Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


8. Older Brother

    JD was on the front porch, smoking when I came home. “Where were you?”
    I wipe the tears off my face and shake my head. “No where...”
    He was sitting on the steps, and as I try to pass him, he stands up to block me. “Why are you crying then?”
    “I'm not. Can I just go inside now?”
    “Don't lie to me, Lyza. You literally just wiped your cheeks and your make up is a little messed. So, what happen, why are you crying?”
    I sniffle. “Nothing, okay? I just...” I couldn't think of a lie. JD isn't an idiot. “I wasn't crying.”
    He sighed and cleared his throat then crossed his arms. Making it clear that I wasn't going inside until I tell him. That's fine, I'll just go through the back door. But I think he read my mind because he handcuffed me to the railing before I could even step down. “Where the hell did you get handcuffs?” I guess the thought slipped out faster then I processed it.
    “Emmy and I used them last night.” he said with a grin.
    “No! That's disgusting... please, let me go!”
    “Not until you tell me why you were crying.”
    “One, don't you think this is a little dramatic? Two, it's not even a big deal anyways.”
    “If it's not a big deal then why make a big fuss about not telling me, huh?”
    “You're fucking psycho, you know that? Cuffing me to my own house because I won't tell you what's going on in my own personal business?”
    He smiled and nodded. “I know. You gonna tell me yet?”
    I sighed and sat down. Knowing it will go of two ways. I won't tell him and he'll leave me here until I do or I will tell him and he'll go after Dylan, still leaving me here. So why even bother? My stomach started to rumble. Damn it... that's why. “Okay, fine! I'll tell you, but you have to let me go first.”
    He laughed out loud for a minute. “Like hell I will! I know how you work; as soon as I unlock those, you'll bolt up to your bedroom. Tell me first and I promise I will unlock them.”
    “Come on... Emmy and I need them tonight again. See we're trying this new-”
    “Stop!” I interrupt him, not waiting to throw up. “I'll tell you if you stop telling me about your sex life.”
    He chuckled. “I haven't even told you anything. Unless you wanna know?
    “Please no.”
    “Man, you wouldn't believe how flexible Emmy is!”
    I cover my ears. “Okay, okay! I met Dylan at the Bridge, he wanted to talk about Kym and Carter...”
    His smile faded. “You met up with Dylan?”
    “Yeah... then the conversation turned into what happen two summers ago.”
    He sighed again. “Oh fuck, Lyza, what the hell is wrong with you? Can't you leave that alone, you need to stay away from him and anything associated with him.”
    “I didn't think that-”
    He interrupted me this time. “Exactly my point! You didn't think; you never think! If you weren't at that party and didn't get drunk and didn't lie to Myles. Things might actually be okay.”
    “So what Dylan did to me was my fault?”
    “That's not what I'm saying.”
    “That's exactly what you're saying.”
    “I- I'm not trying to sound that way, I'm just trying to tell you to be more responsible.”
    I scoff. “How the hell are you going to tell me to be more responsible. You're the most irresponsible guy in the entire Bay Area.”
    “And you don't think I know that... Lyza? I don't want you to be like me, to turn out how I'm going to turn out.” he threw me the handcuff keys, they landed in my lap. “Screw it...” he mumbled then got into his car, speeding out of the driveway and turned off the street.

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