Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


4. A Night I'll Never Forget

We released from the kiss, both smiling, and and sat down next to Dad to watch for a few minutes before joining the party down below. This was my party, but I felt obligated to include him too, along with the rest of my family. Serinity, her team, security, Mom, Uncle Ashton, Aunt Molly, Calum, Michael, and their wives had joined us by now and we were now just waiting on Grandma Liz, Grandpa Andrew, Uncle Ben, and Uncle Jack to show up. Grandma and Grandpa Irwin were stuck in New York on a business trip so they couldn't make it, but I had a live stream on twitter set up so that they could join in on the celebration with us. Grandma Liz and the rest of the Hemmings clan should be here anytime now because they text Dad and let him know they were close.

Dad pulled C.J. aside and reassured him everything was good between them and apologised which surprised me. I like this change in him. I'll have to thank Mom later. "Come on handsome, let's go greet the masses and dance till the sun comes up!" He laughed and we got to the first step before Serinity jumped in front of us and said "no way young lady! You have to get changed into dress number 2. Come on we're on a time schedule."

I was then whisked away inside the castle to my changing room. I groaned "Serinity!!! I was just beginning to enjoy my party!" "Don't pout Lashton, it's not very princess-like. Now someone get to work on her hair and make up while I go get the silver ball gown" she demanded. She can be so bossy sometimes, but this time I don't complain because the faster this gets done, the sooner I can get back to my prince and dance the night away.

Within the time frame of 10 minutes my hair and make up was fixed to match my dress and my hair was put up into a bun with my tiara perfectly positioned on my head. I walked back out to notice that the rest of my family had arrived and the third performer was on stage, which was none other than Becky G. Grandma Liz came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss and congratulated me on the boyfriend. I finished greeting her and the rest and looked to my parents, waiting for them to dismiss me, which they quickly did.

I found C.J. in the front row spot they had roped off for me, my cousins, and Calum and Michael's kids. Becky gave me a shout out like all the others have done and pulled me up on stage with her for her next song. "Okay birthday girl, a little birdie told me that you are now an actress and that you just got signed by your dad's bands record label, Hi or Hey Records. How bout you join me on this next song, "Lovin So Hard". What do you say?" "Of course I will Becky! Thank you so much!" With that she started singing. She sang the first verse, I sang the second verse and we sang the bridge and chorus together. I got down and she finished her set and then we had a short intermission from performances where I went back up to the throne and they put Grandma and Grandpa Irwin on the big screen and they watched me open up my gifts from my family. Grandma and Grandpa Hemmings got me a diamond encrusted guitar (absolutely love it!!!!), Grandma and Grandpa Irwin had overnight expressed their gift to me which was a diamond encrusted mic and mic stand to go with my guitar, Uncle Ben got me a $5,000 visa gift card to go shopping with (he has never known what to get me because I'm a girl and girls apparently confuse him. That's what my dad says anyways.), Uncle Jack got me a cute little Yorkie puppy that he had already taken to the house, Uncle Ashton and Aunt Molly got me all the things I would need to record songs myself in my bedroom, Jacob and Jason got me band shirts (typical them), Calum and Marissa and Calley got me a trip to New York Fashion Week, Michael and Meghan and the girls got me a new supply of make up and a leather jacket, and C.J. got me a bouquet of pink roses, a promise ring, and a night out to see our favourite band of all time, Falling In Reverse, who couldn't be here tonight due to already having a gig scheduled at the same time as my party 😭.

Next came my parents gift. Dad took the mic and said, "Alright Honey, your mom and I put a lot of thought into this gift. We didn't want to just do the traditional celebrity sweet 16 gift for you, so we had this completely customised for you. Look down into the street there and check out your one of a kind Lashton Marie Hemmings edition baby blue Ferrari convertible!" "It has everything you could ever want in your vehicle baby. We just know your going to love it" my mom finished. I squealed and ran and hugged everyone, giving them the longest hug ever partly because I was in tears from everything and that was only half of the gifts!

I ran down as fast as I could without tripping on my dress and looked inside the car. The drivers seat had Lashton embroidered on the head rest with a little crown sitting on the L. The dashboard had the message "this vehicle belongs to Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer's daughter. All passengers are required to not only obey all rules of the road, but all rules that Lashton makes, after all she is a princess!" I laugh and open up the glove box, because knowing my parents, they have hidden other gifts in here as well that are meant for my eyes only. I'm right of course and find a letter from Dad sitting on top of a locket. I put it in my clutch and lock the car up. I head up to my seat so that I can share the letter with my family and Dad can see my reaction to it.

I sat down in my seat and took out the letter and began to read:

Dearest Lashton,

Well today is your 16th birthday and I want you to know that I couldn't be more proud of the young lady you have become. It seems like just yesterday your mom came to me with tears of joy in her eyes, announcing that you existed. I went through quite a few emotions that day, which consisted of nervousness, fright, and then absolute joy. I was nervous because, like any other first time parent, I had no experience of raising a child. I was scared because I didn't want to fail you and I was in my insecure stage and I was only 21. Finally, I was happy because I was being blessed with a little part of me and a little part of your mother all in one human being. That, right there, is perfection in my eyes. That same night I proposed to your mom. I had already had it planned out for that night, your uncles were all in on it and had helped set everything up, but you added to the reason I wanted to marry her. The day you came into this world is one I will never forget. As soon as I held you in my arms, I started crying. You had me wrapped around your tiny little finger from that first second. I remember every midnight feeding, every nightmare and boo boo, every recital, every competition, every family vacation, every frown, every tear, every laugh, and every smile. I remember every milestone you have had in life. You are my pride and joy and I'm so happy to call you my daughter. You're an incredible human being and always think of others before yourself, which is why this day is our way of saying thank you for being you, for being so selfless, and for showing us everyday what it means to love so much that you would do anything and everything you could just to see a smile or hear a laugh. The car was only the beginning baby girl and I can't wait to see how you react to the other gifts. I realise that I'm taking you away from your amazing party so I'll wrap this up now. I love you and I'm sorry for making the start of the evening bad for you. Go kiss your man and listen to Jake Miller perform. I bet his set is about over so enjoy the rest of it and your party and I hope you get everything your heart desires.



I was bawling by the end of it, completely ruining my make up. I ran over to him and hugged him as tight as I could. By the look on Mom's and everyone else's faces, they had no idea he had done that, so he must have wrote it after getting here at some point and stuck it in there right before they brought the car out. Typical sneaky Dad. Grandma Liz grabbed his hand and rubbed circles on it, Mom and the other girls were crying, the guys were looking a bit shocked, and Uncle Ashton looked proud of his brother-in-law.

"Daddy you're the best dad a girl could ever even dream of having! Thank you so much for everything you do for me. I'm so proud to call you my dad because you have taught me so much. I know you will always be here for me, but I do want to request one thing from everyone that's standing right here with me. Can we all go on a giant family vacation without any sort of press anywhere near us. I want one day out of the spotlight to just be a normal family. It's the one thing I have yet to experience. I mean even on family holiday get togethers, there are reporters outside trying to get pictures and stories. Just one time, that's all I'm asking" I say to him. He smiles down at me and looks all around the room then back at me before nodding his head. I jump up and down in excitement and then Serinity whisks me away again to change into my third outfit of the evening as Jake Miller ends his set with "Rumors".

My third outfit of the night consisted of an exact replica of the ball gown Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast. My hair was put into loose spiral curls and the first 2 pieces were braided and pinned back with little daisies placed throughout the braids creating a flower crown. As soon as I walked out the crowd went crazy. I smiled and bowed to everyone and then grabbed the mic to introduce the next performer. "Hey Everybody! Once I announce our fifth performance you will laugh at that opening line I promise! These guys are a few people I hold very close to my heart. I've known them my entire life and I'm very proud and happy to say that one of them is my Daddy. Let's give it up for 5 Seconds of Summer!!!!!"

Everyone giggled at my little puns I threw in and screamed and clapped for the guys. I ran downstairs and got in my spot and watched them perform, singing along with every song and never taking my eyes off of Dad. They were the longest performance of the night (I mean how could I not give them the longest performance right?) and in the middle of their set they decided to play my favorite song, "Wherever You Are". When the beginning chords were played I smiled and Dad looked at me calling me up on stage. Calum and Michael smiled at each other and moved to the back with Uncle Ashton, giving us space. He handed me my new guitar and mic and mic stand.

As I started strumming along with them, the crowd grew silent and a spotlight was put on me. Up until tonight, no one had ever heard me sing except for my family, so I was still slightly nervous that no one would like my voice. Dad smiled at me, encouraging me to begin, so I started singing the beginning verse waiting for him and the other guys to chime in on the chorus. They never did though. It was just me while they played their instruments in the background, so I looked directly at C.J. and sang my dad's song to my mom to him. "Wherrrreeevvveerrrrr yooooouuuu aarrrrrreeee", I finished smiling.

Then I hugged Dad and started to get off the stage, but he called me back. "Lashton, don't go anywhere just yet please. We have a surprise for you and then we need you to join us on another song and I promise we will sing with you on this one." I returned to Center stage and patiently waited for them to get everything they needed for my surprise. About 5 minutes passed before they finally came back over to me and spun me around so I couldn't see what was happening behind me.

All of a sudden I was spun around to face none other than my favorite person in the whole world, my best friend over all my other friends, the only one I felt safe to confide in, Savannah Bieber (Justin's daughter of course). I squealed and ran to her, nearly knocking her over in the process. We hugged and then Dad said, "Now that you have said your hellos, will you and Savannah join us over here to sing "She Looks So Perfect"?" I quickly nod my head yes and we go over to him. I stand next to Dad, Savannah in between Michael and next to me. Dad starts out, I sing the second verse with Savannah, and the guys sing the bridge with Dad. We all sing the chorus of course.

When the song finished I hugged them all and Savannah and I returned to our reserved area rocking out to all their other hits including "Money", "Hey! Everybody", "Safety Pin", "Everything I Didn't Say", "Just Saying", "Heartbreak Girl", "Try Hard", and "Broken Home". They finished their set and we all walked up to the castle doors together. It took about 5 seconds for Serinity to notice me and grab me up for my 4th outfit change. Savannah went with me though, so I didn't complain too much.

We now had about 3 hours left of the party with only 3 performers and one outfit change left (thank god). I was now wearing a beautiful zebra print ball gown with my hair straightened and a bow stuck in it matching the dress as I walked over to grab the mic and introduce Sleeping With Sirens.

They performed about 3 songs, gave me a birthday shout out, and took a scheduled intermission so that we could cut the cake and Dad could give me my last big gift from him and Mom. All the performers came out and stood next to us while we cut the cake and Dad, Uncle Ash, Michael, and Calum sang happy birthday to me.

As the cake was being passed out, Dad came up next to me and pulled me away from everyone else. "Alright, so while the crowd is distracted, as you well know we kept the last performer a secret from you. That's not all though, along with this performer, we wanted to give you this privately." Suddenly Mom showed up next to him. He handed me a piece of paper with the drawing of a house on it. I soon recognised it to be a blueprint. It was at the end of the villa and took up the most room and was basically a smaller version of the Cinderella castle. I started crying, not able to believe my eyes. My daddy had recreated the building that held so many good memories with him for me. He seriously was the best father ever. "Daddy, Mommy, thank you guys so much! This has literally been the best birthday of my life and I can't wait to live in this when I turn 18. It's perfect and I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me." Then I hugged them and we went back over to everyone else.

Before the next performer could be announced, I was called back to the castle via the security team radio for my last outfit change. I was put into a dress that looked like it was made up of a million ice crystals and my hair was styled like Mal's during Ben's coronation in the first Descendants movie. When I walked back out everyone was silent. I couldn't believe that everyone was speechless all because of how I looked. It felt really good seeing that because no matter what everyone says, I don't think I look that great at all. It's something I've struggled with since I was like 10, which is when my cousins started bullying me.

I walked down the steps smiling as the last performance was introduced. "Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the amazingly talented Bea Miller!" All at once everyone ran to the stage, damn near trampling me. Dad almost had a heart attack until he saw security lifting me to safety. I was no longer able to be in the crowd below with my friends. I was okay with that though because we only had about 45 minutes left and I was beyond ready to go home. It's been an extremely long night.

Thankfully the party came to an end and I gathered all of my gifts and out them in the empty limo that my friends and I had taken and we all hopped in my new car. Mom and Dad went home before me to get a space cleared out to put everything till morning. By the time I ended up at the house, it was about 3:30 in the morning, so I literally just crawled under my blankets and passed out.

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