Sad Storys, Poems, and more



18. Cause they hate her (by: xxemolostgirlxx

They hate her

They yell at her

They make fun of her

They call her names

She then said goodbye

They thought for a will

Then the next day they see

She ment for good

The ones who loved her cried

The ones who hated her laughed

The ones who wouldnt say were scared

She didnt want to go

But she didnt like the hate

She hates hate

And she also hated herself

She said goodbye

They all said ttyl

She said um idk

They got confused 

They just let her go

But they didnt know 

She ment forever

She sent her last message and went bye bye

Her last message was see you on the flip side

They all got scared

They didnt want to lose her

Then they did and some learned there mistake 

And others didnt care and hurt others in pain

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