The Stars Above

Mishka is a young wolf, part of a long line of powerful descendants. But here's the thing, she can't fall in love. When a wolf who is destined to be leader falls in love, it ends with death to both wolves. As she learns she loves Harrid, a low-ranking omega, she also learns the pain of hiding love along with it. Can she keep this up for long? Or must she flee into the woods with her lover at her side? **NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY MADE UP AND I'M SORRY IF IT IS SHIT**


2. chapter one

Mishka padded through the think bushes, in search of some prey. the wolves would be going on their hunt soon, and as usual, she wan't invited. she stuck her nose to the ground and snuffled around for some trace of food, her belly was growling with hunger. "Mishka!" she suddenly heard. her head bumped a tree and she cursed in Old Wolf low so that no one would hear. she turned and saw Harrid coming towards her. her heart did a little flutter and her paws curled with joy. 


he balanced on a fallen tree trunk gracefully and then leaped down beside her. Mishka swallowed, "is something wrong?" he shook his head, "oh no. i was just wondering if you'd like to go for a walk." her eyes widened, and she grinned widely, "oh course!" he lifted his head a little higher and said quietly, "your eyes always light up when you're happy. it's so beautiful." Mishka felt her muzzle growing hot, "th-thanks Harrid." he chuckled, "come. let's go."


Mishka was always nervous around Harrid, as he was older and more mature than she ever was.


Harrid brushed his shoulder against hers for a quarter of a second and she couldn't help but smile. oh why, she asked herself, why can't he love me the way i love him?

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