My name is Firewolf, and I'm a warrior from Thunderclan, though my father came from Shadowclan. Out here, without a shadow of a doubt, you have to be brave and say what you feel, or you'll never make it. This is my life as a Warrior Cat. You will see my triumphs and my defeats along my path in this unforgiving world, and as well see how my friends either succeed, or fail and perish along the thunderpath of life it is in this place.


3. 3.

I felt shame grow in me for not recognizing their scent sooner. A clan cat must be aware and ready at all times, and I feel like I've just broken the warrior code by not being so. Being so reckless could cause my death, which could result badly for my clan, although sure they won't miss me since they've been trying to finish me off since I was born. I'm startled out of my thoughts by the water shifting direction, causing the chunk of ice I'm balanced on to lurch and throw me back into the hungry jaws of winter cold water. Yowling once more as I hit the current, I fight to keep my head above the surface, but the current is too strong. I'm practically swallowed hole, and was about to be thrown back under the water, surely to my death, when I feel strong jaws grip my neck and lift me out of the water.


 The cat leaped over to the other side of the river onto another clans territory, though I'm not sure witch one, soft jaws place me gently on solid ground, and for a second I start to lean into my rescuer, but then I remember that this is still an enemy, and I leap away. " It's alright, little Shadekit. I'm Hollystream, and I'm not going to hurt you. And this is Birtchwing." Say's the she-cat in a nice, warm gentle voice. She swipes her tail toward the old male cat watching us on the other side of the river, and I can't help thinking Birtchwing suits such a feathery cat. 


Hollystream flicks her tail once more at the old cat, and he finally nods his head in greeting. Hollystream shakes her head. She shakes herself, sending icy water spraying everywhere. I wince, looking up at her with eye's wide with fear. " How do you know my name? Why did you rescue me?" I ask, nearly bubbling at the surface with many more questions. I'm shaking so much from fear and cold, it's a wonder I haven't started an earthquake. Hollystream gazed down at me, and for a second her soft, blue eye's hardened. 


" We have been watching you since Brinksire stepped onto our territory. And I rescued you because I'm a medicine cat. I will not watch any cat die in vain." She looked down at me, her face still hard with the protectiveness of her clan that burned inside her, like it does with every clan cat. The old brown tabby called across the stream, " I smell the Thunderclan patrol! Come over here quickly." He called, and Hollystream lifted her muzzle to the air. "Come, he is right. We must get you warm, and off Thunderclans territory." She said, starting to turn around to wade into the stream, content on crossing the border onto her own land.


I hesitated, remembering my dream now. Yes, it's there. Every detail of it. Am I really supposed to belong to Thunderclan? Images of Thunderclan's kindness swam through my head. Then I saw Hollystream, her kind, wise face and soft, warm eye's. How could I leave her, after she had been so kind to me, a kit of an enemy clan. Should I really go to Thunderclan as my new home, just because of a dream? I shook my head, and slowly put a paw step forward.


" Halt!" Shouted someone behind us. We turned to see a Thunderclan patrol, their eye's blazing with fiery at the thought of other clan cat's crossing onto their land. They probably thought we were stealing their food, which I had often heard the Shadowclan warriors complain about. They stepped forward menacingly, and I arched my tiny back, hissing. We we're in big trouble.



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