You can't have a rainbow without a little rain

This story is about a teenage girl suffering from mental health and her battle through her highs and lows. She battles through trips to A&E, skipping school and admission into an inpatient unit for people suffering from mental health. Is shows all her thoughts and feelings, diary entries and her experiences with CAMHS. Mental health is a struggle however one day things will get better, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, someday things will be brighter for everybody suffering from mental health.


2. In the beginning

I cant so this anymore, she said crying into her pillow at 3am in the morning. This had become a daily occurrence ever since she was twelve. Crying herself to sleep was the only way she was able to cope, along with daily self harm. I don't give a shit about myself and nobody else cares about me! I don't see a point in living and breathing anymore.

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