Short Life in London - One Page Short Story [READ SUMMARY]

A young girl named Emily J. Hearthsworth lives in London. But during a perilous time. It's WWII and bombs are dropping nearly every day. Find out what happens in this one page short story.


1. The Beginning of the End

    I heard my Mom calling.

    “Emma! Emma! Emma get up breakfast is ready!”

    Breakfast? But… I’m not at home…

My eyes opened and I felt myself being tugged upwards by some unearthly strength. I suddenly hear a voice and my mouth responds without my thinking.

    “Emma! I thought I told you to get up early today!”

    “Sorry, Mum. I had a busy day yesterday, with the house cleaning and such.”

    “Well get up, we have a busy day today as well.”

    “Oh boy…”

So, I guess another busy day, today’s Saturday right? Make that another busy week. I can never have a break from anything busy and hectic. The only relaxation I get is when I sleep. And I can barely do that due to the hundreds of bombs falling upon my country. Yes, bombs. We are in the middle of the second World War. My life is very crazy. Pretty much every day my life is risked trying to get everyone into the shelter, including myself.

“We have to do the dishes, take your brother to school, and bathe, we have a visitor coming.”

“A visitor?” I responded very bleakly.

    “Yes, a visitor. A military man as well.”

    “Dad?!” I responded very excitedly.

    My Dad is off to fight in the war. I only got to say goodbye once 2 years ago. We only got one letter from him. It read “I’m ok”, like that changes anything. I mean, I’m glad he’s fine. If he died I don’t know what I would do.

    “No, but a military man none the less.”

    To be honest that put my hopes down a lot. But I guess I wasn’t expecting a yes either. The day went by very quickly and it was time for the visitor to arrive. I heard a knock on the door and I saw Mom hurry to the door and a man in a traditional military uniform, a typical brown top and bottom. He looked to be an officer.

    I heard him talking to Mom. He took his hat off and put it to his heart. That wasn’t a good sign. I only heard him say

    “I’ll being going now. My condolences miss, he was a good man.”

    As he walked away. My heart dropped. And so did Mom, but to the floor instead. I hurried over to help her. Her face was in shock, like she had seen Medusa, the gorgon. I knew what had happened. I went upstairs to get my brother. He was on his bed playing sock puppets. I told him to come down stairs. My face must’ve been distraught because he asked what was wrong. I just told him to come downstairs. I felt a tear roll down my face. Then another. And suddenly I was on the floor crying, tears flying from my face is all directions. Father, was dead.

    “Whaaaaaaa. Whaaaaaaa. Whaaaaaaaa”

    I awoke to the sound of wailing sirens. I knew what it meant. I ran downstairs. To find mother already packing things. We ran out of the door and got into the shelter. The bombs were about to drop. We were in there for about 2 minutes, but it felt like a fortnight. Just then I remembered something.

    “Sammy! We forgot him!”

    We had locked the doors and he was inside. I ran out of the door and Mother was left behind in the shelter. I ran inside. The bombs were already dropped, on their way down. I pushed him out the door. To see him get into the shelter. I saw my Mum telling me to hurry up and come in. But I knew it was too late. I just fell. Exhausted. My life had gone by so fast. My life flashed before my eyes. I saw my Dad, bless his soul. But I knew I would be with him soon. This all happened in the span of 3 seconds. Because I heard a whistling. A bang. And a boom. I felt a strong burst of heat. Almost skin melting. Then, everything went dark.

    I heard cries. Although I knew they weren’t real. I heard footsteps. They weren’t real either. I saw my Dad. He looked depressed. And happy at the same time. He opened his arms and gestured for me to come to him. I walked very slowly into his arms. I hugged him. I felt drops of water hitting my head. I wasn’t bothered. I was weeping as well. I slowly began to go numb. First my arms. Then my legs. My torso. Then finally my head. I felt like I was floating. Although I was numb so I couldn’t tell. In the never ending darkness surrounding me, I saw one last glimpse of my Dad, my Mum, Sammy, and my home. And then I knew, I was gone.


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