My name is Firewolf, and I'm a warrior from Thunderclan, though my father came from Shadowclan. Out here, without a shadow of a doubt, you have to be brave and say what you feel, or you'll never make it. This is my life as a Warrior Cat. You will see my triumphs and my defeats along my path in this unforgiving world, and as well see how my friends either succeed, or fail and perish along the thunderpath of life it is in this place.


4. 4.

-------------- ( Flashback)

" Halt!" Shouted someone behind us. We turned to see a Thunderclan patrol, their eye's blazing with fiery at the thought of other clan cat's crossing onto their land. They probably thought we were stealing their food, which I had often heard the Shadowclan warriors complain about. They stepped forward menacingly, and I arched my tiny back, hissing. We we're in big trouble.



" What are you doing on Thunderclan territory?! Who is this?!" Asked the large brown cat at the head of the group, sweeping his tail towards we're I crouched, hissing and flexing my claws. " She doesn't smell of Riverclan! She's Shadowclan." He finished, and the gleam in his eye told me they thought that Riverclan was stealing kits from Shadowclan. Just the thought of it! Birtchwing leaped across the river and stood beside Hollystream, the fur on his back bristling in anger. " You thought we stole her?!" The cats ignored him and came closer to me, watching the two Riverclan cats out of the corner of their eye's. They we're wary, and they had a right to be, as this is their territory we've trespassed on.


Even so, as they drew closer, I hissed at them in fear, though I don't think they we're afraid of the tiny kit that stood before them. At only half a moon, it's a wonder I'm talking already. Instead, they looked curiously at me, slowly stepping forward. Hollystream hissed and leaped at them, landing so I was hiding underneath her soft belly fur. She slid out her claws and growled, " Don't you dare hurt her! It's not her fault! She was dumped into the river by Brinksire, the Shadowclan warrior, and I had to rescue her!" She wrapped her tail around me protectively, her feathery tail making me want to sneeze. They look at each other, seeming to wonder if this was true. I shifted my paws in the snow, wanting nothing more to be sleeping in a nice warm den right now. . .


" You must leave Thunderclan territory, but first, is what you say true? Even Shadowclan can't be as merciless as that." Ask's a black and white cat with one brown paw, her eye's wide with the thought of any clan trying to murder a kit. " No! I saw the entire thing! They're telling the truth! That's why I came to get you!" Say's the young grey and white apprentice next to her, and he's silenced by a harsh glare from his clanmates. " Are you saying that this young apprentice is lying? Because I saw everything as well." Say's a orange cat with faint stripes, her green eye's large and questioning. She leaps up beside Birtchwing. I sniff her curiously, and the smells of Riverclan drift off her. ( Yes! That's Tigerfang. She will appear again later in the story.)


The cat's glance at each other, then the large brown cat steps forward and motion with his tail for us to follow him. " I'm taking you to Wingstar. As much as I hate Riverclan cat's on our territory, this is very serious. This young kit's life was almost taken, and Shadowclan's been stepping way too far over boundaries- and not just hunting ground ones." And with that, he led us further into Thunderclan territory. If I only I knew he wasn't only doing that- He was also leading me into my new home.


The smell of Thunderclan overwhelmed my senses, and the hard packed ground of Shadowclan was nothing like the soft, moist soil that sank beneath my paws now. The large brown cat kept his nose pressed against my flank as I scurried along, flicking my tail nervously.  I was much smaller than all the cats and I had great difficulty keeping up. Just as my paws started to throb, we came up to the Thunderclan camp, and I sat down gratefully just inside the entrance. 


" Wait here." Say's the large Thunderclan tom, and  he bounds toward a large tree with a cave-like entrance. The young grey and white apprentice bounds after him, leaving me with the Riverclan cats and female Thunderclan warrior.


She looks down at me with wide, kind eye's. " Don't be afraid little kit, we will make sure your safe. I'm Morningfeather, and that was Longpaw. Pay no mind to him or Mudpelt." She say's, reassuring Hollystream and Birtchwing as well as me. The large brown warrior must be Mudpelt. He comes streaking back across the clearing with Longpaw and what I suppose is Wingstar. When I see the bright yellow star on her left shoulder, I know she is the leader. Slowly, cats start coming out of their dens to see what's going on. I cower away from their questioning stares as she comes closer.


" What is the meaning of this?! What are these Riverclan and Shadowclan cat's doing here?" She ask's, coming to a full halt in front of us. Morningfeather leans into me. " That's our leader, the black cat next to him is our deputy, Nightfoot." She say's as Nightfoot starts addressing his leader. " They found them at the edge between Riverclan and Shadowclan." He finishes. All eye's drift towards me, and I cower back under their harsh stairs. I can't help but remember the warm, nice nudges and licks I received in my dream- and it was hard to accept the reality that the real life's cold, hard looks I was receiving now are nothing like that great dream.  


Wingstar had a thoughtful look on her face, dark clouds of curiosity swirling in her eye's. " Her own father tried to kill her?" She asked, looking at his deputy. Nightfoot nodded, and a couple strangled cries rose from the group of cats. " Then we will mention this at the next gathering. For now, Shadekit will need a place to stay." She turned to Hollystream and Birtchwing. " Thunderclan would like to take in this young kit. Now, you must return to your own territory." She told them, her voice letting on that this was the end of the discussion. Hollystream looked as though she was about to argue, then relented. She nodded, then the sun down patrol escorted them back to Riverclan territory.


Wingstar bounded over to the highrock and leaped up, settling on top of it, her tail neatly wrapped around her paws. The cats went over and settled beneath her, and I felt someone nudging me along until I was sitting just below the rock. All eye's were watching their leader or me expectantly, and I the feel of so many cat's eye's on me started to make me slight dizzy. " Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey please gather beneath the highrock for a clan meeting." Wingstar's voice sounded out, and more cat's started streaming out of the den's that surrounded the clearing.


" This young Shadowclan kit was thrown into the Riverclan stream, headed for sure death, by her father, Brinksire." Cries that nearly shook the ground were brought up at this, and I flattened my ears against my head to ease the ringing. One brown and black striped cat leaped to his paws, " Kill him! We must attack Shadowclan before any more kits are murdered!" He yowled, and shouts of agreement rose from the group, though some cat's were glancing around, unsure. 


Wingstar raised her tail, calling for silence. Once the nervous chatter had died down, she spoke again. " I will talk with Shadowclan at the next gathering. For now, this young kit will stay as a full member of Thunderclan." No one protested, and she carried on, " Shadekit, you are too young to be an apprentice, but I would like to give you your new name. I say this so that Starclan may hear and approve of my choice; this kit shall from now on be known as Firekit, until she receives her apprentice name.  Her will to survive burns like fire deep within her. We shall hope that this is a fire that will never be put out." Yowls of, " Fierkit! Firekit!" rose from the clearing as I was guided towards a den.


"My name is Whitetail. This is the nursery." Say's the nice white cat behind me, following me in. I'm greeted with the sight of newborn kit's snuggled up next to their mother, and five larger kits about a moon old come bounding up to me. The smaell of whitetail mingles around two of the kits. " Hi! I'm Windkit, and this is my brother, Largekit." Say's the Grayish/ white kit in front of me. Her brother, a yellowish brown cat, is very big. Clumsy too. He stumbles over his paws as he comes up to sniff my face.


" And those are Sunkit, Spiderkit, and Smokekit." Sunkit is big and yellow, and spiderkit's pelt is decorated to look like black spiderwebs. Smokekit, a handsome ( what?) smoky/ black colored kit, gently nudges my cheek with his muzzle. All three smell of the brownish colored queen snuggled near the newborn kits. Whitetail herds us to the far side of the den, snuggling us close to her. My fur has dried by now, and I barely hear them as she say's, " This is your new sister. You will treat as though she is truly your kin." And my new brother and sister mew their greetings. 


I'm already fast asleep, feeling loved for the first time.






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