Time: A Niall Horan Fanfiction

Niall and Billie met under an extremely rare set of "what-if" circumstances, on a night where neither of them planned to be at that party. But, as fate or chance or luck would have it, they both were. Niall knew instantly that Billie was something special, and wanted her desperately. But, for the first time in Niall's life, a girl knew exactly who he was and rejected him, flat out. But, he's found that on this rare hard-to-get mission, that he loves the chase. Only time will tell if she'll fall as hard for him as he has for her.


4. Billie

"Did you decorate these?" The blonde boy, who I already know to be as Niall Horan from One Direction- due to the fact that his face, along with the other members, is plastered on Amelia's wall- asks me. I study his face, unsure if he is actually interested or if he just has no one else to talk to here. After all, I have been watching many people who are out mingling and dancing, and hadn't seen him until he was standing in front of me.

Even though there is an incredibly large amount of caterers here, and not a whole lot of people, nearly no one is sitting at any of the tables. Everyone is standing and mingling while eating, rather than sitting. I'm now understanding why they ordered cupcakes and the cake. The cake is huge, but purely to be showcased, not really meant to be eaten. Cupcakes are much more flexible to be eaten than the cake. 

I nod at him, "I shouldn't be here." I don't know why I say this. I'm actually sort of interested in talking to him. Not just because he's famous- I've talked to quite a few famous people at this party already tonight- but because he's interested in talking to me, a person who mostly puts herself out as being incredibly, my personal term for myself, indifferent. Though, I almost regret saying this. It seems rude, almost. 

"Why's that, Love?" His accent isn't very thick, and it's honestly hard to discern, probably due to the fact that he travels a lot and doesn't get to be around people who have the same accent all of the time. Though, from all that Amelia has told me about these boys, I'm pretty sure he's Irish. He's the one who is different from the others. Blonde, Irish, left handed, only sisters. Or maybe it's only brothers. Whichever it is, he's the opposite from everyone else in his band. 

I shrug a little before saying, "I'm not very good with people, or something like that. I'm covering for my friend. She's got a date. I'm never asked to come work the events. Just decorate everything." I feel as though I want to keep him here and talking, and I think that he doesn't mind talking to me. Or, maybe he thinks that I'm a fan and doesn't want to hurt my feelings by not talking to me. 

"I couldn't tell," he says, but his smile says that he's saying this sarcastically, but, also, that he doesn't mind this fact. He's very easy to read, unlike myself. "I take it you know who I am," he says, but not at all cockily, like he thinks that I should know who he is, but he thinks that I know who he is, "Because you didn't ask my name."

I nod, looking at his blonde hair and the eyes that Amelia has dawned on about for months at a time, before moving her crush over to Harry Styles, "Niall Horan, former crush of my best friend, who is going to be very upset that she asked me to cover for her, because I got to meet you." 

I watch as a girl walks down here, looking for which cupcake she wants to choose, but poking around in the red velvet section. "They all taste the same," I say to her, "Wouldn't pick the blue icing unless you want to have a blue mouth," I repeat my mantra that I gave Niall only moments ago.

Much quicker than Niall, she says her thanks and picks up a pink frosted cupcake that was clearly not from the red velvet section that she had been searching in. But, I don't correct her. Hopefully, it means she'll be back because I don't want to have to deal with all of these excess cupcakes. While all of them are paid for by whoever bought them, typically when there are extra, they just say that we should take them back, and then we have a bunch of cupcakes that we're unable to sell. Most of the time, Sallia forces Amelia and I to take them home, not even thinking that we get just as sick of them as she does. Better to eat stale cupcakes for two weeks than to starve because we use all of our money for rent and makeup, she must suppose.

Niall doesn't stand in front of me anymore, and I search the room to see him talking to a group of guys with a cupcake in his hand, red velvet with blue frosting. I laugh at this, and figure that he must have taken it purposely, seeing as he heard me say twice not to take that one unless you want for your tongue and teeth to be stained blue for the rest of the night. 

"I see you're done flirting with the guests," Rob says from right behind me, startling me once again. I see Niall look over toward me, and worry crosses his face, I suppose because I had mentioned not caring for Rob acting this way toward me. 

"I wasn't flirting. We were just talking. I can be nice, you know," I say and pull a mean face. 

"Wow, must be someone special, because I've never seen you be nice to anyone," Rob says, as Sallia orders us to talk less to one another and more to the guests. "Anyways, isn't that the boy that my sister was totally obsessed with?" 

I nod, "Yeah, he's from a boy band that she loves, which is how I knew who he was." 

He rolls his eyes at me and moves down toward his mother, asking her for how much longer we have to be here, even though we've hardly been here for an hour. I begin to look for Niall again, and this time he's already looking at me, and holds up his cupcake, smiling to show off his blue teeth. I snort slightly at this, but a smile presents itself on my face. I notice a girl not too far down, in the chocolate section, looking at the different cupcakes. "They all taste the same," I say to her. "I wouldn't suggest taking a blue one, though." 


Monday morning, I awake before Amelia, and head into her bedroom to talk to her. Not only to talk to her about her date, but to brag to her about having a full conversation with Niall Horan. I think about how nice he was to me, and how he actually had seemed interested in talking to me. Besides Rob, no one has ever expressed any interest in me. If he was even expressing interest in me, I've never really been good at this whole liking someone thing. Though, I suppose it doesn't really matter- I'll never see him again.

"Amelia," I coo as I crawl into her bed. She groans, but I continue to wake her, much more gently than she has ever waken me. 

"Why are you waking me up? I have an alarm set!" She whines, but I only chuckle at her. 

"I came to hear about your date with Jonathan- still an ugly name, by the way." 

She sits up, and wraps her arms around me. "I think I expected too much," she sighs. "I think I thought so much about going on a date with him that I had it all planned out in my head and- it was great, really- but not perfect." 

"It won't always be perfect, Amelia, you know that," I say, and hug her back. "Want to hear something crazy?"

"What's that?"

"I met Niall Horan last night." 

Two hours later, after telling Amelia our conversation roughly nine times, including when I was trying to shower, I sit in the back of the bakery, with Gina by my side. Apparently she decided that she needs work again, and despite the fact that she quits roughly every three months, Sallia always takes her back. She's really talented as a decorator.

Amelia runs into the back room, eyes wide and out of breath. "Billie?" I look up at her and raise my eyebrows. "Niall Horan is in the bakery. Looking for you." 

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