Last First Kiss

This fanfic is about the kids of the boys. It's probably not that great because I'm not the best writer but feel free to comment and tell me what ya think ☺️ love you guys!


1. Introduction/The Pre-Party Fiasco


Lashton Marie Hemmings is the daughter of Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer (obviously!!) and Carsyn Ashtyn Irwin-Hemmings. She is turning 16 today and, before you ask, yes her parents did name her after her father and Uncles ship name. That's right, Carson is Ashton's twin sister that was kept out of the spotlight until she got with Luke. Here's the basics, Ashton has a set of twin boys with his wife Molly Irwin (she started out as a fan) that bully Lashton because of her name and how the entire world treats her like an adorable little princess. Their names are Jake and Jason and they are 18. Calum has a son named C.J. (Calum Jr.) who is 16 and a little girl named Calley who is now 7 with his wife Marissa (also started out as a fan). Lashton has a huge crush on C.J. Michael ended up with 3 girls with his wife Meghan Trainor-Clifford. Tori is 19 and is the exact replica of Michael, Karly is 17 and is just like her mom, and Marly is 13 and likes to dye her hair, but acts like Lashton. They are best friends with Lashton and are almost always with her.

They all go to the same school. It's a special school for celebrity kids so that they don't get harrassed or trampled or anything like that. Lashton and C.J. have been secretly seeing each other while at school because Luke refuses to let his baby girl date in fear of her getting a broken heart. He's your typical over protective dad. The others didn't dare pair up in any way because their fathers had forbidden it...well except for Calum, he didn't care because he was pretty laid back. As if seeing each other at school wasn't enough, they all live right down the road from each other because their parents had bought an entire city block and made it into a sort of mini villa before they were born because they thought it would be cool. The guys haven't changed at all. They still go on tours and they still manage to come out with new music all the time. That's all the back story you need, let's get to the good stuff!

Chapter 1:

Lashton woke up from her nice deep peaceful sleep to her parents, Uncle Ashton, Jake, Jason, and Aunt Molly singing happy birthday to her. Luke held a cake near her face and told her to blow out the candles while smiling down at her. She made the wish she makes every year , to be blessed with a sibling and for her dad to lighten up and let her be with C.J. Then, she rolled out of bed and scurried to her closet to find something to wear while everyone cleared out of her room. Today was the day of her party and she couldn't be any more excited. Her parents had, of course, went all out and tonight was the hottest event of the summer. There was going to be 8 live performances, including 5SOS, 10 different kinds of cake, a full buffet, and the swag bags were filled with iPhone 7's, apple laptops, apple watches, tickets to every performers upcoming shows, the girls got their choice of outfit from all the top designers and make up, the guys got their choice of outfit from all the top designers and one of a kind Lashton customised Playstation 4s that came with 10 games. Over 3000 people were invited and it was being held at Disney Land (Luke insisted her sweet 16 be fit for a princess since that's the way everyone saw her) and everyone was to be dressed in formal attire.

(Lashton's P.O.V.):

I finally decided that I was going to just dress in sweats until the stylist got here to get me ready. She was supposed to be here within an hour because the party starts at 3 and doesn't end until 2 in the morning. Dad insisted that I have at least 5 outfits to change into during the party which meant that Serinity and her team would be with me the entire day.

I ran downstairs for breakfast. Mom made my favorite, peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. I hurriedly ate and ran to the living room to wait for things to start. I sat down next to my parents and smiled at them. "Hey baby girl we have some good news to tell you before everyone gets here and whisks you away to get ready for your big day" my mom says. Then my dad blurts out "You're going to be a big sister. We're having a baby boy!" Finally my wish came true! Well half of it anyway, this is going to be the best birthday ever! "Omg! Really?!? I can't wait I'm so excited! I've always wanted a sibling! I can't wait to tell everyone!" I exclaimed. We sat down dicussing names and all things baby and before we knew it, it was time to start getting ready and the door bell rang. I opened the door revealing an overly happy Serinity with a gift bag in her hand and her team following closely behind her as she entered and walked me straight into my room. She is like family because she has been my personal stylist since I was able to walk. She handed me my gift which I quickly opened, revealing a gorgeous diamond necklace, a tiara, and a framed piece of paper. I picked it up and looked at it more closely. It was not only a record deal that my manager and I had been working on, but also a starring role in the remake of the Disney movie Descendants (I decided to get into acting and singing about a month ago. My parents had actually put the idea into my head). I squealed in excitement and hugged her. Then I texted my manager, Coco, and thanked her. Then they started to make me into the worlds prettiest princess.

By the time they were done, I hardly recognised myself. I was in a pastel blue strapless dress that had a poofy skirt with matching ballet flats and matching jewelry. Serinity had them add the tiara to my hair, which was flowing down my back in loose beachy waves. I had the longest hair I had ever seen on anyone because my parents never let it be cut. It was down to my thighs now. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs where everyone was at that had been waiting for over 2 hours for me to be ready to get in the limo to go to the party.

When I arrived downstairs, the whole room gasped. Dad looked like he was going to cry (he is still way to soft to be punk rock, poor Luke 😞), Mom was already in tears hugging Dads arm, Uncle Ashton was smiling like crazy along with Aunt Molly, Jake and Jason looked really confused/stunned at my appearance (at least I know they won't be making fun of me tonight), Calum and Marissa were smiling, C.J. was looking at me in awe, Calley was clapping (she is adorable), Michael and Meghan were whistling (still a weirdo lol but I love him), and their girls were smiling and clapping and whistling. Talk about a major confidence boost ☺️.

Then, out of nowhere, C.J. did the unthinkable. He walked right up to me and kissed me in front of everyone! I was shocked to say the least. Dad looked like he was going to burn him alive with the glare he was shooting his way as Uncle Ash, Michael, my mom, and our security detail held him back. I grabbed C.J. and ran out to the limo with the rest of the gang following behind me (so glad I picked flats to wear and not heels). "What were you thinking?!?!?" I hissed at him. "That you look so beautiful and I needed to kiss you Lashton. That's what I was thinking. When you walked into that room, everyone else disappeared, leaving only you and me. I honestly couldn't control myself" he responded. "You could have waited until I sweet talked him tonight after he had had a few drinks" I mumbled, not even able to stay mad at him after that explanation.

I told the driver to head to the party because we were now already running late and I had received a text from mom saying to go ahead because the adults were discussing important matters, so that's exactly what we did. It was at least a 45 minute drive to the park and with all the drama that's bound to be unfolding as we speak, I just know it's going to be a longer night than I had expected. Note to self: avoid Daddy at all costs tonight and make sure C.J. does the same.

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