No One is Perfect

Life of Taylor isn't perfect at all she fights her fears and actions falling into pieces she tries and tries to build herself back up but falls once again. When a girl that is sad in the inside but happy and fearless on the out becomes best friends with her, her life may change and become better not perfect because no one is perfect they may think they are but they all have secrets of their own that doesn't make them perfect. This story is based on real people but not all real events about a journey through friendship, heartbreaks, finding yourself, depression, and hope.


1. Begins with a Flower

"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me" she picks the second to last petal of the flower and already knows that the last on is "he loves me not," she throws the last of what is left of the little yellow flower into the river watching it float off into the distance. The cool summer wind blew through her hair and the sun beating down on her skin as she laid on the grass under the big willow tree on top of the hill. The swing hung from the willow's strong branches swinging slightly through the winds and the creaks water running through the rocks crashing silently. She sat there thinking and taking in every detail of nature's beauties, she then heard bike tires coming up the path followed by strong thumping foot steps.

She closed her eyes taking in the sound imagining the best that could come out of what will happen next she opened her eyes to reveal her best friend Elijah he was tall with blond almost white hair and ice crystal blue eyes, he stared down at her smiling and offering her a hand. She took it gladly and he pulled her to his arms Elijah and her have been friends ever since kindergarten, he took her hand and lead her to the old wood swing and sat her there, there she swung up to the clouds Elijah pushing her more and more so she could touch them . But she knew she would never reach them but she still felt free and that she could do anything; fly like a bird with white gold wings and a shadow of bright beautiful light follows her as she flies. Elijah slowed the push and Taylor swung back down to Earth where birds die from the harms of the world sunken in the darkness of fear her free bird is now gone until the next day when it will return.

She hopped off and sat back down on the cool green grass and waited for Elijah to accompany her, this was their tradition everyday in the afternoon just before the sun went down and night fell among them they sat on top of the hill to watch the sun set. The sky no more than blue became an orange color with hints of red and pink the sun moved slowly leaving us in the night but comes again in the morning's sunrise, we waited and talked about our day passing time and as soon as the sunlight was on the horizon she prayed for the light to come back the next day. Elijah and Taylor watched the moon start to rise and bide their goodbyes, Elijah gave Taylor a kiss on the cheek which made her blush.

She grabbed her bike and left thirty minutes after Elijah left and she went home to the place of darkness where there will never be any light. The long trip took part of the night and as she arrives to her home she walked silently as possible in making no sound of herself hoping no one was awake. She hardly walked up the rickety stairs making creaking noises that were so loud she tried to be quiet but failed to do so her father called up to her from below with an empty alcohol bottle in his left hand and a belt in the other the smell of cigarette smoke off his shirt. He was drunk. She winced at the call of her name and turned to face her father,

"Father?" she said wincing again already feeling the pain yet to come to her. He beckoned her forward and she obeyed taking slow silent steps toward her father.

"Where have you been it is after dark and you know the rules yet you keep disobeying the rules I lay out for you why is that?" his eyes burning into my skin waiting for his answer. She closed my eyes ready to speak up to him but inched back down afraid at what he would do to her if he heard her answer.

"Well are you going to give me an answer or have me stand here all night wasting my cigarettes?" She winced again and tried to manage to form words.

"I-I was out with E-elijah" she whispered his name toward the end of what she had said to him looking down at her feet tears threatening to pour from her eyes,

"With whom?" he said now angrily this had scared Taylor her father's angry voice because after her father's anger comes rage comes right after and pain is left for Taylor. She tried again to say what she had said a little more confidently this time,

"I was with Elijah" she was proud that she spoke up but was frightened at what her father would do to her for her answer she shrunk down again ready to crawl back into her shell of darkness. A hand came down hard against her cheek and she crumpled back knocking over the vase her grandmother gave to her father before she died breaking it into same pieces reminded Taylor of her happy memories before her mother had died.

She started to cry when the glass dug into her knees and hands she quickly got to her feet and shrunk back from her drunken father. He wiped out his belt and slapped it hard on her legs and back she yelled in pain and her father covered his free hand over her mouth telling her over and over again "Shut up you slut, shut up" she winced again and a bottle came from behind her smashing to bits on her head throbbing in pain everything went black.

Laying in the glass tearing at the skin under her legs and arms, she opened her eyes and her father was gone blood was all over the floor Taylor quickly to the kitchen grabbing the broom and a rage to wash the blood up. She sweeped quickly and cleaned up the last of her blood that already left stains on the floor she sighed and walked over to the garbage dumping the bits of glass from the vase. She cried silently at the pain of the lose of blood and having a father who abuses her, she walked into the living room and her father laid there on the arm chair paced out. Taylor quickly went up the stairs and locked herself in her room she grabbed a clean change of cloths and undressed the blood filled ons and hopped in the hot shower.

The water beating down on the wounds pain rippling through her the stinging pain was worse when soap touched her torn skin she yelped silently hoping her father didn't hear her. She finished cleaning up the marks and bruises with concealer and kept her long red hair down covering more of the scars from before, she wore a blue sweater with white jeans and dark brown combat boots. She grabbed her school bag and quickly ran out of the house to her bus stop. The cool air stung her face and she shivered when it traveled down her back she waited while watching her neighbors kids play in the fallen leaves of Autumn's welcoming the orange and red leaves blowing above and falling in her hair. She saw the bus turn the corner and stopping in front of her.

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