Sometimes anxiety is hard, or it always is. To keep myself calm, and ready to face the world, I have to write, and even though it is extremely hard to face reality and write this so everyone can see it, afterwords it feels a lot better. If you do not understand anxiety this will give you an inside look.


1. PART 1



I don’t really know how to start this. So I guess that I’m just gonna start slow. Life can be hard, and sometimes looking in the mirror can be even harder. When the anxiety kicks in (or it actually doesn’t kick in, it is always there, sometimes it’s just stronger) it’s hard. Everything thing is hard, to think, to speak, to write and to talk, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. “Control yourself, be stronger” people say, but it really isn’t that easy.


If you have never had or just known anyone who have dealt with anxiety, you have no idea how exhausting it is, and how horrible it feels to not have the power and energy to control it or even yourself. Still I fight everyday even though nobody sees it.

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