Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


3. Forgiveness/Party of a Lifetime

Lashton's P.O.V.:

The party was going great. By the time my parents and the other adults showed up, I had made my big entrance ( I rode in on a white horse to the song "Somewhere In Neverland" by All Time Low) and the first performer had already performed 3 songs. The first performer was All Time Low, I used my entrance song as a way to introduce them because I thought it was a clever idea. As soon as I saw my dad I groaned. He looked like he had been beating himself up over his little fit and I knew that my plan of avoiding him wasn't going to happen. I'd end up feeling guilty by the en of the night and go up to him anyways so might as well skip that part and do it now.

I walked down the stair case of the Cinderella castle to meet them. They had set my "throne" up there. As soon as Dad saw me, he rushed over and started apologising like crazy. "Dad it's fine I promise, but I do need to talk to you about C.J. So please follow me up here so that we can talk privately." I started ascending the stairs again with him following. When I reached the top I dismissed Serinity and her team and the 4 security guards that my dad insisted be next to my side at all times in case anyone tried to kill me (ridiculous, I know, but that's how he is). They looked at Dad questioningly, but, much to my relief, he nodded his head. He must know how serious I am about this. They left and I sat down and waited on Dad to sit in his seat next to mine so I could begin.

"Daddy, I know you don't like the idea of me dating, but I'm 16 now. I'm 2 years away from being an adult and I'm legally allowed to drive now that I have my license. You have known C.J. since the day he was born and you have always said he would make the perfect boyfriend and someday husband to a very lucky girl in the future. Why can't that girl be me?" I looked at him while he gathered his response. "Baby girl, when you become a mother year from now, you will understand how I feel about you. You won't want anything bad to happen to your children no matter how insignificant it may seem to someone else. Dating can be tough. Heartbreak comes with that and it's not something I want you to experience. I know that you're old enough and that you want to go on dates with boys and all of that, but I want you to be careful. Don't do anything you're not ready to do and don't let any guy pressure you into it. I'm going to let you date C.J., but I have one condition. You have to go with me to Hawaii for a week of father daughter bonding time since you won't have time to do anything with me anymore now that you have a boyfriend. I'm sorry for the way I reacted at the house. I didn't mean to upset you in any way and I feel like a complete jerk of a father. I love you Lashton, please forgive me" he said.

I let a silent tear fall down my cheek onto my dress as I looked at my dad. He thinks I'm not going to have time for the most important man in my life. I'll just have to prove him wrong. "Daddy I'll always make time for you, but I will go with you to Hawaii to make you happy too. You have just mad my entire birthday wish come true. I now have a sibling on the way and I get to be with my boyfriend officially and i couldn't be any happier. Thank you so much Daddy!" I hug and kiss him and then go and grab the microphone from the DJ as All Time Low finishes their set with "Kids In The Dark", say their shout out to me, and introduce Pierce The Veil. While they are setting up I make my announcement. "Hey everyone, can I have your attention please? Can C.J. Hood come up to the stage to me please?" I wait for him to get up the steps and stand next to me looking slightly scared and confused because my dad was still sitting next to me, smiling I might add. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so happy to announce that Mr. Hood here is officially off the market!" With that I had the mic back and kiss him while everyone claps.

A/N: sorry for the short chapters guys! I'll be writing longer ones I promise ☺️ what do you guys think of the story so far? Please comment, like, and favorite. Also let me know if there's anything you would like to see happen. I'm always up for fresh ideas and I'm trying to write a movella that's different than all the others on here ☺️sometime soon I'll be holding a contest for a co-writer. I look forward to hearing from you guys love ya 😍

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