How to Love a Bad Boy

Four girls going to a boarding school in Australia. Here's the question: Are they good girls or bad girls that haven't been caught?

Four boys that always pushed everyone away. Why? Will it end? Only time will tell.

Main writer: MRS.HOOD (Abby)
Editor: Ros H.
Person who does nothing and is just there (-.-) : Torre Langan


1. Who Are We?

Hi! I'm Abby Styles. I have two brothers, Kane and Harry. Harry is the oldest, then Kane. I live with the two of them. Harry is our legal guardian because our parents died in a car crash a few years ago. But, there are things people don't know. Harry forced Kane to sign a contract a year ago. Then me and my three friends, Rozy, Torre, and Vikki had to. Harry didn't tell us what it was about. After we signed it, he let us read the contract. It said that we where in The Brother Blood!

So now you know a little about whats going on lets get to the introduction. I am a red head with dyed tips and blue green eyes. On the outside I am sweet, beautiful, and shy, but bold, reckless, and can be very hyper on the inside. There is another side to me that very few people know about. So, yeah! I am a very mischievous, smart, pretty, a book worm, and 16. I go to school in Australia. You will find out why later, but i was born in Oklahoma. I also a loner

Hi. I am Rozy Horan. I am 17 and I have blond hair with green eyes. I'm a smart nerd and a geek. I'm obsessed with anime and video games and I am overwhelmingly nice and innocent. I also like math. I go to school in Australia, but i was born in Oklahoma. I'm in The Brother Blood, but when we signed up, we had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. 

Hi, I am Torre Thomlinson. I am book smart and I am really shy. I love to read and I am really smart. I can get really excited but also be really chill. I am a bleach blond with blue grey eyes. I love to hang out with my three friends, Abby, Rozy, and Vikki. I am 18, and  I was born in Oklahoma, but I go to school in Australia.

Hi! I am Vikki Payne. I am 17 and I am a green eyed blond with black highlights. I am funny and great to hang out with. I am not shy, but at the same time I am. I am smart and pretty. I love to hang out with my friends. I was born in California, but my family moved to Oklahoma. I go to school Australia with the other girls.

A/N: This is my second movella and I am writing both of them at the same time so sorry if its a bit crappy.


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