Sometimes anxiety is hard, or it always is. To keep myself calm, and ready to face the world, I have to write, and even though it is extremely hard to face reality and write this so everyone can see it, afterwords it feels a lot better. If you do not understand anxiety this will give you an inside look.


3. PART 3



Doing scary things scare me. Everything about it. Some people do not notice or realize how hard it is for people dealing with anxiety, to do new things, to experience the scary and unknown areas. I love to explore, I love to travel, but it is hard. You get to tired, so exhausted, by every little, small detail. 
If I had to decide, I would travel my entire life, but I couldn't, bot before this is under control. 

​I could cry every single day, but I won't. I will not let this “problem“ ruin me or my life. I have goals, dreams, and I will never give them up. Let this be a reminder, if you deal with anxiety - keep going, and never look back.

“Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve“
- J.K. Rowling

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