Secrets Behind The Eyes

Lyza, Seth, and Holland are best friends. You couldn't separate them for the world. But then someone takes things too far. And someone gets murdered. How far will they go to protect one another? How far would you go?


4. Myles

School. A whole new world that the adults are completely oblivious to. Where the hoods and Angels are forces to be civil with one another.
    I walked in with Holland and Carter comes right up to me. “Do you know where Seth is? I've been calling him all weekend and he hasn't picked up once.” she gasped. “I hope he didn't get picked up by the fuzz. One more arrest, Lyza, and he won't be able to get bail – he'll have to stay there.” she gasped again. “He's too pretty to be in prison for a long time, he'll become someone's bitch in no time!”
    I quietly chuckle to myself. With the way she acts, you can tell she wants so badly to become an Angel but can't with the record she has. Holland and I look at each other, we were thinking the same thing and we didn't want to get Seth into trouble. “He's sick. He called me this morning and said he was throwing up and wasn't coming in.” Holland said.
    “He also said not to come by his house after school because he doesn't want to get you sick. He'll call you.” I add because I'm sure Carter will check up on him. Only, I really wish I hadn't.
    Seth has a bad habit of cheating on Carter, but she's only caught him one of the many, many times. Usually, if he says he's 'at the cabin with Carter' it means he's with some chick. The only reason Holland and I believed him was because they were talking about it all week last week.
    She nodded. “Wait... I thought you said he called 'you' why..” she pointed to Holland and shook her head. “Why didn't you say 'us'” she gasped a third time. “He did get arrested, didn't he? I-I have to go.” she stormed outside.
    “Um, do you think we could have played that a little better?” 
    “Probably...” he said slowly.
    “Well, do you think we should go after her and tell her?” I point back to the door.
    “Nah...” he said slowly again.
    “You're heartless.” I laughed.
    He gave me a big cheesy smile. “I know! Isn't it wonderful?”
    Holland and I just laugh as he walks me to my locker. When we got to it, I see Myles waiting for me. “Hey my beautiful girl.” he was smiling real good, crossing his semi-muscular arms and leaning against the lockers. 
    “I'm not your 'girl' Myles, we broke up over 3 weeks ago. So, what are you doing; why won't you just leave me alone?”
    He shrugged and gave Holland a dirty look. Which was a bad idea because Myles has a good build but Holland has a better one. He'd have Myles down and out in 2 seconds. They never did like each other.
    “What are you lookin' at... bitch?” Holland walked over to him.
    “Nothin'...” Myles stood up straight and they were almost nose to nose, Holland was ½ inch taller. “...much.”
    Hollands ears got red and he pushed him into the lockers. It was a loud bang and the hallway became quiet as everyone turned to watch. “You want some you littler shit?” he screamed and Myles didn't even flinch. Which is kind of surprising because if Holland yells, you get chills down your spin, shut up and listen.
    “No, go...” I push Holland back. “One more detention and you'll get expelled. Please.” he does as I say but not before spitting at Myles feet. The hallway is loud again. Ignoring Myles blue eyes staring at me, I switch my books out and try to walk to my first period but don't make it far because he stops me. He grabs my waist and pushes me against the locker – holding me there.
    “I miss you...” he said.
    “Let me go, I gotta get to class.” the bell rings and the hallway clears out. I try to break free but he just tightens his grip and comes in closer, putting his hips against mine. I drop my books to the floor.
    “But I miss you...” he repeats again, in a softer voice.
    I just stand there. This was bad. Myles was controlling, abusive and jealous and that's why we broke up but I was wrapped around his finger... and he knew it. I try to speak but my pulse was racing too fast, it wasn't letting me.
    “Oh, you have to admit to it, Lyza.” his voice was still soft and he slowly made his way to my ear. “You miss me too.” he whispered.
    I close my eyes, trying to control my breathing. He brushes his lips against my neck but comes back up and puts his forehead on mine. “I don't.” I barely make out.
    “No?” he says in a cocky, sarcastic tone and I shake my head.
    Quickly, he kissed me. My heart exploded. I knew it was coming but at the same time, it was completely unexpected. He take my hands and put them around his neck and slowly slid his hands down back to my waist again. It was great. But just as quickly as it started, it ended and he pulled back. I hate to admit it – he was right; I did miss him but I could never admit it to him. “I miss you.” I say. Great job, Lyza.
    He chuckles softly and bites his lip, looking at me a moment. “Ditch with me.”
    “I.. don't think that's such a good idea.”
    “Because we're broken up, I don't want to be around you anymore. This shouldn't even have happened.”
    “Please.” he scoffed. “More will happen when we go back to my house and raid my parent liquor cabinet.”
    I sigh. “The last time we did that, Myles, your parent beat your ass. You came to school with a black eye and 4 fractured ribs.”
    “But if I also remember correctly... it was worth it.” he smiled. He started walking towards the door but turned around and held out his hand for me. “Come on, let's go.”
    “I-I told you, I'm not coming.” I shake my head.
    He came back to me and grabbed my wrist tightly. “And I said you are.” his voice was no longer soft, it was cold and nasty. I wasn't scared but I was very reluctant. He was very angry when we broke up so who knows what he might do to me if I refuse any longer.

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