Love bleeds through

Jeff the killer, one of the most known creepypastas. He is a cold blooded killer, with no remorse for his victims. So what makes 15 year old Pandora any different? He tried to kill her, but couldn't, why? Maybe because she's alone, maybe because she doesn't care about life. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because she's broken, and the only one that can fix her is him.


7. Transformation

*Jeff's POV*


The weeks flew by while at Pandora's house, and we knew her parents would be back any day. We both worried about whether we should tell them about me or not. 

"Ugh, why is this so hard!" Pandora screamed in anger.

"Because I'm a psychic serial killer who is dating you." I said. She looked at me and glared.

"I know that." She growled and sighed, "Look, I'm sorry okay, but this is just stressful for me." She walked over and hugged me.

"Hey, hey, we'll get through this, as long as we keep our heads up and stay together, we'll be invincible, got it?" She giggled and hugged me tighter. "Wait..." She looked up at me with a concerned look on her face.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Well, I was just thinking, Slenderman has so much experience with magic, he could probably cast one that makes my face look normal to other people." She sat there thinking about it and smiled. 

"That's a great idea, let's go now!" We got our stuff together and were almost out the door when Pandora's phone began to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket and answered it and put it on speaker. "Hello?"


"Mom? Hi, is everything alright?"

"Yes, I was just calling to say that our plane will be landing and we should be home tomorrow, after you get home from school."

"Really? That's great!" 

"Well, that's all for now, I'll talk to you soon, by honey."

"Bye mom." She hung up the phone and we made our way to the mansion. When we arrived, we were surprised to be greeted by Slenderman himself. 

"Hello Pandora, what can I do for you today?"

"Hey Slendy, me and Jeff have been thinking lately, my parents will be coming home soon, tomorrow in fact, and were wondering if you had a spell or something that'd be able to mask Jeff's face, like an illusion, from other people's vision, to make him have a," She paused. "Normal looking face, I guess you could say." Slenderman sat in thought then snapped his fingers.

"I think I may be able to help you." He lead us upstairs to his spell room, the walls full of shelves of books upon books. He walked down to the end of the shelf and pulled out a book that looked to to be very old. It was very thick, with a leather covering, worn and torn, with the words, "Spells for the dark arts and others enchantments". He laid the book on the table next to him and opened it to a page with a picture of someone's face looking like another's. "Okay, come here Jeff." I walked over to Slendy while he read the page for the spell. Then he turned to me and said, "assomigliare a quello che una volta eri" I felt my face tingle and come over with a strange feeling. After it was over, Slendy showed me a mirror and I looked in it. What I saw was something I thought I'd never see again. My skin looked normal, not pale as it was before, with more color. The smile I had carved into my cheeks was gone without a mark. I brought my hand up and touched my face, to be surprised that I felt the scar when I touched my cheek. I looked over to Slendy with a confused look. "It's an illusion spell Jeff, it can only trick your eyes." I looked down and smiled. At least I won't have to loose my smile completely, I thought to myself. Pandora looked over at me and smiled.

"Well, you do look more normal." She said with a smile. I reached over and gave her a hug. I'll finally be able to go out in public with her without having to cover my face. I'll even be able to go to school with her. What a wonderful thought.

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