How to Love a Bad Boy

Four girls going to a boarding school in Australia. Here's the question: Are they good girls or bad girls that haven't been caught?

Four boys that always pushed everyone away. Why? Will it end? Only time will tell.

Main writer: MRS.HOOD (Abby)
Editor: Ros H.
Person who does nothing and is just there (-.-) : Torre Langan


4. First Day

Abby's POV


When I woke up this morning I took a shower. I gazed at myself in the mirror. You know what? I'm feeling pretty spontaneous today, so I died my hair purple. I went to my closet to get dressed (to see outfits go to polyvore and follow my account band_7_life). I get in my black converse and grab my Batman bag. I grabbed my skateboard and head out the door. It was still really early, and the girls are still probably at home, but whatever, I went anyway. We started school today. I don't know about the others. Strangely they weren't there. Rozy would never miss school. Now, me on the other hand, that's another story.

So, I skateboarded into the school yard and I saw a lot of people. I don't really enjoy socialization, unless it's with my three best friends. I walked into the office and asked for my schedule.

"Name please," the woman at the front desk asked.

"Abby Quinn." Me and the others can't use our real names because of the contract.

The woman nodded and handed me my schedule. She looked like she was afraid of me. I was used to it, though, what with my peircings and tattoos along with my new purple hair. I was reading my schedule when a tatted, pierced boy walked in.

"You wanted to see me?" I could hear the annoyance in his voice.

"Yes," she said. "I want you to show Miss Quinn around."

He turned to me. "Hey. I'm Calum."

"Whatever," I mumble as I walk around him. I go to my locker and grab my math book. I hate math with a fiery, burning passion. I walk to the class that my schedule says is first period. The teacher at the desk told me to take an open seat. I turn an look around until I see a desk at the back of the room. I walked up to it and put my textbook down. I sit and a girl turns to me.

"You know, that's Calum's seat." She said with a worried look.

"Does it look like I care?" My tone was filled with aggravation.

"Um, no--"

"Then leave me alone." I turned back to the front when he walked into the room. It's the guy from earlier. He looked pissed, but then it dawned on me. He is Calum. I mean, he's not too shabby on the eyes if you know what I mean. Wait. I can't be crushing on people now! Snap out of it, Abby! He walked up to me and handed me a note. It read:

Meet me behind the cafeteria at lunch. Come alone.

Well, okay then. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

Calum's POV

She's really hot, but dammit. I can't date anyone right now. She really pisses me off though. This calls for a fight. She has no clue what she is getting into, but then again I kinda just want to figure her story out. Dammit! Stop it Calum, you can't think things like that. Not anymore. Ugh.

A/N: There's more coming don't worry, I just need to do some homework now. :)

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