Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


5. Being An Artist/Celeb Is Hard & Tiring Work

Lashton's P.O.V.:

I woke up to Serinity and CoCo saying my name and shaking me. I unlocked my phone to check the time, 6:30 in the morning, which means I got exactly 2 and a half hours of sleep. These 2 are crazy if they think I'm getting up now.

"Go away I'm sleeping right now!" "Oh no you're not, we have a meeting at 7:45 with your father and the other board members at the studio. Get up so Serinity can get you looking all fabulous." CoCo is so bossy sometimes, but I got up anyways because this meeting was very important. In my sleepy state, I had forgotten that today was the day we were going to figure out what songs were going to make it onto my first album. I had about 30 songs in my songbook and I love them all so much that it's going to be a difficult decision.

I was done getting ready by 7:10, so I decided to have my driver, Marcus, stop by Maccas for breakfast. We got the food pretty quickly, but got stuck in traffic and were almost late to the meeting. Thank god I had let Savannah and her dad talk me into joining the track team before they moved away. Because of my running skills, I made it into the conference room with a minute to spare and I didn't mess up my look in any way, thanks to that amazing hair spray Serinity swears by. Dad and CoCo didn't look that pleased with me though.

"Ok, now that the guest of honor has arrived, let's get this meeting under way. Luke, I believe the floor is yours" Uncle Ashton said, getting everyone's attention on the task at hand. "Right, so with you being a first timer, I'm going to explain the basics of how we as not only a band, but also your label, expect things to go. To be signed to this label is a big deal. We don't sign just anybody with a little bit of talent, so we expect nothing but the best out of you. You need to be punctual, respectful, and dedicated. Now this first meeting is to construct your album. We have looked over your songs and I'll pass it over to Ashton to go over the ones we liked the best."

"Well, Lashton, I want to start off by saying that you are an amazing little song writer. You take after your father so much and I know he is very proud of you. We chose 16 songs from your book to be on your first album. It was a very difficult decision for us because they were all so good. However, we did have to choose, so the ones that made the cut are 1. Savior, 2. Give Me Your Love, 3. Still Party, 4. For The First Time, 5. Confident, 6. Control, 7. Seventeen Forever, 8. Queen Of Hearts, 9. Same Old Love, 10. Lightning In A Bottle, 11. Boomerang, 12. Catch Me, 13. Don't Forget, 14. Freakin Me Out, 15. Lightweight, and 16. Here. What do you think of the line up we picked out?"

(A/N: obviously these are all songs that are sang by actual bands and artists. I, myself, suck at song writing so I thought for the sake of this movella I would just borrow theirs until I could perfect that art lol. Thank you all for the likes on this. I honestly didn't expect anyone to like it at all because I'm a shitty writer so I really appreciate it ☺️.)

"I love it actually. The song choices are a perfect mixture of feelings, which is how I wanted my first album to be. While it may seem sloppy, I feel it's truthful. We go through many emotions a day and I wanted an album that people can put on and listen to all day as it changes with them. I came here today thinking I was going to have to argue and reason with you guys to get the album to come out that way, but you get me so well. I couldn't have pictured a better lineup of songs than this" I said smiling. "Wow Lash, that was a very thoughtful statement. You are definitely ready to get into the business" Mikey said. I blushed and looked at my smiling dad. He was testing me when we first started the meeting and I passed. I could tell by the look he was giving me.

My thoughts were being interrupted by CoCo. "Alright boys, we can schedule her first recording session while she gets ready to leave to go to dance class for Descendants. We will have to hurry though because we have to be there by 9:15 and it is now 8:55 and we all know how traffic can be at this time." "CoCo is there no time for a 15 minute break today?" "Nope you knew what you were getting into when you came to me wanting to do this Lashton. I explained it all to you. I was going to wait until lunch time to tell you, but since it doesn't seem like your mood is going to change anytime soon, I'll just tell you now. You are wanted for a TV series called Sophie's Secret Life. It will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. and you will be taping every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 a.m.. It premieres in 3 weeks. This means that any recording should be done at 7:30 a.m.. That would mean we could record everyday and get the album out faster. Of course the second part of the day is going to be dedicated to dance class and promotion of the album, movie, and now TV series, not to mention the music video shoot you will have to do for the first single and the tour planning. I'll just have to get ahold of Kenny and see if we can get a later dance class time, which shouldn't be a problem considering your the star. I'm rambling, I'm sorry, but my point is that you aren't going to be getting much sleep or free time for a while missy. I'm talking like several months." While she was listing all of my job duties, I just kept thinking, "oh my god, I knew I was going to be busy, but I had no idea I was going to be this busy! How are C.J. and I going to be able to spend any time together?!?😞". Then, she snapped her fingers from the doorway, signalling me that it was time to go to dance class. I said goodbye to everyone and headed out to the car.

*****Skip Dance Class*****

We walked out of the dance studio and got into the car. My bad mood had been lifted because dancing always made me happy. Our next stop was MTV headquarters here in Australia to be featured on the MTV News. I found out that after that I would be catching a flight to England to do a few talk shows there and I would be back tomorrow in time for dance class, which was now set to begin at 6:30 p.m..

After dance class I was free again until the next day. Then I was going to be flying to the United States where I'll be doing talk shows and morning shows all over to promote the album. I don't have to do any movie promotions for at least a year and the TV studio doesn't want us doing any promo for Sophie's Secret Life until a week and a half before the air date. I got excused from dance class for the next week while I am on the promo tour in the U.S., but I still have to set time aside before bed to practice so I'm at the same level as the rest of the cast, so we are having every dance I'm in recorded so I can do that.

When I get back tomorrow, I'll have to make sure I find time to talk to Daddy though. Some advice on how to handle this crazy schedule would be great. I'm completely wiped out and it's only like 1:30 in the afternoon!

We are now on our way to the airport. The interview at MTV was going great until they went off topic. They were supposed to stick to my album, but somehow they found out about my mom's pregnancy. I didn't really feel comfortable putting our family business out there like that, so I just kind of stuttered at first. I managed to tell them they would have to ask my dad about it in his next interview if they wanted to know about it because that was more their business to announce to the world if they wanted them to know if it was true or not. I hope they just edit that part out.

I'm happy to get on the label's jet though. I'll finally be able to get a nap in before I go to the next stop. At this one I'll be performing the first single off the album. CoCo had been on the phone with Dad and the guys during the entire dance class and they finally all agreed that "Queen of Hearts" would be it. I smiled when she told me on our way to the car because that one was Dad's favourite so far, so I know he really pulled for that one. He usually gets what he wants on those kinds of things.

It didn't take any time to board the jet when we got to the airport. They ha been told to have it ready an hour in advance and it was stocked with all of my favourite snacks. I didn't touch any of it though, and went directly to the mini bedroom in the very back. I slept the entire flight. Being a celebrity's kid is hard work on it's own, but add becoming an actress and artist onto that and it becomes straight up exhaustingly hard work!

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