Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


7. Secret 1

“Why would you lie like that?” he screamed. Come closer to me.
    I wanted to back up and pull my hood over my face more but I knew I couldn't. Even though I was scared of him, I couldn't show him that. Here's the thing, once someone thinks you're scared, you've fucked up any chance to live basically. You'll be jumped by all the gangs, doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy. And they will pull a blade on you. I know. I've seen it happen multiple times.
    “I'm not lying about anything. Maybe you should talk to your sister more.”
    He took a few steps back and threw a small rock into the water, then ran his finger through is short jet black hair. “What happen to you Lyza? You're startin' to make up a lot of lie now...” he was speaking in a stern low voice. The way the psycho's do in movies, just before they kill their victims. “I-I mean, Kym was your best friend until-”
    “Until you raped me?” I interrupt him. Making him face me and turn pale. There was an awkward silence... for him. “Don't worry Dylan, I remember... And so does Seth, Holland, JD, Rachel, everyone. Except for, of course, Kym, your dad and the whole LAPD. Which, may I remind you thinks I'm a total psychopathic liar now. Thanks to you.”
    “That's not what happen.” his voice was shaky.
    “No that's not what happen.” I say in a sort-of-sarcastic-tone. “Because that's what the police said. No would could ever believe and Angel would ever hurt anyone.”
    “I didn't hurt you. I-I would never. You said it was okay, Lyza. You said I...” he stopped.
    I'm quiet for a minute. “You knew I didn't want to do anything with you but the fact that you couldn't have me made you want me more, right?”
    He shook his head. Still, remaining quiet.
    “You ruined my life, Dylan. I was trying to just have a good time at that party and you took advantage of the fact that I was not fully aware of what I was doing.” I felt my face getting hot and my throat swelling up but I choked it back because I was on a roll. I have never seen Dylan speechless before and I've known him my whole life. “And you have the nerve to tell me to tell Seth to leave your sister alone?”
    “I – well... y-you...” he kept studding and looked as if he was become angry because he couldn't think of something.
    “Hm? Got somethin' say now?” I didn't want to but I had to take my hood down to see him better.
    He kicks another small stone into the water as he shakes his head.
    “I didn't think so. So you better knock it off because you're accusing my best friend of doing something he didn't do while denying that same exact thing you did do.” I quickly say. And before he can say anything more, I walk away. Feeling really good with myself.

2yrs ago
    “We should hook up.” Dylan kissed the end of my cheeks as his fingers trailed my chest.
    “No... I'm with Myles, if he found out he'd kill you. Plus, I actually kinda wanna wait a few more years.” I tried to pull away as he started softly biting at my neck but he hold me there.
    “Please.” he scoffed. “I'm not scared of Myles. Come on though, you'll have sex with him and not me?”
    “Okay... he's my boyfriend, you are not.”
    “Then I won't tell anyone.” he whispered in my ear as he pulled me on top of him as he started to kiss me.
    I pull back. “Stop, no, I haven't done anything with Myles either. Please stop.” he pulls me back down to him, I kiss him back, I don't want to but my brain isn't letting me.
    “Great, I'll teach you somethings you'll enjoy. I promise.” he turned and laid me down softly, putting his hand in my shirt and up my side.
    The way he was leaning on me, with his hands griped tightly around my waist, I knew what he was trying to do so I didn't think it was a good idea to try to fight him. I knew what he would do to me if he didn't get what he was trying to.
    30 minutes later, I walk downstairs to the crowd to find Kym. I have to tell her what happen. “I need to talk to you...” I say quietly to her.
    “What? No, later. I'm having a good time.” she was in a group of 4 of the football players.
    “Now, Kym, please, I'm begging you!” I try to pull her arm but she pulls back and put her hands in the air. “Give me a few more minutes.”
    “Kym, Dylan just raped me!”
    The guys and Kym stopped dancing and Kym's smile faded. She pulled me to the wall. “Are you kidding me? What did you just say?”
    “Dylan... we were upstairs and he-he raped me. I told him to stop but he just kept going and...” I stop, hoping she'd say something.
    She punched me. Everyone looked and the music stopped as Dylan came down the stairs. “You bitch! How dare you lie like that? My brother would never do that, especially to you! My brother treated you like another sister and that's how you're gonna repay us?”
    “I swear I didn't lie!”
    “Get out!” she screamed at me. “I want you out of my house and out of my life. Now!”



(Sorry if this chapter was a bit awkward to read because it was a little awkward to write. I'm also sorry that this one is pretty long too)

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