Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


9. authors note

Need to know who wants me to continue this movella. I have another one in the works called When I Woke Up. Il be publishing the first chapter tomorrow sometime. I promise it will blow you away. As always comment and tell me your thoughts. Feedback is always appreciated. ☺️

Also the reason it has taken do long to continue is because I have been having internet and phone issues. Luckily they are fixed now. Well, the internet issues anyways. I'll be more active now than before. I love this app and all of you lovelies who read my work. Have an amazing day or night depending where you are.

Fun little contest: comment your name and where you're from and I'll feature you in the next movella. You get free reign on your characters name who you want them to be best friends with and what they look like. I'll put the photo you provide in the chapter and all that. Winner will be announced on March 21st, my birthday.

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