I know, I know, I promised a novel, but sucks to be you! I can't have that until about next year so you'll have to deal with this thrown-together-anthology. To my friends and family, here. All my worst stories. You're welcome. Merry Christmas. Or Hanukkah. White Day. Whatever.


7. Insanity








Finding insanity is one thing. Exploring it is another, since it always takes one to know one.








'Drip. Drip. Drip.'
There was water in the walls.   
 'Drip. Drip. Pink.'
 The sound of the wind howling in the at the shutter of the door.   
 'Drip. Pink. Pink. Pink.'
 Demons scratching from the door to hell.   
 The silent bowl was a dainty little charm hanging by the thinnest of a spiders thread. There it swung in the air in the face of the room overrun with yellowed water. This river of dirty gold spilled from the banks of the silver bowl and flowed into the recesses of the darkness. My being strayed from the waters edges. I didn't dare touch it.   
 'Drip. Drip. Drip.'
 Called the forgotten streams running through the walls. I hiss at them to be quiet, for the silver bowl was dancing for me.
 I track in admiration.
 How could this little thing of a charm, one with a crack hidden in its shell, be so
of this precious golden water? How could this charm be hanging by the thinnest of thread be so
at the same time?
Did it know things I did not?   
I began to talk to myself.  
Did it know things I did not?
How did it know to keep the time still in it's little charm to keep the water from ever flowing
How to make the that delicate little stream from running dry?
A paradox
My admiration turned to confusion
and anger
Was this a mockery of man, who could know not of the irons in the fireplace
to create an everlasting stream of gold?
I hear the giggling of the demons against the door
The howling of the winds
The laughter of the water in the walls of a-

'Drip. Drip. Pink.'

Why do they create a travesty of me so?
Why do they insist on making me look foolish because I could not explain
the charm continued to flow as it did?
I huddle in the bowels of the darkness while that light - that golden water flowed into the abyss and stayed there to light the black. Did it to this just to patronize me - just to show it is better than I?
I am better than just a small charm!
I am larger force they should be afraid
I am the ruler of this kingdom small but dark
The demons will listen the winds will sing my name
The water will rejoice as I shriek
Shriek I do when I leap up from my stance on the ground and cut the charm from it's spider thread

Spark, singe, flutter

The water stops flowing. the darkness doesn't recoil, instead clawing it's way back where the golden stream was
I am alone in the room.

'Drip. Drip. Drip.'

The winds don't howl any longer.

'Drip. Drip. Drip'

The water is quieter 

'Drip. Drip.'

The demons barely scratch the door.

I am alone





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