Beyond Galaxies

I'm living in a world where aliens have half the day and we have the other half. All because something happened to their planets and instead of killing us they came to agreement. They give us a serum to put us to sleep to make sure we keep our side of the deal. But what happens when the serum doesn't work for you one night? What happens when you find out your world is in danger? What happens when you're probably the only one who can legit save mankind? What happens when the person your falling for is not annoyingly a jerk but the prince of aliens? More importantly what happens when you realize the alien's don't want half the day anymore? Let me tell you...only one answer .
And i'm in the middle of it.


1. Awaken

Being awake in a room full of aliens was so not good. Especially since you are not even supposed to be awake and they are basically talking about killing each other.

“Casper! Please we do not want to start a war.” A girl voice pleaded.

Okay so let me explain this whole alien thing. A long time ago we had 9 planets. All of them had aliens on them except planet earth. But then something weird started  happening with their planets causing everyone to be sick. After a while their planet began to dissolve so they evacuated to planet earth. A huge war broke out because everyone wanted to claim earth. The set of aliens that won that battle was from planet Jupiter. The humans here made a compromise since they didn’t want any more deaths. We have half the day and they will have the other half. Not trusting that we will stay to true to our compromise we had to be injected with a monthly serum so as soon as it gets dark we are in deep sleep until the crack of dawn. Anyone who disobeys this rule will either be out casted or executed.

Guess who didn’t want that? Me. So I was going to stay put with my eyes closed. I just got my serum like 3 days ago. I wonder what happened?

“Patience Cam. I do think it’s working.” He whispered.

“She’s not the princess. How do you know smartass?”  She asked bored.

“She’s not sleeping.” He stated amused.

Oh my god.

Are you telling me that aliens have some weird mojo that can tell when humans are awake? Kill me now.

“Her eyes are closed.” The girl pointed out.

“Yeah but her eyes are twitching, her heart is beating faster, and her breathing pattern is not the same. I’m pretty sure she can hear me right now because as soon as I said she wasn’t sleeping  her heartbeat started pumping faster. Plus I think she blushed.” He said snorting.

“Caz stop messing around!” The girl protested.

“Look she’s awake. Let’s see if she has the balls to open her eyes.” He said chuckling.

“This is not funny! She needs to be the princess because if not we are screwed.  Someone needs to lead the humans.” The girl snapped.


“Maybe she need’s some motivation. Pucker up sweetie. I’m going to kiss you.” He said amused. Yup that was all the motivation I needed  because my eyes opened so fast to only see him not even leaned toward my lips.

As if he knew that would do the trick.  These people didn’t look like aliens. In fact they look just like all humans but more prettier. The boy has a huge crown on his head, it was supported by his curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and pink lips. The girl has a tiara on her head with gems all over it, she has short wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and blood red lips. They both peered down at me.

“I. Don’t. Mean. No. Harm.” The alien boy said slowly.

The girl looked at him annoyed. “Caz! She’s human not brain dead.”

He laughed. “I know. Just annoying her. Let’s cut to the chase. You know how all aliens have kings, princesses, princes, and queens on each planet?”

“No?” I asked as I sat up.

“Well we do. Same thing goes for your planet. Your father and mother was killed by my kind when they found out. Somehow someone disguised you and raised you as their own. Even giving you stronger doses of the serum so you would go to sleep. But I checked all of your family female girls and purposely gave them a little less of the usual serum. They went to sleep earlier but  you…didn’t.” He said looking me over.

“Listen I know this may sound crazy. But another war is going to start if we don’t get someone in the day to warn your people.” The girl said.

“Warn them of what exactly? And I’m not the leading type. I read books, stay on my computer…sure you got me mixed up with someone else?”

“She can’t be her… she’s everything a leader is not.” The girl said disgusted.

Well, thanks.

“Cam.” He said and sighed.

“Her world is going to over soon and the princess of this world is a total wimp. How is she going to take on her kind if she’s not so sure of herself? This world is filled with weaklings. I tried brother but this? Is one sorry excuse for a princess.” She said and stormed out of the room.  I couldn’t believe any of this. So who was the people I called parents in the next room?  I sighed because it wasn’t even twenty minutes and I already pissed of the princess of Jupiter.

“Look to summarize what she said we need to work together. The serum is not for what you think it is." Caz said looking at me.

“What? It’s suppose to keep us out of your way…”or what you think it is. During night time we can control what your bodies do and you won’t have any memory of it.” He said quickly as he armed himself with guns.

“That’s what they want you to think. But little do they know if they take over Earth and kill all the humans this planet isn’t going to survive. Don’t you wonder how our planets dissolved and end up putting a plague? We release gases on a planet! But too much can make the planet turn against us. If they take over both of our kinds are going to be extinct.” He said and handed  me a gun.

“I don’t know how to use guns! And if you know this how come they don’t know this? I’m pretty sure they would want to live forever.” I complained.

He gritted his teeth as he put a back pack on his back.

“Yeah but they are going to test the theories they have after they exterminate all of the humans.”  He cracked his knuckles and called out to the girl.

“Cammy! Let’s go. That’s my sister. We got 3 hours until dawn.” He said looking at his watch.

I can’t believe I was going to enter a war unfreaking trained with people who have inhuman strength.

I guess Cammy saw my distressed look because she rolled her eyes. “Just pulled the trigger. Kill as many as we can. We need to shut the serum off.”

“I know you need to pull the trigger! But hello! I’m human. I’m going in…”

An arrow came through my window and it was on fire folks. On freaking fire.

“Time to grow some balls now sweetie. Shoot for the heart and keep running. We are racing to the red box located in the glass building in Madison gardens. I mean you live in Manhattan so this will be interesting.”

“Kill them!” A booming voice ordered.

This must be a dream. I so would like to wake up now. I pinched myself. Not working.

"Hurry up before dawn. Make it quick people.  Drag them out the house." A man ordered.  Suddenly people...well aliens were coming through my window.

Caz took out a gun and began firing. He grabbed my hands and his sister and shut the door. 

He said a few words and a door popped up on my floor. Swearing when he heard the door almost getting knocked down he opened it and ushered me and his sister inside. Saying a few words the door above us disappeared.

Then he turned on the light. Everyone gasped.

"Yeah surprisingly the princess of planet earth is a human." Cammy said not hiding her disgust.

"But she can easily be killed!" Someone shouted.

"Yeah  Earth has no chance. She's nothing but skins and bones. Plus she's small. Let's start planning funerals." 

A boy muttered from beside me.

Well, they had no little faith. Caz watched all of this amused.

"I say let's not judge a book by it's cover. Cliche I know. But give the human a chance. We weren't able to shut down the serum. King Mark has his trail covered. We tried to do our part during the night." Then everyone's eyes in the room looked at me.

"What?" I asked nervously.

"We need you to do your part during the day." He said frowning.

"ugh? Are you insane."

"You need to warn your people. Your life and your planet depends on it.  Sweet dreams princess."

I wasn't able to process what he meant because he kissed my forehead and then everything went black.

Whoever told you that being a princess rocked.

They are lying. 

It sucks butt.  It was the last thing I thought before I felt myself drifting.



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