How to Love a Bad Boy

Four girls going to a boarding school in Australia. Here's the question: Are they good girls or bad girls that haven't been caught?

Four boys that always pushed everyone away. Why? Will it end? Only time will tell.

Main writer: MRS.HOOD (Abby)
Editor: Ros H.
Person who does nothing and is just there (-.-) : Torre Langan


5. Lunch

Calum's POV

I was walking to lunch when I saw the guys. They where talking about three new girls. I thought back to the girl I was going to fight today at lunch and I called to the boys. Might as well have them there.

"Hey guys. I am fighting a new girl today will you come out and watch?" They weren't surprised, as we fight girls a lot because of Brother Blood.

I walk out too see her with three other girls. Two of them have stares that could kill and the third looks as if she had better things to do.

Torre's POV

I was walking around when I get a call from Abby asking us too come to school. We didn't want to (except for Rozy) but because we are good friends we did. I walked in and I saw this really cute boy with galaxy colored hair. I wish I could date but I can't. I have no other choice but to hate him, even though it pains me to think about that.

Abby's POV

I walk out with Torre, Vikki, and Rozy following close behind me. Torre and Vikki look ready to kill someone at any moment, But Rozy looks like she would rather be reading Paul and Danny fan fictions. We walk out and I stop in front of Calum.

"I told you to come alone."

"I don't care. So are we gonna fight or not?" He hesitated, so I took the chance to swing. I landed a punch right where I wanted, where the sun doesn't shine, turned and walked away. He fell to the ground in pain.

"Don't mess with me or you will deal with all of us next time," I called over my shoulder.

Rozy's POV

I was so bored. The whole time I was there I couldn't looking at the boy with the lip ring. I would way rather be reading Danny and Paul fan-fics right now.                                                          

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