How to Love a Bad Boy

Four girls going to a boarding school in Australia. Here's the question: Are they good girls or bad girls that haven't been caught?

Four boys that always pushed everyone away. Why? Will it end? Only time will tell.

Main writer: MRS.HOOD (Abby)
Editor: Ros H.
Person who does nothing and is just there (-.-) : Torre Langan


2. The Guys

Hi, I am Calum Hood. I have done some bad things with my three friends, Luke, Michael, and Ashton. It was after school when Landon Styles came up to us. We where known as the bad boys of the school. We got kicked out of two schools already. For what I will not say, but anyway, we where sitting outside when Landon came up to us. He asked us if we wanted to join Brother Blood. This was before we met the loves of me and the guys' lives came along, so of course we said yes. So, we had to go through a lot of training. This is or junior year, so we had to report to Landon ever week for our assignments. I didn't care, because I had nobody left except for the guys. I always had a soft side, I've just always tried to push it away. It's safer if people just stay away from me, especially now that i am in Brother Blood. I only let the guys in. We all feel the same way. We find it easier to push people away. But, when they came, I fell. And, boy, did I fall hard. The girls, now, they where persistent. They wouldn't quit trying to hang with us. I didn't understand why they tried so hard. They wore all dark colors and they had piercings and tattoos like us, but I didn't want them to get involved with Brother Blood. I had no idea why they're here. I was curious, seeing as they all came from America, but they didn't come to study abroad, and their families didn't move here with them. I knew who ran Brother Blood. It was these four guys, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson. We all new they had siblings, but the only one that us guys new was involved was Kane, and we've only met him once. I will find out the truth about these girls I know I will

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