Sometimes anxiety is hard, or it always is. To keep myself calm, and ready to face the world, I have to write, and even though it is extremely hard to face reality and write this so everyone can see it, afterwords it feels a lot better. If you do not understand anxiety this will give you an inside look.


2. PART 2



Anxiety is a battle between the body and the mind, in which the mind control the body, and you cannot control anything. People with anxiety have to deal with it for every second of every day for the rest of their lifes, it can't just "go away" or being treated, it's just there, and even though we all have to face something hard or even something terrible, nobody understand how much pain it is when you can't even master your own body. It hurts, but it's what makes us stronger, and still it hurts, but I'm never gonna stop fighting and I am going to do everything that I want in life, no matter how many times my body tries to stop me, it will never stop me.



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