist. We made out for a full 25 minutes before I heard the TV in the corner of the room go silent. They had it set to the interview so I could hear my cue to go on. I looked over to see if I'd missed it and saw everybody looking at the giant screen behind them on stage and on it was none other than me and C.J.. Apparently, they were getting ready to introduce me and decided to show everyone me getting ready to come out on stage. Instead, they got me in a heated make out session with my boyfriend. I mean, his hand was up the back of my shirt! My dad is going to kill the both of us! The show must go on though so I got my mic set on and whispered "go get in the car and go to the hotel and send the car back for us" before I walked out onto the stage.

*****The Interview*****

Interviewer = I Michael = M

Lashton = La Ashton = A

Luke = Lu Calum = C

I: Well...that was not what we were expecting. Lashton how about you come out and talk to us for a few minutes. Everyone welcome to the stage Lashton Hemmings!

(Lashton makes her entrance to the song "Perfect" by One Direction)

I: Hello Lashton. Now, I'm sure I speak for everyone here today, especially your father over here, what was going on back there?

La: Uhmmmm...well really it was just a little moment that my boyfriend, Calum's son C.J., and I were sharing. We didn't think that you were going to cut the cameras to us back there. We were just kissing like regular teenage couples because he had just told me how proud of me he was and how talented he thinks I am and that he was happy that Daddy finally accepted that I'm growing up and I'm not a little girl anymore. It was innocent really, just bad timing on our part.

I: Awwwww that's sweet of him! Sorry we interrupted. Luke, how does it feel to have your daughter dating? What's it like having her date a band members son?

Lu: It's definitely something I'm getting used to. No matter how hard she tries to get me to see it differently, she will always be my baby girl and she's just going to have to get used to me treating her like that. It will get better once her baby brother arrives though. As for her dating Calum's son, that was unexpected. They have spent their entire lives so far together, I honestly didn't see it going any farther than friends. I always thought she would end up with either Justin Bieber's or Nick Jonas's sons. As long as she is happy, though, I'm happy. It's just a hard thing to accept at first because, I mean, I've seen them both grow up from the day they were born up to today and I don't want to see either of them get hurt.

La: Daddy, we're not going to get hurt we love each other. Thank you for finally accepting this though, it means a lot to me.

I: You guys are seriously adorable. Lashton, I know you are here to not only be interviewed, but also perform your first single off the album. You also have a movie that you're shooting soon and a role in a new TV series, you're schedule seems to have you super busy. How do you balance family, friends, and your work load?

La: Honestly, I was swamped with planning everything out originally. Dad and Mom were both worried that I was putting too much on my plate, so Dad came and talked to me about it. We both agreed that I needed to switch managers because I am only 16, so I need to be able to have a little time to be as normal as I can be with being the daughter of a member of a very famous band and an upcoming artist/actress myself. I asked my grandma to be my manager because she has done this kind of time management with my dad and his band mates before so she seemed like the perfect choice. I will miss CoCo, but this was a decision that had to be made. I've never wanted anything more in my life than to follow in my father's footsteps. Every member of this band have been my idols my entire life, so it is only natural that I want to do exactly what they do right? They always came home with these awesome stories, gifts from fans that love them so much they wanted to give them something in return, and fan mail that said how much their music had saved their lives and that the band meant so much to them and so on. I couldn't get enough of not only hearing these things, but witnessing them as well. I knew I was going to be a singer, I didn't expect to get into acting though. It just sort of happened during school last year. We are required to take theatre arts for a semester and I ended up doing it for 2 and being in the school production of Romeo and Juliet. I starred as Juliet and I absolutely loved every single second of being on stage. My teacher said that I had some major talent and should pursue it, so I did and here I am starring as Mal in the 15th anniversary remake of Disneys Descendants and being the star of Sophie's Secret Life, along with having a world tour starting in just a few months here in New York. I couldn't have asked for a better life.

I: Wow, that just melted my heart. I have seriously never heard a daughter speak that admiringly about her father. You guys must be super close. How does it make you guys feel to hear her say these things?

A: It's always kind of been an expected thing when it came to my niece. She's always been mesmerised by our work. Luke is probably to blame for how fascinated she is with it. He used to put her to bed by singing our songs to her. She wouldn't go to sleep any other way. On top of that, he would be telling Carsyn about how tour went and we would all be telling stories about our different encounters with the fans and you would find Lashton sitting front and center in the middle of the circle we had created hanging on every word we said.

M: Dude, you gotta tell them the story of our little stowaway!

C: Yeah! That's seriously the best story we have. It's my favourite.

Lu: I don't think Lash thinks we should guys (smirking).

La: Yeah it's not that great. Definitely not something the world wants to hear guys. Uncle Ashton please, I'm begging you to back me up on this one.

A: Okay, so we have already boarded the plane and taken off for the our tour. Carsyn calls Luke absolutely freaking out. While Luke is trying to calm her down enough to understand what is going on that has her so upset, Cal and I decide to get our guitars out of the storage area on our jet and have a jam session. We hear snoring coming from inside Luke's suitcase. Freaked out, I make Cal open it. That's where we find little 5 year old Lashton, asleep in her father's clothes cuddling his Nirvanna t-shirt. Of course, I run and grab Luke's phone and explain I've found her, but there's no getting her home anytime soon. Cal takes a very confused Luke back to his suitcase where he just shakes his head smiling like an idiot at his daughter. He picked her up and moved her to the bed and tucked her in. When he took the phone back from me, Carsyn was still pretty upset, but he managed to get her to let us keep the little stowaway for half of the tour and bring her back during our break. Lashton got to go to interviews and meet and greets and a couple photo shoots and she ate it up. Everyone loved her and it was just such a natural thing for her. We knew we were in trouble after that (laughing while talking). She even had her first performance on that tour. She doesn't remember it, but we all, Luke and I especially, could never forget it. We gave her a mic and brought her out with us before the last performance of the night for a sold out show at Madison Square Garden. She had insisted that she be able to sing the song she had just recently learned in kindergarten which was that "Wheels On The Bus" song. The whole thing was recorded by Liz. She sang that song for like 7 or 8 minutes before Luke convinced her she had to stop so we could sing our last song of the night. It was the cutest thing in the world.

La: Uncle Ash I'm going to hurt you when we leave this studio. That is the most embarrassing story ever! I mean, seriously! I can't believe you guys let me make those poor fans suffer through that annoying kids song.

Lu: That was the best tour memory I have. I actually watch that video all the time. That was back when you wanted nothing more than to be around me and be in this life with me. Now you keep trying to go your own way....

La: Daddy...I....-

Lu: Its ok Lashton, really it is. Your old man is just being sentimental.

I: I think now would be the perfect time for Lashton to go perform her single. Let's give a nice farewell for now to 5 Seconds of Summer everyone. Here is Lashton Hemmings singing her new song "Here"!

(Lashton finishes the interview with her performance and then walks off stage, handing in her mic set and walking out to the car.)

*****End Of Interview*****

I must see this video now. Dad seriously looked so hurt out there. I know we used to be inseparable when I was younger, but this drifting apart a little is normal right? Everyone does it at this age to get a little freedom from their parents. That's what Jason and Jacob told me, that's the only reason I started going off on my own. They kept making fun of me. I'll talk to Uncle Ash when we get to the hotel, he will know what to do.

We are in the car on the way there now, stuck in traffic of course. I couldn't help but look over at Dad every so often. He continued to look sad. He tried to mask it, of course, but you could just tell as he stared out the window. His eyes looked distant. Almost like he was reliving the past while we were stuck here in this snail paced line of cars. I hurt him pretty bad doing this. It hurts me seeing him like this, it's worse than when he is disappointed in me.

Finally the car starts going at a decent speed again and it only takes us about 20 minutes to get to the hotel. As soon as we got to our room, Dad kissed my forehead and laid down and told me I should do the same. I waited until I heard his light snores, signalling he was completely asleep, and went next door to Uncle Ash's room.

I didn't even knock, just walked right in. Uncle Ash was just laying on his bed watching TV like he usually does at his house on rainy or boring days. I took this as my opportunity to begin, sat down on the bed, and cleared my throat, getting his attention.

"Okay, I have relived that story a million times throughout my life with you guys at family functions. Never has Dad ever acted like he did today. I realise that it's because I have tried to get a little independence by distancing myself from my parents like Jason and Jacob told me is what normal people our age do, but you didn't get hurt like this when they did it. What am I doing wrong?"

"Okay first off, I'm going to be killing my boys when I get home for telling you that. They are wrong, they never did that because that's not what happens. We are still very close. They wanted to hurt you, but ended up hurting your dad instead. They shouldn't have said that to you and I'm sorry your cousins are assholes. I know they have been bullying you recently and I plan on takin care of that too. Lashton, you and your dad have always had this magical relationship where it's like you guys are the same person. You get each other. For the longest time, Luke got so good at hiding his emotions that he didn't want us knowing about because we would have pried until he told us what was wrong with him, you were about 7 and even though we couldn't tell what was going on, you kept asking us what was wrong with him. You didn't stop asking until, finally, Carsyn pulled him aside and made him tell her what the deal was. You saved him, Lashton. He had been drowning in this sadness he had because he couldn't spend every day with you. We had to tour and he couldn't find the balance between this life and his home life anymore because you guys were that close.

He was going to quit the band, but seeing your face light up every time we did a show in Sydney stopped that. He tried to get Liz to let us take a break for like a year, but she wouldn't hear of it because she didn't want us to fade away into has beens during that year. She knew what this dream meant to all of us including him, so we came up with this compromise. From the time you were 7 up till now, we took you and your mom on tour with us to keep your dad from going crazy. You can't just throw it away and act like it doesn't hurt you too because we know it does. That little gift you have, he has it too. That's why he has been so worried about you lately.

The good thing is that you can fix it now. Watch the video first though and pay very close attention to Luke and yourself. You will be able to see what I'm talking about. I left out part of that story. We leave it out every time it's told because your dad thinks we forgot about it, but in reality we just wanted to let him have that memory of you guys to himself. He sang that song with you on stage. In reality it was Mikey convincing the 2 of you that we had to move on to the last song or you guys would have gone on singing it forever in your own little bubble, not caring what the world had to say about it."

I watched the video and immediately saw what Uncle Ashton was talking about. Dad was squatting next to a tiny me and we were looking directly into each other's eyes singing at the top of our lungs, Dad sounding absolutely flawless and me being surprisingly on point each time he tried change the pitch on me. I smiled and cried somewhat silent tears. They woke Dad up though, and he smiled while hugging me. I told him how sorry I was about being stupid and listening to the twins . He forgave me and we went to spend some father daughter time shopping in New York.

*****Skip To The U.S. Promo Tour End On The Ellen Show*****

The other interviews had been the same mostly, except you could tell that Dad and I had gotten as close as we used to be again. When 5SOS performed on a couple of them, we were occasionally asked to recreate that moment. It had become a very popular moment and the world couldn't seem to get enough of it. As dumb as that song is, I still enjoyed singing it with him because, like Uncle Ash said, we were transported to our own little world. It was just me and Dad and I would have sang that song forever if it meant that I got to spend forever with him. I'm getting ahead of myself though...

We arrived at Ellen's studio and I got to go out first this time. Dad said I had earned it after having to re-live that moment everyday for the past week and 3 days (Grandma extended the trip 3 extra days to give us more sleep time). I told him it wasn't so bad because I got to realise how cool my dad was again and he smiled and hugged me.

I got my mic set put on and walked out to the stage to my song playing. Ellen and I danced for a minute and then, laughing, we sat down and she began talking. "So, Lashton, that's a unique name, how did you end up with it?" "Well, my dad, Uncle, and their friends took advantage of Mom being under the influence of the epidural I think because my name is actually the ship name that the fans gave Dad and Uncle Ash when the band first started getting big all over the world. They thought I didn't know, but guess the cat's out of the bag now haha. They are just lucky that no one has ever made fun of me for it yet, well except for Uncle Ash's twin boys. You expect that kind of thing from family though so it's not a big deal."

"Yeah cousins can be pretty brutal sometimes, huh? So, you're breaking out of your normal 16 year old life of public school and all that to come into the spotlight like your father did. What made you decide to do that?" "I've always felt kind of..Uhm..out of place in the normal life, as you put it. It's not exactly all that normal for me. I used to go to a regular public school, but I hated having to walk around with security at all times. Dad is a bit over protective. Then it switched to this school that Dad had built for kids of celebrities and child stars. Right now it's basically just me and the rest of 5SOS's kids there, but now that we're getting the word out hopefully more people start enrolling. I have done that since I was 7 except for the months that 5SOS toured, then I was getting taught by a private tutor that used the materials you get for home schooling. Now I'll basically be doing that until I graduate high school."

"Busy, busy, busy! Hey, speaking of you turning 16, we didn't receive an invite to your big birthday bash! I'll forget that Porscha and I's feelings were hurt if you let us give you your present now." With that, she told me to close my eyes and count to 3. I got to 2 and someone popped out of her end table and yelled, scaring the shit out of me! Ellen and the audience were laughing and after I got over the initial shock and they replayed it, I joined them. The screen showed me jumping up in my seat while a string of cuss words flowed out of my mouth in a low voice. "Sorry, but as I'm sure you already know, it's a tradition here on my show to scare every celebrity that comes on this stage. We usually only do it once, but with a reaction like that we may have to do it to you again some time. Here is your actual gift." The doors at the side of the stage opened up revealing this gorgeous dress, shoes, and a tiara. "This is for your first awards ceremony. Porscha picked out the dress and shoes and I picked out the tiara because you are known as Australia's princess so it seemed fitting that you dress the part too."

"Oh my god! Thank you so much, I absolutely love it! I can't wait to show it off at this years first awards ceremony. Everyone's going to be so jealous." "You're very welcome. Now, I understand that your dad and his band mates are here as well. Let's bring them out after this break. I hear they have a special surprise for you. We'll be right back after this." As soon as the cameras turned off for the 8 minute break, I immediately began looking for Grandma. I was confused because no one had prepared me for this part. I had no idea what was going on, which is technically the whole point of a surprise, but to blindside me like this on national television was kind of mean of them.

When the cameras turned back on I quickly composed myself while they counted us back in. "Alright, before went to commercial, I mentioned that boys of 5SOS were also here with a surprise for the lovely Australian princess Lashton Hemmings. Come on out here boys!" They walk out onto the stage with Grandma and come sit next to me. Dad is the one that starts speaking first. "Lashton, honey, we actually have a couple of surprises. The first is that I just received a phone call from your mom. She just got out of one of her doctor appointments and found out were having twins! The second surprise is that, as you know, the MTV Music Awards are coming up in the next month. Since releasing your single to the world this past week, you have been nominate for 3 awards. They are Best Breakout Artist, Best Pop Female Artist, and Best Pop Song!" I was speechless. I ran and hugged him because I was so happy about it all. Ellen brought me back to reality after a few minutes, reminding me I still had to perform. I wiped my happy tears away and walked over to the stage on the side that her crew had set up for me and sang. Then, thanked her again, told everyone that they were leaving with tickets to my show in LA at The Forum and walked off stage. She interviewed 5SOS for a little bit and then we said our goodbyes to the Ellen show, picked up C.J. from the hotel, and went to the airport to fly back to Aussie.

I was ready to be back home in my bed getting some sleep before dance class tomorrow evening. I knew jet lag would have me sleeping through the night and most of the day tomorrow. I've learned that planes aren't as fun as I used to think they are. Oh well, at least I'd have a lot of energy to dance and Kenny would be happy. That was my last thought before I drifted off to sleep.

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